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Dr. Cat Begovic  😷 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills 👓 Harvard & UCLA grad 💕 Wife, Mom, Publisher, creator of MD GLAM 📲 (310)858-8808 👻: beautybydrcat

I don't want to look back and think I could've done better. Everything I have done in my life I can still relate to. Even obstacles, stumbles, or mistakes contributed to my life in some positive way. I don't look back and feel ashamed of anything I have done. Knowing that I did my best and that I did what I thought was the right thing at the time is enough for me. Every experience, every failure, or success made me who I'm today. Admire your past, live in the moment, and be excited about your future 💖

You probably have heard someone tell you this before, " Don't dress like that, it's too cute or too sexy and they may not take you serious". Even as a young girl until now, this comment somehow never made any sense to me. First of all, who is "they"? Second, do they guarantee an instant throne because I may have guessed right how "they" wanted me to dress and how to be? Are you telling me that someone will judge my professional abilities, personality, and who I am based on their superficial perception of me? Oh great, that will make it so much easier to completely avoid those people in my life. Unless I'm going for my facial or running a half marathon, I'm not taking off my heels and my makeup darling. If that involves anything with my own professional field, holding a pen or answering a question and solving a problem that I have stubbled upon in one of those 5000+ books I have read and surgeries I have performed then you should see me as an equal who can beat you in anything involving the above while looking cute.

I believe that the closure of surgical incisions is one of the most important steps to reduce the appearance of scars. But, in addition to the technical aspects of a meticulous closure, the postoperative scar management process significantly affects the appearance of scars as well.
During my initial consultation with each patient, I do a thorough medical history and physical to understand any details about their health that may affect their results or the way that they heal. And depending on what procedure they ultimately decide to undergo, I make sure that all of my patients start a scar treatment regimen following surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. Embrace Active Scar Defense @embracescartherapy is a scar therapy system that I recommend to all of my patients because it is the only FDA cleared scar therapy system clinically proven to offload the tension around an incision by gently holding it together to prevent the formation of excess collagen. The tension involved in the body’s natural healing process is the primary cause of raised, visible scars. The most effective way to prevent scar formation is to reduce this tension immediately after an incision is closed. Treating scars within six months of an injury or a procedure presents the best opportunity to prevent scarring.
Embrace is a clear silicone dressing that reduces the tension, or pull, on the incision as well as stabilizes and protects the scar from movement that may result from clothing irritation or general activity. @embracescartherapy is applied just once every 10 days. It can be worn during everyday activities, like showering or exercise, and is comfortable and discreet – something my patients appreciate as they are trying to heal. #ad #plasticsurgery #scartreatment #embracescartherapy

Using mental imagery and positive thinking can really help you achieve your goals and create change and a life you desire. I always visualize everything before doing it. It's not just daydreaming as long you are honest and truthful to yourself about what you want in life. Imagination is the beginning of creation. I hope you have a great night ahead of you. Dr. Cat

12 inches and approximately 7 pounds of excess skin removed from a 46 years old patient who lost over 100 lb. over the last few years. She quit smoking and adopted a healthy lifestyle before she decided to have a tummy tuck surgery (which is what I encourage everyone to do before). Her dramatic weight loss that resulted in excess skin was affecting her workouts and daily life. #tummytuck #plasticsurgery

We all have that time in life where we reach a crossroad - giving up something good to achieve something great. The left photo is me after winning Miss Boston. I was told by the program directors that I would likely win Miss Massachusetts and they expected me to take a year off of school to meet those obligations and wanted me to sign a contract promising that. Shortly after the win multiple modeling, acting, and endorsement opportunities were presented to me. Although it was an amazing opportunity at the moment, I knew if I said yes to any of those, my dream of being a doctor would likely end there as I had just been accepted to and was starting medical school that very same year. Luckily, I took a deep breath, looked deep within myself and what I truly wanted in life and what was important to me. I took a 180 degree turn and went in a completely different direction - I gave up my crown and pageant title. Many people thought I was crazy to give up those opportunities. Today, looking back at this photo I'm beyond happy that I made that decision. I could have been successful if I chose the other path as well but it would bother me a lot if I wasn't dressed in a lab coat in that photo to the right. I would have probably asked myself today, "what if I had continued what I thought was my destiny and became a doctor." Never regret making a good decision when you feel deep within you that's what you truly want and need to do regardless of how good everything else you have going on at the moment may seem. Have a great week ahead IG fam ❤️

