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Bec McMillan  Live to #INSPIRE Mental Health🆘 Author📚 Spiritual🔮 X-Radio📻 Actress🎬 What’s Hot TV🎥 Red Carpet-Emcee🎤 Fashion📿Designer MASSIVE Story🙏INSPIRATIONAL👑

#remember NO! = New OPPORTUNITY 💋
One of my self taught, embodied beliefs that helped me survive the deep rejections and judgments from loved ones and society after the horrific series of events that occurred in my existence was this ... 💫REJECTION = PROTECTION💫

I ponder back to those times when I was suicidal and hated myself that much that I used to disguise myself as a MAN just to go grocery shopping 🛒 and I thank those times very much as it awakened a strength in my soul that one could describe as immortal.. 🙌🏻 see... the universe has your removes people / surroundings from your existence for a reason 🙌🏻☝🏻 To think 🤔 I could still be married to my unconscious x husband who left me pregnant and suicidal 🤔 I could be still having friendships with those whom decided to judge and walk away from me after loosing my little boy (& much more) and I would still be sitting a a table drinking and enduring unconscious low vibe experiences with them.. 🤔I could still be “settling and faking” forced blood family relationships that were with unaligned judgmental experiences... ( I still get judged but that’s totally ok! ) 🤔 I could be still trying to “fit in “ with certain people and groups in business and society..feeling like an outsider..knowing they were not aligned with my heart space .. I could still be experiencing many things if I wasn’t rejected by these people ... OHHHHH my gosh how lucky am I that the universe and my soul calling has big plans for me this lifetime 🙌🏻!!😍 How lucky am I that I was REJECTED 👏🏻 How lucky am I that I was PROTECTED 👏🏻 So my message to you is this... 💭Are you feeling rejected by someone or been told no with something you may have desired? 💭Are you forcing relationships and holding onto experiences and settling for things that YOU KNOW deep inside aren’t sitting right within your soul...? Because if you are, please please choose to surrender to the situation and take charge of your energy and existence and say goodbye 🙌🏻 There is amazing new opportunities waiting for you on the other side ♥️😍 if you CHOOSE to create them 👏🏻 It’s allllll up to you 😘 get excited

The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes...because that is the doorway to her heart ...and that’s where her love resides 💕 💕💕💕💕 .... #thoughts💭 #deepexpression xx

This woman!!!! No words 😍👑 Nothing but absolute honour and respect for alllllllllll that she is 😍👑 you INSPIRE ME DEEPLY!
I love u xx

Mirrors show us what we look like..but not who we truly are .. 🙌🏻 Character...💭who are you when no one is looking?
That’s what truly matters 🙌🏻💓
Are you showing up how you desire when no one is watching? .... xx .. something to ponder on 💭 xx
#inspirebybec #bereal

#Mabey 😉☝🏻

Mini Me 😍 My second Chance..
After accidentally taking my little boy Jayces life at just 80days old plus 18month later loosing a twin and so much more, but that’s another story..I called my little boy “Chance” ..( my surviving twin) in honour of my second Chance as a Mummy ♥️ This kid has taken me on a journey that one could describe as horrific torture to pure joy..♥️ its a journey (story) that I will share properly oneday when I finally complete my tell all book 🙏
The human mind...WOW...the things it thinks ..the POWER it has to define your realities at every given moment 💥
I’m grateful for my mind even though it’s been broken many times..I’m grateful for my mind even though it has given me the most torture... I’m grateful for my mind because it always takes me to where I need to be even when it doesn’t seem or feel that way... it teaches me so much within my soul 🙏♥️
My mind is soooooo strong and capable of surviving ANYTHING 🙏 I’m very very lucky ♥️ So my message to you is..even if your doing it tough mentally right now please understand and believe that YOU have the POWER to change all of that xx ♥️ I know it seems and feels too hard ..i understand..I really do xx BUT it’s harder to stay where you are in your mind than to take the actions to get out of it.. 🙏
Start by finding things that INSPIRE you.. start by visually seeing yourself as the person you desire to become ... start by saying 3 good things about yourself each day .. start by changing your diet.. start by a walk outside .. there’s a start for you 🤗♥️ With love always.. Bec xx
#inspirebybec👑 #warriorwoman

♥️Remember this xx You are powerful.... not because you aren’t scared...
You are powerful because you go on despite your fears 🙏♥️ xx ♥️
Sending love ♥️
Bec xx

Dreamer 💭 💓 the endless abyss of possibilities xx

♥️Remember this ... xx Don’t wait until you have reached your goal or goals to be proud of yourself xx
Be proud of yourself every single step of the way 🤗♥️ Love Bec xx

Think about this ...xx “what if what’s meant for you can’t find you simply because your aren’t actually being your true self “ 🙌🏻 xx 💭
When you “choose you” the universe “chooses you” ...everything you desire is on the other side of being “Real” .. ♥️ Real with yourself and Real with others .. ♥️.. be brave xx be you are worthy 💫
Love Bec xx
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🌹My valentine 🌹xx isn’t he adorable 😍
#myvalentine🌹 #adorable

🌹 Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹
To me ♥️ the greatest love of my life ... me 🌹... the love that continues to grow within ♥️the partnership I have with myself ♥️ So to anyone feeling alone on this day please adjust those sails and remember the love you can celebrate today is the love for yourself 🌹♥️ 😍🤗 Love you all 🌹
Happy Valentine’s Day🌹
Love Bec xx
#inspirebybec👑 #selflove🌹

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