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Rebecca H.  ⭕️Double jaw surgery - 16/12/16


Guys! I am one year and four days post op!!!!!! Ahhhhhh can’t believe it’s been a year! I seen my surgeon today! I am getting a septorhinoplasty! Since surgery my breathing has been worse through my nose so I’m getting it all straightened out!! Everything is going perfect I have zero numbness and life is good! Love you all and I couldn’t have done it without this amazing support system we have on here!!! #doublejawsurgery

Sorry been so quiet guys! Too happy with life atm. My sister sent me this photo the first one was exactly a year ago 😂😂. I showed the photo to my boyfriend and he didn’t believe me that the first photo was me 😂😂.

Where’s the underbite?

Can’t believe how long my face was before. When I look back at old photos it reminds me when I would take pictures my sisters would tell me to stop pulling ugly faces and doing that “thing” with my lips. I kept telling them I couldn’t help it so maybe this is some evidence for them on how having a underbite makes you smile weird 😂😂

Actually falling more in love with putting make up on now with my new face. I can wear lipstick and I don’t feel weird anymore 😂

Honestly hate looking back at photos of me. It just shows how far I have come. I looked like a granny with no teeth so thank you underbite 😂 never thought I could have short hair but I’m actually loving it and it’s so much easier.

Two days ago I was 9 months post op 😧😧😧😧

The glow up is real 🔥🔥 my man has stuck by me through everything and has always supported me and couldn't be more happy I had a partner like him to walk through this life together ❤️

Sorry for insta overload but thought I should compare the pictures and honestly had to share. Can't wait to eat a sandwich without braces 😭😭

Can't stop smiling 😬😬😬😬

Honestly could not respect my orthodontist, dentist and surgeon any more.

No longer a brace face 😭😭 3 years and 9 months later 😭😭 gums are so inflamed cause they had to do a lot of work! Don't feel like it's my teeth but maybe I'll get use to them eventually 😂 not use to having actual teeth

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