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Bright Pink  Inspiring women to be their own best breast and ovarian health advocates by understanding their risk and managing that risk proactively.

What does it take to run a marathon? In #TeamBrightPink member @LeahBacko's words, it takes courage, determination, consistency, intuition, and most importantly, it takes HEART. "For the last 13 years (over half of my life), I've watched my mom live with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. And I am determined to teach all women, especially those my own age, what they can do to help prevent breast (and ovarian) cancer." In 2018, Leah is hoping to raise $10K for Bright Pink by running both the #clevelandmarathon and the #chicagomarathon. Feeling motivated? Follow Leah's lead and join #TeamBrightPink to run for a cause! Link in bio! 💪
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Katelyn has a family history of breast cancer. When her father tested positive for the BRCA gene, she went through genetic testing right away to understand her risk. By knowing your individual risk level, you are better prepared to be proactive about your health. Take the first step by taking our award-winning quiz, Assess Your Risk™, to understand where you lie on the risk spectrum for breast and ovarian cancer. Link in bio! #AssessYourRisk

In 2007, Lindsay Avner founded Bright Pink because she was confronted by a lack of resources for women in her specific situation - those who didn't have breast or ovarian cancer but wanted to take a proactive approach to their health. Lindsay felt a compelling responsibility to create a warm and welcoming community that provided the education and support she had been seeking. She asked, "Why do we have to wait until someone is diagnosed to take action?" To date, Bright Pink has educated nearly one million women on their breast and ovarian cancer risk and inspired life-saving action by equipping young women with the tools to be proactive with their health 👊 But there is more work to do! Donate today and help Bright Pink empower women nationwide to live proactively. Link in bio!

We all have different breasts – different sizes and shapes with varying densities. Text BRIGHT to 59227 to get regular reminders to check in with your breasts so that you can better define what’s normal for YOU. One text message reminder has the power to save your life! T&C’s apply. #BreastHealthReminders #beproactive

Happy Mother's Day to the moms in our lives! Thank you for doing everything you can to support our health and empower us to live proactively. Today, we ask you to use your favorite #MomMoments as motivation to make the most of future #MomMoments by talking to them about breast and ovarian health. We believe these open and honest conversations lead to brighter futures.

Here's to being proactive about our breast and ovarian health and creating more #MomMoments for future generations! 💞 #MomMoments

Spoiler alert: Mother's Day is this Sunday! This year, we are committed to helping you create unforgettable #MomMoments by sparking conversations with your mom or mother figure about breast and ovarian health. We partnered with three amazing women - Michelle, Lindsay and Megan - who shared with us their personal experiences and their tips for having these conversations. Swipe to find the conversation guide that best fits you and your family, and download it using the link in bio.

As we smile and reflect on the #MomMoments that have positively impacted our health, Bright Pink is here to support you in thinking about future #MomMoments and how they can take the shape of an important conversation about breast & ovarian health. We partnered with 3 real women, with 3 very different experiences, to support you along the way. Link in bio!

Look who we found at #usow2018 ?! So wonderful celebrating all things fabulously WOMAN with our friends @iskra and @aerie #friendsinbrightplaces #aeriereal

This Mother's Day, which #MomMoments will you thank your mom or mother figure for? "Mom, you're the best. Thank you filling my Pinterest feed with new, easy healthy lunch recipes I can bring to work (and hilarious cat gifs)."

11-year-old Maia saves her allowance in three boxes: One for saving, one for spending, and one for sharing. After months of adding dollar bills to her share box, Maia made a gift to Bright Pink so that "women will not have to live through sad stuff" and live until they are "super super old." Get inspired beyond belief by reading about this young philanthropist. Link in bio! #MomMoments

What's one piece of health advice you got from your mom or mother figure that you still carry with you to this day?

Our moms and mother figures are so important to us for so many reasons (love! support! setting good examples!). They also play a super important role in our health–the health advice that is passed down to us from our moms or mother figures hugely impacts how we think about and approach our individual health. This Mother's Day, we want to celebrate and share the health tips, advice, and stories that our moms or mother figures passed down to us–or, as we call them, #MomMoments.

As our healthcare landscape transforms, Bright Pink remains committed to shifting the pink paradigm from awareness to action. We are on a mission to empower women, across the nation, to be proactive about their breast and ovarian health. Join the Bright Collective (link in bio!) as a founding member with a gift of $250 or more, and help fuel life-changing progress for the women in all of our lives. Your support matters. #brightcollective

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