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I knew her hairdo reminded me of someone. What do you think, @michaelboltonpics ? Does my daughter pull this look off? #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #babymullet

This one. So much drama. And fake injuries. So glad it's Friday. And not having French fries is the worst. #momlife #keepingitreal #drama #nowshesrunningandlaughing #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #penelopevids

So @joshualund got a new motorcycle helmet, so we gave the kids his old one to play with. And when P wears it, all we can think of is Dark Helmet. #spaceballs #MissSweetP #penelope_alice

Pitiful fella. #gideonmaddock #sickday

All of the love and rainbows ❤️🌈. Sorry I cut your head off, G. You're just getting too big. #penelope_alice #gideonmaddock #lunderhosen #mamacaseprints

Pigtails and potato chips poolside. #hellosummer #MissSweetP #penelope_alice

Gideon has been asking for a picnic for the last week. So we grabbed @chickfila and took ourselves to what is becoming our favorite park. Turned out to be the perfect evening for a picnic. Thanks for the suggestion, G. #simplejoys #picnicinthepark #gideonmaddock #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #lunderhosen

My sun and my moon. Gosh, I love these knuckleheads. #gideonmaddock #MissSweetP #penelope_alice #mamacaseprints #juneandjanuary

Twenty years. Twenty. Years. TWENTY. YEARS. Can it really be that long that the world hasn't had you in it? Even as I type it over and over, it still seems impossible to be true. Twenty. Years.
I've lived more of my life without you than I did with you. It's weird being on this side of it, hard to believe it has really been that long since I talked you, or saw you smile at me, or felt your comforting arms around me. I miss you. Oh, how I miss you!

I often wonder what it would be like to have you in my life. How different would it be, how different would I be, if Heaven hadn't called you home just yet. Because as much as your presence shaped me, your absence also shaped me. What would you think of my husband, of my children, of me? Everyone says you would be proud of me. I hope that is true.
I so long to call you up, to ask your advice, to ask forgiveness for being a toot as a child now that I have two toots of my own, to chat about life, together as adults, as peers. We never got to have any of those conversations. I wish I had asked you about so many things when you were here, but I didn't know to ask. I didn't know I wouldn't have my mother to guide me into adulthood, into womanhood, into motherhood.
Twenty years.
Oh, I wish you could see your grandchildren! Each one of them carries a bit of you. Gideon, his eyes light up when he smiles, the way yours did. And Penelope, aside from carrying your middle name, most definitely has your spirit. She is my mini-me, which makes her your mini-mini-me. Gideon saw a picture of you today and I told him it was his Grandma Bitsy, and he told me "I miss Bitsy." I can only imagine that you held him in your arms before he came earth side, probably singing "I Love To Tell The Story" to him. Now I get to sing him and his sister to sleep.
Some days it feels like I just saw you, and other days it's hard to remember your face, your laugh, your voice. There is the hope I have that I will see you again one day, but the waiting, the in-between is difficult. Some days are easier than others, but no day is easy. Every day I want my mom.
Twenty years.
I love you, Momma. Happy Bitsy Day.

Well visits are so much easier with either an extra set of hands or one less child. But we made it through. #healthykids #shinepediatrics #gideonmaddock #MissSweetP #penelope_alice

I think they need bigger baskets. With newfound allergies, there's not much candy that can go in these. Thanks to the dollar spot at target, dollar tree, and the favor section at party city for helping fill out these baskets.

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