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Will someone please explain this word? I’ve seen it all around. I don’t really think that anything except kindling and maybe paper needs to be ignited.

I miss you guys

Again, mum. Thanks!

My amazing new outfit from mom.

I want to speak to the person that invented air-conditioning. Yes, it’s hot outside. But this does not mean that I want to wear a hat and a winter-coat when I’m inside.

I kind of despise air-conditioners

“But this time I want the pork chunk, please.”

Them information!

Great. I'm at fairway a few minutes ago. This ooold fucking man checks me out as I'm approaching. And THEN he had the audacity to turn and watch me walk passed BEFORE I'm even on the other side of him. So I stop. Turn around and really bitchy am like 'hello'. Apparently Dude thought that was a good sign. He's prompted to then get my name. 'Tell me your name ' he says. Me: no. Him: huh? What's your name? Me: Rebeccah. him: ah. Good name. Me: what's yours? You know that's, like, usually the other half of this exchange.

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