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Bare Essentials Beach Tour  Body positivity and your true self. ✈️ the globe free of all inhibitions. Stripped of all of all taboos NAKED and free IG Twitter FB @bebeachtour

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#WCWonTuesday @iambadder #welldamn #hercaptiontho --- What's ya favorite ? Everyone keeps saying this one what ya'll think?

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I was always a good woman just brokenness tainted most of my good. But the worst part is I let it. You and I were once ONE, a beautiful union filled with whimsical love and child like happiness. You know the happiness that was so pure nothing could break through it.  The happiness of pure silence and just staring at the ceiling knowing we were sharing the same oxygen. The happiness of butterflies filling my stomach whenever you were around. Ahhh that blissful love. .

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she slayed this 😍 ✨follow @cocoafaces for more 🌺

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・・・ Nude Yoga is one of the most liberating experiences I have had. Realigning your mind and body Thru Yoga in the state you were born in, sheds so much shame and stress we hold on to in our daily lives, that we think is normal. But hey, I'm a #nudist so maybe you just need to #experienceThis for yourself.

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