At the end of the day, relationship goals is about the first person you want to tell good news to, doing everything possible to make it last, and overcoming every bump in the road. When you say forever, really mean forever because the only way to stand against all the winds is to have deep roots. ❤️ @binais

It has been a very very intense past week with many large surgical cases so my days started early and ended pretty late followed by more administrative work while also trying to eliminate Mom guilt and spend time with my family. I absolutely love what I do and if I did anything else other than being a plastic surgeon I would have probably burned out long time ago.
Here are just a few things that come to mind when I think about what got me where I wanted to be and what is keeping me going, staying strong, and motivated.
1. Live a life true to yourself and not others
2. Work hard but don't forget the reasons why
3. Don't be afraid to express yourself
4. Stay in shape, choose whatever activity you enjoy. Strong body, strong mind
5. Never apologize for who you are
6. To know the value of success you need to pay the price
7. Never let failure get to your heart.
8. Never let anyone bring you down. Fire back.
9. Know people around you and who is rowing with you and who is drilling holes when you are not looking.
10. Don't think about success. Keep working on it and you most likely won't even notice when it happens.

I get many questions about tummy tuck recovery. Although it looks like it might be painful, my patients have an extremely quick recovery. I have several technical tricks I use in my surgery and also am extremely gentle when operating so my patients have little to no bleeding, minimal bruising, and very little pain. Most of my patients take only a day of prescription pain medication - sometimes just Tylenol. They are up and walking a few hours after surgery and at a week feel pretty much back to normal.
The picture above is a patient ONE day after surgery. She had had 4 children which resulted in excess skin and loosening of the abdominal muscles. She only had to take one pain pill and had little to no bruising. She is still swollen since she had surgery less than 24 before so her abdomen will continue to tighten and her abdominal contour will continue to get more defined - but even at one day after you can see what a dramatic difference this made.

Although the recovery is fast - I do emphasize to my patients although they feel great, they still need to take care of their surgery site and no heavy lifting for 6 weeks. I contour the abdomen and create a belly button in a way that looks natural and hide the scar low enough to be covered by almost any bikini bottom or underwear. Tummy tucks are one of my favorite surgeries and create dramatic life changing transformations. I'm about to start today's surgeries. I hope you all have a great Friday 💖 #plasticsurgery #tummytuck #mommymakeover #abdominoplasty

Act like you already have all the things you want but work like you have nothing. Never say there is nothing you can do. One thing that you always can do is to inspire yourself, create your own opportunities, build your self-esteem and always keep going. Remember that ambition, confidence, intelligence and brilliance is the new sexy. 💖

#tbt to My last birthday when I turned 40 and when I didn't want to cut my cake because I loved the way it looked 🤣. Age is truly just a number. Many people become depressed when they hit the big 4-0. There is no real reason to fear age 40. As a matter of fact, most people today including myself believe that 40 is the new 20. It is becoming accepted that a person of this age has fewer limitations with regards to health and lifestyle options than those of previous generations. People are living longer lives and, with proper lifestyle changes, can be as healthy, fit and vital, not to mention youthful in appearance and physique, for many of these years. It’s no secret that I’m very passionate about skin care. I’ve used skin care products my whole life but it’s been frustrating finding one that was effective and had all the ingredients I wanted. Being a published scientist with a degree in Molecular Biology from Harvard – I wanted to investigate what ingredients and compounds had real scientific data. In 2007, I published my research in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal entitled “The truth about over-the-counter topical anti-aging products: a comprehensive review.” From that research and through continued scientific investigation, I developed my skin care line MD GLAM @mymdglam. Like many women, I always felt confused about which products to use and in what combination and I’ve always been skeptical of marketing claims. Age is not just a number, it's actually just a word 😂@mymdglam #skincare #antiaging #plasticsurgeon #mdglam #40isthenew20

What someone else says about you when you are not present reflects more on their own character and who they are rather than who you are. When you brand yourself as someone who refrains from speaking disapprovingly of others, not only will people’s respect for you grow, but you will also be happier. Hope you are having a great week so far and don't forget to check today's surgeries on my IG stories and Snapchat. ❤️

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