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Sharnell Lydia 👑 1 COR 13:13  Empowering women to build confidence and embrace their natural beauty through products, services and education on hair, skin and wellness.

Making Millionaire Moves with the King of the Golden Arches Philanthropist and Serialprenueur William F. Pickard, PhD. Mr. Pickard's life and message mimicked the resounding theme during #BESUMMIT.. Keep Going.

You need a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers to overcome fear and secure success and happiness.

I wanted to leave you with a little food for thought regarding why you need to chase your dream down and tackle it. Here's a snippet of a morning session with @hillharper from the #BESUMMIT I attended. This definitely resonated with me on why I am The #Beautyconcierge. Goodnight.

Bronze girls with high buns have more fun. Working my way back to my own bed; 1 more client and 1 meeting to go. Happy Sunday 😘

Because @blackenterprise didn't skimp on one breakfast, lunch or dinner during the #BESUMMIT
#beautyconciergeproblems #beautyconcierge

When your highschool friend is the #beautyconcierge the only shining you will have is on the stage, not your face. ❤LOVED❤ seeing my sisterfriend empower entrepreneurs with practical tips and strategies to secure the coveted government contract. Congratulations Carla on making #LaneStaffing one of the South's largest minority owned staffing firms. #BESUMMIT

To be in the room with 2 powerful women discussing multiple streams of income was God ordained. Ms. Patti said her goals are targeted towards waking up and have made tons of money while she slept. Sounds like I'm in good company 😍 #goalgetter #beautyconcierge #BESUMMIT #pattilabelle #yolandaadmas #wrapgirlforlife

Exchanging compliments with The Mrs. @clairesulmers. Thank you for being so insightful and gracious. #beautyconcierge #BESUMMIT

Reimagining how we grow our businesses at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit. #BESUMMIT

Securing our seat at the table. #beautyconcierge #BESUMMIT

Committed to the process like Lenny Williams was committed to his love. #healthyhairdontcare #beautyconcierge #beautyblogger #hairskinnails

Every misstep is one step closer to success. Doing it insanely scared, but doing it.

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