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This photo perfectly sums up my birthday week. ❤️

“Turn my birthday into a lifestyle....”

Mood when I’m around ❤️

On this day, every year, I feel so extremely loved that it gets me through the other 364 that I spend wondering if people actually care. 😂 Thank you for all the birthday messages.....if you forgot you can apologize via my Paypal or Venmo. 🤑

Today, on the eve of my birthday....I just want you all to know how fucking unstoppable I will be once I learn how to apply fake lashes. (This is the year, I can feel it.) #virgosruletheworld





#tbt to 3 months ago when I knew what the inside of a gym looked like.

...Still pondering my agelessness. 💁🏻‍♀️ 9/19 #virgoseason

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