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Off he goes for work training for 2 months with 2 weeks of break in between.. 😭😭 i don’t know how you’re going to stay without seeing your babygirl for that long @nirmalnelson but rest assured that you will be receiving tonnes of pics and videos of her through WhatsApp daily in hopes of you being able to see all of that inside the jungle. You have 2 strong females in your life, so don’t worry about us! We love you so much ❤️😘 Have a safe flight hun ♥️

I waited 1 year to play beer pong! And I scored at my first try 🤣 #cny2018 #insaneclan

Valentine’s Day was different this year ❤️ I’m glad I managed to surprise him with babygirl with us this year as well. So thankful to my mum for cooking his favourite lamb dum briyani, the best we ever had. Had such a chaotic day running here and there but in the end it was all worth it. Thanks to @picniq4u_sg for the gorgeous set up in a beautiful spot. Loved the ambience. Definitely recommending them! Do consider their services in future. They even do birthdays and other events which you can enquire from them. Love the lovely couple who made Valentine’s day this year a very special one. Thank you once again Benz & hubby from @picniq4u_sg ❤️ #sponsoredpost

Shanel sweetie, you were born to achieve great things in life. I promise you this. Happy 2 months 😚

Yesterday’s affair ❤️

Finally feel like sharing my pregnancy story after receiving unbelievable amount of msgs.. so here I am 2 months post partum & this picture was taken when Shanel was just 2 days old. So the commonly asked questions were : ‘did you have a normal delivery or caesarean’ , ‘do you breastfeed or formula feed your baby’ , ‘what did you eat throughout your pregnancy’ , ‘what pre-natal vitamins you took’ and many more less commonly asked questions too.. Dear ladies, my humble request : DO NOT go around asking pregnant women or women who just gave birth such questions as not everyone is going to take it easy like me. Pregnant women are extremely sensitive.. and all you have to do is LEAVE THEM ALONE. It doesn’t matter how they deliver unless you’re paying their hospital bills and as long as the baby comes out safely, a mother can choose what’s best for their child. So to answer your questions, yes I had a C-Sec by choice. Like most ladies I wanted normal delivery but the last week of my pregnancy changed everything. I developed ‘PUPPPs/HIVES’ rashes after eating seafood 4 days before my E.D.D and I was itching like hell to the extend no amount of scratching would ease my itch. It started from the bottom of my stomach and started spreading everywhere else. No treatment cured it and like what I always do, I started googling for solutions and most people who had this said that it would go away only after childbirth. All my friends and family saw how much I suffered due to this horrible rash I had which I wouldn’t even wish upon my worst enemy. I had the BEST pregnancy throughout and didn’t have a day of morning sickness or any other issues like most ladies complain except that my skin got 5 times darker due to crazy pigmentation & acne/scars to deal with (which I can cover with makeup so it wasn’t a big deal as I knew it will go off) and just when I thought that this is too good to be true, shit happened. And while googling, I came across this post where it stated that the rash could be ICP (pls Google) and having this could be harmful to the baby and the baby might be stillborn. The moment I saw the word ‘stillborn’ I woke up my Husband and rushed him to the hospital with

Off to beautiful Maha’s ROM ❤️ #motd #bridesmaid

Mama’s got your flawless skin covered for a lifetime 😘 @shanelkashmiranelson

Client feedback ❤️ thank you so much 😚

Yesterday my bride’s groom 🤵 surprised me with pictures of the difference he saw using MILA BEAUTY ACNE TREATMENT CREAM ❤️ & he had amazing skin when I saw him yesterday that he had to show me pics of what it looked like before as i thought he was joking. Though most of my customers are ladies, I’m glad more men are taking care of their skin these days. Because flawless skin is a DREAM for everyone 😍 And amongst most who are shy to share their reviews with me, I truely appreciate the groom’s kind gesture. Thank you so much for trusting my products ❤️ - www.milacosmetics.net


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