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Becca  Hi, I like to play outside sometimes. 🐕 @roamingbiscuit 💆🏻‍♀️Perpetually exhausted since 1992. 📍 Southern California

I still use rule of thirds also my new camera comes in today and I’m hyped about it. 👀

What a wonderful overnight trip it was...just me, friends, a fire, and Biscuit.

Yummy sunsets in yummy places with yummy foodsies

Kristin’s aight I guess...haha jk love ya K 😘
Shot on the EOS R with the RF 50 1.2

I got to see this place in three different lighting conditions: harsh afternoon light; overcast; golden hour. Each provided an opportunity for this place to shine in different ways. When the sun was bright overhead, it really brought out the vibrant ocean blues. When it was overcast, there was an air of mystery and serene calmness. And at golden hour, well, golden hour was probably the most majestic of them all; all was gold, to put it frankly.
This particular photo is an overcast photo, and though people would rather shoot portraits than places in soft even light, I find that certain subtleties become more prevalent when you can truly see everything. You see, the irony behind the term overcast is that though everything above is cloudy, everything on the surface below becomes more clear. No shadows, no dark corners: just even opportunities for places to truly show themselves.

DISCLAIMER: I was on path the entire time. I used a 70-200 to get the depth of the bushes in the foreground and shot at f4 to get blurry foreground. Please don’t go off path at ecologically fragile places like this- the next generation deserves to enjoy this just as we have.

Biscuits going to think I’m cheating on her so nobody tell her I’m posting this- but Mella @mellathepup is too cute to not share 😭

Unforgettable views, in an unforgettable place, with unforgettable friends.

Hi dad it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen you..........hi dad @alexandriaroby

Once upon a time, a late winter storm graced the Yosemite Valley and all was whiter than a kilo of pure cocaine

Overshot? Probably. Overrated? Not in the slightest. Seeing this place with my own eyes...though I had seen this type of image countless times on social media, the experience never changed for me. Nothing will ever beat seeing things in person; no amount of social media exposure can change that feeling for me.

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