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🔹Blogged🔹Refreshing Pure Talc from @niveaindia The perfect combination of mild NIVEA care and reliable protection against body odour. Its gentle fragrance stimulates you and leaves you feeling refreshed & cared for all day long.
🔸This review post contains about a common product, which is a staple in every Indian household- talcum powder! Since my childhood days I’d only been using talcs from Pond’s. But some months ago, on my visit to a relative’s place, I was handed Nivea Pure Talc when I asked for a powder. I had never used Nivea Pure Talc before but at that time I had forgotten to carry my compact with me and my face was an oily mess! After using Nivea Pure Talc for the first time I liked it! Hop in to know more about it! 🔸 You can find the blog post link in my bio. ☺ ❤

*Blogged* Essensual20 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass from @modicare Formulated with natural ingredients it cleanses, tones, exfoliates and moisturizes all at one go. Has anti-acne, skin whitening and anti-aging properties.
About three weeks ago I started using Moor Innovate facial bar for acne. This was given to me by a beautician, who works in my local beauty store, where I went for a facial clean up once. The soap was lying around in my cabinet until recently I decided that I should use it and see if it is effective on acne or not. So here’s my review on how it works on my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. | To know how's it you can find the blog post link in my bio. ☺ ❤

📣*New Blog Post Alert!*🔸 Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin With Silk & Fresh Technology from @veetindia Experience silky smooth skin and delightful scent. New Veet not only removes very short hair but is also clinically proven to leave your skin moisturised for upto 24hrs. Its new fragrance technology is designed to ensure that there is no lingering malodour. Now enjoy a pleasant hair removal experience! 🔹I have been using this hair removal cream for a while now. Veet hair removal creams come in different formulations, so there are a lot of options to choose from for different skin types and needs. Other creams are available for- normal skin, dry skin, skin brightening for all: normal, dry and sensitive skin type; and then one with papaya extracts. As my skin is sensitive and it was my first time using Veet hair removal cream, I picked the one which is for sensitive skin type. This one which I have here is the smallest tube which is perfect for trail purpose.🔹To know how's it you can find the blog post link in my bio. ☺ ❤

📣 Winner for the Rakhi Contest which was held in collaboration with @vedantikaherbals is @swara_nk 🎷🎺📯 Congratulations, girlie! 😀 To claim your goodie DM me your mailing address.

*Some health tips!*
Never eat these foods together:
👉Tea and curd~ The pH difference will cause digestive problems.
👉Milk and fruit~ Excess nutrition is harmful.
👉Tulips and fruits~ Causes indigestion.
👉Meat and milk~ Serious digestion problems.
👉Lime and milk~ It can cause diarrhoe or vomiting.

*Blogged* Refreshing Cleansing Milk from @niveaindia Cleanses deeply & moisturizes for sensational fresh skin. One of the best cleansing milk which I have used so far. I have been using this quite for sometime after my previous cleansing milk had finished, which was Ayur Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk. (Already reviewed on blog!) Now, my skin is- oily, sensitive and acne prone and this cleansing milk claims best to suit normal skin. So hop on to the Blog Post to know- how Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Milk works on my skin type! | You can find the blog post link in my bio. ☺ ❤

7 places you must spray perfume/deo
👉Hair~ Hair fibres hold fragrance for a long time. Spray it on hairbrush and comb.
👉Neck~ Area around neck is warmer than rest.
👉Inside Elbows~ Skin on your elbows runs close to the viens.
👉On Chest~ Spraying from a distance of 6-9 inches.
👉Top Of Ears~ Oily skin is always beneficial.
👉Pulse Point Of Wrist~ It's closer to blood vessel.
👉Clothes~ For fabrics like wool and cashmere.

Some ayurveda tips for daily benefits! 👉Eating mashed potatoes with one or two tablespoons of corainder powder can reduce obesity.
👉Heat the salted amla and place it in a fermentation tank.
👉Heat a little jaggery with corrugated juice before a meal.

*Blogged* Hair Serum Frizz Control from @thebodycareindia The hair serum delivers instant shine and long lasting rejuvenation. It coats hair strands offering a layer of protection and smoothing over any tendency towards frizz. Its oil free, silicone enriched which adds shine to your hair and makes them manageable.
My hair is frizzy in nature and during this time of the year (monsoon) they become super frizzy! On the other hand, my mum’s and sis’s hairs are normal. In this post, I’ll be sharing our views about this hair serum on both frizzy and normal to frizzy hairs. By the way, I won The Body Care hair serum frizz control in a giveaway which was hosted by The Body Care. Without further ado, click the link in the bio to know more! ☺ ❤

🤓 Something I learned the other day~ Home remedies for headaches!
Ginger~ There is no headache that a strong ginger tea can't conquer!
Peppermint~ Just smell it and feel refreshed!
Lavender Oil~ Smell as well as smoother it on your forehead!
Apples~ Apples as well as Apple Cider Vinegar, can alleviate headaches.
You must also practice meditation to maintain mind-body synergy!
Getting headaches almost daily these days! And just started consuming Apples. It definitely works on mild and stress headaches! 😊

A very happy friendship day to all! 🤗

Since these days dark circles are reappearing due to change in schedule, I had to restock @garnierindia White Complete Eye Roll On. 😙 Missed it so much! For almost two months I kept postponing to get it, thinking- I will get it tomorrow... I will get it tomorrow. But that tomorrow never came until when I started looking like a zombie! 😩😅😂
By the way, in detail review is already available on the blog~ 💗 Find out why I love it so much! 🙂 Also remember that sleep is equally important. Now, I make sure that I sleep for atleast 6 hours straight!
How do you take care of your under eye area? 🙂 And which is your favourite eye care product? 🙂

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