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I bought three of these little busy/quiet books from the dollar spot at @target because they were on clearance. Everything was sealed up completely. Not a single puzzle had all the correct pieces, and two of them didn't have enough pieces at all. And check out the second picture. I mean, seriously?! What is up with that puzzle?! #targetfail

Color me impressed. More moon shadows. The kids weren't interested, but I thought it was pretty cool. #eclipse #eclipse2017 #moonshadows

Even the shadows looked different. Like little crescents. It didn't get as dark here as I was expecting, but without a cloud in the sky it felt like we had sunglasses on when we didn't. #eclipse #eclipse2017

Our pre-enactment. Also, take 17. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sun and moon shirts by @mamacaseprints #eclipse #eclipse2017 #gideonmaddock #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #lunderhosen #mamacaseprints

These @goodpop popsicles were the perfect post-park treat on this Texas summer day. #gideonmaddock #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #lunderhosen #goodpop #watermelonagave #strawberrylemonade #mamacaseprints

And here is the after. When we got in the car, he looked in the mirror and said it wasn't what he wanted and it was all his fault πŸ˜‚. We told him hair grows back, and to give it a day or two, because sometimes it looks and feels a little strange right after. Well, today he said he liked his hair. I may have shed a tear or twelve. But goodness, is he handsome. Also, lollipops make everything better. Big thanks to Holly at @studiohandl for being so patient with him. #gideonmaddock #growingup #whydotheylookolderafterahaircut

G told me the other day he wanted a haircut. He's done this before and then changed his mind. So I asked him several times if he still wanted one. He said yes. I asked him if he wanted it short like Daddy's, or if he wanted it long. He has always said he wanted it long. But this time, he said "short. Like Daddy." Then he added, "But still a little long." I asked him several times if that's what he still wanted. He never changed his tune. So here is the before. #gideonmaddock

While we are living on the surface of the sun, at least we can look good whilst trying to stay cool. #gideonmaddock #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #lunderhosen #mamacaseprints

P's "tattoos". This is what happens when the MomMom forgets to put the stamper markers out of reach while she does some video editing. At least the walls/doors/furniture were spared. #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #mischievousmonkey

The 10 minute drive to pick her brother up from school was just too much. #penelope_alice #MissSweetP #passedoutpenelope

A fever for the fella means snuggles for the momma. Poor kid. #gideonmaddock

So this happened yesterday. The steps leading up to our apartment are actually NOT level with the stone next to them. I fell right over. RICE protocol for me. At least I can still walk enough to get around, but it still hurts.

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