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Dr. Cat Begovic  😷 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills 👓 Harvard & UCLA grad 💕 Wife, Mom, Publisher, creator of MD GLAM 📲 (310)858-8808 👻: beautybydrcat


Never explain yourself why you deserve respect. Simply don’t engage with those who don’t give it to you. Have a great start of the week. 💕

We now live in a world where instant sharing, swiping, attention and gratification is the new normal. That world has created a culture in which all of our self-love comes from the affirmations of others instead of from somewhere within ourselves. It seem like the more we get connected with others, the more we get disconnected with ourselves. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is room for both and there is a way to find a balance and stay centered. Self-esteem starts inside and radiates outward, not the other way around. Your worth is not measured in likes but in your ability to love yourself, love others, your ability to create, laugh, live, accomplish and exist without anyone’s validation. Love you all. Dr. Cat

4 weeks post-op tummy tuck with hernia repair. My patient looks amazing. So happy for her. ❤️ @surgeon #tummytuck #plasticsurgery

Evening skating with my mini me. @layla ⛸❄️

I found this photo of me receiving a research grant award during my Otolaryngology residency and it brought back some memories. I remember how I always wished there were more women in medicine and how sometimes a mainly male dominant environment can intentionally or non-intentionally be hostile and sexist. Many co-workers and supervisors have the attitude that women do not belong in the operating room. A female surgeon must be tougher, stronger, smarter, and just better than anyone else, just to measure up to her male colleagues. Even then, that doesn’t guarantee her acceptance. Statistics show that they make less than their male counterparts and are promoted less - they have also shown that female doctors are much less frequently addressed as “Dr. “ and instead called by their first name.
Surgery and medicine in general are an admirable line of work. When a girl aspires to become a surgeon, it seems like a dream come true. Going to work is a pleasure…until she runs into the difficulty that is being a female surgeon. Inherent in the position is prejudice, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Being a female surgeon is extremely difficult, and most of the difficulty comes from within the job and residency itself.
In addition to the above, being good at her job does not guarantee her acceptance in the male-dominated career. Jealousy, gossip, sexual tensions, and other issues can make it impossible for her to ever feel comfortable in her job.
Many female surgeons have the ability to brush off insults, real and imagined, and go about their jobs with positive attitudes. These women put up with slights, gossip, hurtful comments, and worse. Some women just give up on their dreams and community suffers the loss when it loses a good female doctor or a surgeon.
Never feel intimidated. Never feel that you don’t belong at what you love to do because you are a woman and most importantly, never keep quiet if you feel that you are not being treated right. (Note: People in this photo have nothing to do with my reference to the above, the photo just symbolizes the loneliness I experienced as a female medical student and surgical resident) #surgeon #womenempowerment

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” - Albert Einstein

Many of my tummy tuck cases include hernia repairs. They sometimes occur when the muscles are pulled apart during pregnancy or with weight gain and a tear occurs in the muscle fascia resulting in abdominal contents protruding through the tear. Some people are born with hernias. Sometimes these tears or holes occur from previous surgeries. If there is a large hernia or concern that there may be intestine or bowel trapped in the hernia, I team up with a general surgeon who specializes in hernia repair and is as passionate about hernia repairs as I am about plastic surgery for the best possible outcome for the patient. This clip is from yesterdays tummy tuck case. Make sure to watch the entire case on @beautybydrcat IG stories and my Snapchat: beautybydrcat.
Tummy tuck cost: The price varies greatly with complexity and total OR time but on average is $20,000-25,000. @surgeon
#plasticsurgery #tummytuck #herniarepair

Round II of breast silicone implant demonstration staring @alexdiciero . You can watch the full version of this video on my YouTube channel. YouTube.com/MakeYouPerfect
@surgeon ———
The thing that most women wonder when it comes to breast augmentation is about is what size they should pick. First of all I tell everyone that every body is different, so if your friend or someone you saw on the internet got one size, it may or may not look good on you. I personally do AT LEAST 2 sizing exercises with my patients where they try the ACTUAL implant in a non padded bra under their clothing. If needed, I tell my patients they can come in to do that as many times as they need until they feel comfortable before choosing the size. There are always limitation with each person's anatomy as to what range will fit properly on their body and also considerations based on what type of look they are trying to achieve and that is what I discuss and help my patients with. Check my website beautybydrcat.com for before and after photos. @surgeon #plasticsurgery #surgeon

I’m so excited to announce the pre-release of a limited number of MD GLAM’s ultimate anti-aging super kit gift-sets. In honor of my birthday today I’m releasing only 100 sets. I will personally sign all 100 of them. Be one of the first to get these luxurious gift sets - once the 100 are gone they won’t be available until Christmas. Order online on MDGLAM.com @mymdglam

Today I’m turning 41 and I feel more alive than ever. There is no real reason to fear aging. As a matter of fact, most people today including myself believe that 40 is the new 20. It is becoming accepted that a person of this age has fewer limitations with regards to health and lifestyle options than those of previous generations. People are living longer lives and, with proper lifestyle changes, can be as healthy, fit and vital, not to mention youthful in appearance and physique, for many of these years. Skating is a passion of mine and I used to train as a competitive figure skater twice a day before and after school since I was 4. Today I decided to pick it up again after 20 years (so please pardon my rustiness) to share my love of skating with my daughter who stepped on the ice for the first time.
Age is not defined by the days you have spent here in life but how big your will is.❤️

It’s been a while since I’ve done a throwback post so here is one. Trying to motivate myself to hop on that stair-master before bed 🤷🏻‍♀️ #throwbackthursday #fitsurgeon

haha that smile of relief though🤣. Can you hear the neck crack? Healing my body after hours of surgeries with chiropractic adjustments of my spine and neck.

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