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Carina  🌿a little bit about my journey into phd, motherhood and happiness🌿 📍 King's College London 🇰🇿🇬🇧

Привет 😊
Посоветуйте, пожалуйста, хорошие художественные и/или научные книги, чтобы послушать/почитать что-нибудь интересное пока едешь в трейне каждый день.
Вы у меня все креативные, начитанные и умные, поэтому жду правда хорошие рекомендации 🙂
Из последнего, что я читала, это «the gene an intimate history”, “thinking fast and slow”, “7 habits of highly effective people”, “atlas shrugged”, “fahrenheit 451”. (Можно что-то менее антиутопическое 😉)

#чтопочитать #bookssuggestions #booksrecommendation #booklover #please #мирдолжензнатьчтоячитаю

🌿About my PhD programme 🌿
🔺I am phd student at King’s Health Economics, King’s College London
🔺 KHE is a research unit at the Department of Health Services and Population Research at Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience @ KCL, hence my programme is mphil/phd in health services and population research
🔺 it is a 3-4 years programme for full-time students, 6-8 years for part-time students
🔺 in order to be transferred from phd student to phd candidate I will submit an upgrade - a report on the work I did at my 9th month of study (which will be at the end of June 2018). 🔺 I have to submit my thesis by October 2020. Although, it is allowed to take one more year for write up at #KCL. But my grant is only for 3 years. So no time to procrastinate 🙈
🔺 phd programmes at my department start either in January, June or October. 🔺 I think majority of the phd students at my department are MSc graduates from our Institute or junior researchers at our department. I think all of them except me are doing phds in mental health economics.
🔺 part-time #phd costs about 600£ per year for department’s staff members. For others it is about £5,5K (full-time Home/Eu), £21K (full-time Overseas), £2,5K (part-time Home/Eu), £10,5K (pull-time Overseas). 🔺 in order to be accepted you need to prepare your own research proposal, find 2 supervisors at KCL, secure funding, and submit online application before the deadline.
🔺it took me about 9 months to secure funding, 4 months to prepare the proposal, 3 months to find the first supervisor and 2 more to find the second, then I was waiting for the decision for 4 months, I had 3 interviews and finally was accepted.
🔺 phd students are treated here as staff members, so we have desks and etc. There are many workshops and lectures available for us at KCL and other universities of #London. 🔺 btw my research is about breast cancer in #Kazakhstan 🎀🇰🇿 #becaru_phd #phdmom

Memories from last weekend in Bucharest ✌🏻👨‍👩‍👧👪
Thank you Gulnaz, Daniyar and Alniyaz! 😉
Some notes from this trip: 🔺Inzhu is actually good in playing with little baby 👌🏻
🔺Bucharest reminded me Almaty and... Omsk smh 😀
🔺Bucharest’s drivers are a bit ... crazy 😅
🔺Bucharest is where you are fed deliciously and laugh non stop 🙈
🔺It was so warm outside, but everyone pretended it was cold 😅

#becaru_travels #bucharest

‘My pacifism is an instinctive feeling, a feeling that possesses me because the murder of men is abhorrent. My attitude is not derived from intellectual theory but is based on my deepest antipathy to every kind of cruelty and hatred.’ ALBERT EINSTEIN
Today at my first team meeting at #KingsHealthEconomics I shared little chocolates from Kazakhstan with our flag on it and explain the meaning of "ashyq aspan" - "open sky", which in Qazaq means peace. I truly wish there would be ashyq aspan everywhere in the world.

How Inzhu learned ABC and 123 by 20 months.
TBH, we never had an intention to teach it 🙈She had a soft waterproof mat in her room with abc and 123 jigsaw. She liked to take out the letters/number and then struggled to put them back. So I tried to explain her that they are different and named them. And she understood :) then she learned to put each letter/number into correct place and named them.
Also we had "baby's first 100 words" book with numbers in it, so whenever we read it we asked "where is one?" etc and she replied.
I think the most important part is to keep the exercise as funny and light as possible, never insist if any doesn't want to repeat or play with abc/123. I don't really know why but she still finds it very entertaining 😅
Knowing 123 is actually very helpful, for example it helps her to wait patiently for something, like elevator, she just names the floors numbers from the screen. She counts while we brush her teeth or when we go up the stairs she counts every step.
Currently we are working with phonetic and associations ( like Aaa - Apple). Inzhu knows numbers until 20.

tb: lovely moments in Paris 😌
Here comes the post about Inzhu's schedule. Basically I used the curriculum from my last post and organized her activities around it, so everything would've been covered daily. Now it is just a routine :) Every weekday she had at least something not at home. During last 6 months per each week she had 2 half days at nursery, 3 classes at Gymboree (art, music, play and learn), 1 swimming class. On weekends we went to animal farm or zoo or just had family time together at the park 🙂
For example on Thursdays she had nursery until noon, and gymboree after nap :)

A short video from my stories, where 20 m.o. Inzhu reads English alphabet . This is how we keep her entertained while waiting for the order 😊
After many many questions and DMs about how she learned it I decided to share our activities and "lessons", starting with a general 18-24 months curriculum. I am planning to post details of each activity, her timetable and other tips later on :) Please let me know what you find more interesting. (!) Every kid is an individual, with their own preferences, and develops in their own pace and way. This is just a summary of what works for us. I hope you find it useful :)
So here is the curriculum ⬇️

4 years ago we've got married ☺️ omg 🙈
thank you for 2,5 K days of being together. thanks for making me laugh. thanks for all the adventures and journeys. thanks for Inzhu. thanks for being truly mine. thanks for believing in me and keeping me motivated. love you. love us.

July in London is just a blessing ☀️☀️☀️
ph: @kami_kk1

Inzhu is 1,5 years old and she is not a tiny baby anymore. I already miss her chubby arms and legs 😭 but this stage of development has it's own perks ☺️ like Inzhu talks now 😌 Her vocabulary has around 200 words. She understands both Kazakh and English (for example, she says and points all parts of her body in two languages), but she prefers to say verbs in Kazakh (except "share" and "open"), and nouns in English. Usually she uses English structure of sentence and intonation ("where is Ata? Where did he go? Oh no!") Also, her dad @serzhan_21 taught her counting until ten 😅 She is potty trained, uses fork and spoon to feed herself (and fingers too 😅), says "please" 😌, adores animals and not afraid to touch them all 🙈 sleeps in her own room, helps to tidy up her toys. She loves her books and soft toys, puzzles and cars, she likes to draw, and play with (can't say "on" yet 😅) her musical instruments.
She says "Innu" and points to herself when asked "what's your name". And, actually, the second name she learned is Kami, who took these pictures (thank you @kami_kk1 btw 😘)
They say "child is the best investment" and "raising a child is the most exiting project". Currently, I agree with both propositions 😏 I find it so fascinating to teach her and see the results straight away 😍 She copies and understands everything we do and say, I think 🙈 but, above all, she bring endless joy to our family with her giggles and cuddles and everything, to be honest. Thank you #InzhuSerzhankyzy We love you 💖

some of the priceless mommy-daughter moments ♥️ photo/video and sound (!) credits to @serzhan_21 😂😘

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