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Summer is here in Texas. #weskipspring #itshotAFalready Having trouble letting go of this winter’s style cues. 😒 #sofun #rollingitoverintosummer

I wore a socially acceptable girl outfit this weekend. Here’s proof. #canbenormal #notpreferred 😉😏

Absolute favorite part of my job(s) is being able to make bomb ass pieces for you guys. 😊Who’s ready for these distressed crops? 😈❤️❤️ #surroundedbycreators #loveit #bigthingscomingthisyear #evenbiggerthingsintheworksfor2019 😉

Just gonna leave this here because Ava’s face looks nothing like this today and I’m honoring the memory of her cuteness while she heals from whatever stung her cute lil wrinkly awkward alien face. #getwellsoon #illshowyalllater #sheisfine #ipromise

I’ve been shit at getting actual photos lately so here’s a selfie of subpar quality. #thisbodysuitthough #givemeallthecolorsss

Just here to express my happiness about the fact that the 90s style is coming back. 👌🏼 #90sbabywassup #fashionwho #ichooseswag #redpantsobsessioncomininhot

When you’re tryna be Vogue but really you’re just leaning on a gate behind a dumpster. 👌🏼 #queenofdisillusionment

Posing with graffiti. #arewemodelsyet

Weekends away with this one. ☺️ #adventuretimes
EDIT: can’t give enough thanks to this girl for the good times and new takes on life I get to experience with you. Thanks for being a nerd with me all weekend. Ily. I hope alla yous find someone that makes you feel this good about being you. #regrouped #refreshed #weightlifted #sappypostconcluded

I actually mentally asked this wall if it was cool with me touching it. My brain is a strange place.

Just in case you guys were curious about CG’s true self. #snapshotintothesoul

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