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This might not look like much but it’s one of my favourite times of the week. It’s when I visit my friend Ken. Ken is 93 and is amazing. He is his wife’s main carer. She can’t leave the house unless it’s for hospital visits, and because of that Ken’s world is very small. Once a week we have a chat and a cuppa and talk about things beyond the four walls. I do this through @age_uk - I think I’m meant to be enriching his life, but he has enriched mine. I’m not posting this so everyone will think I’m some sort of hero of goodwill, but because if you’ve ever thought of volunteering with the elderly in your community, do it. It’s amazing. They’re amazing. And you can never have too many new friends.

#tbt to a feature I wrote and that I missed - I think because I was giving birth! All the trends you want to be trying this year. There are some good’uns!

I am showing my support for @scampanddude and asking that @georgeatasda do the right thing and apologise for using their slogan. It’s hard enough for small, independent businesses but the big boys need to know that we have a voice and will use it to stick up for our friends. Please share and show your support too 💪👊

Every day is #internationalwomensday in my world. My husband and I are raising two little ladies to be kind to everyone, be fiercely strong and independent and to grow-up knowing they can be whatever they want to be if they work hard enough to achieve it 👊💪 Brilliant image nabbed from @wendy_beauty_pr feed.

**NEW WORK** Go grab a copy of Boots Health and Beauty to find out the beauty shortcuts that are genius and the ones you need to stop immediately. Spoiler alert - if you’ve ever put mascara on your brows @lisapotterdixon will hunt you down. Some other genius tips from @aimeeadamsmakeup @lisavalencia1 @dbano and Dr Justine Hextall too. Thanks for the commission @thebeautyed

And like that, three became four. Introducing Darcy Rose Clementine Ewen. Sublime happiness levels have set in.
#newbaby #babygirl #everyonethoughtitwasaboy

Well done for staying in there and not making an early appearance as we asked. We’re ready for you now. Picture 1 is me today. Picture 2 is me 3.5 years ago with the baby everyone was convinced was a boy and turned out to be a red headed little lady. #40weekspregnant #boyorgirl #ouestlebebe

2017 was the year for work, bumps, babies and wedding memories. Bring on 2018! #mybestnine #2017bestnine

Ah the humble messy top knot. My go to style when I need to concentrate (can’t seem to write with my hair down) and surely every mum’s failsafe ‘do? And now it’s been made even more glam by the very clever @sydhayeshair #sydpin. A giant pin that keeps your topknot in place and looking 👌. Bit of a bugger to photograph in situ by yourself so excuse the not so great snaps but it’s a wondrous hair accessory.

And now is when the baby is meant to put on the most amount of weight. Am I going to be able to stand up by Christmas?! #35weekspregnant #yestheresjustoneinthere

When @benefitcosmeticsuk do a launch and the Tot gets a goody bag.

And there’s still 8 weeks of growing left to do 🙈

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