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Siobhan ‘Bhani’ [bon-ee]  Chicago Makeup Artist Upscale Luxury Styling Studio 5310 W Chicago Avenue

Getting @chyna_upscaleluxuryhair together for her day party shenanigans | I’m still here ladies #comethru 5310 W Chicago Avenue

Got my girl @cesciwest #springawakening ready 💁🏽‍♀️

😭❤️(NOT MY HAND)#Repost @chastidee | I’m pretty private when it comes to my personal life, most of you know this. But, there are times, I break down the walls and open up the flood gates to public scrutiny and acceptance. Today will be one of those days. Let me be crystal clear one time: This tardy yet obligatory post is for the man who continues to stick by me despite my many flaws...This is for the man who works 7 days a week to provide for his household just to keep a smile on my face (and Navy’s) although materials are minuscule...The man who continues to be flexible with my ever-changing needs, goals and schedule...The man who continues to challenge me; often pushing me to my ultimate potential without diminishing my inner beauty...A man who lets me be independent because I am capable...A man once scorned by love (the 808s & heartbreak) — still sane, yet crazy enough to marry my high maintenance ass lol...A man who is unapologetic about being his true self, despite the misconceptions and small critics... A man who lives far below his means because he’s practical and has no desire to impress the world; just me...A man who struggles in silence and celebrates in solitude...A man who puts me first at all costs...A man who knows the key to my soul is really food...Most importantly, a man who really listens. Almost 10 years ago, I told this man that black diamonds are my favorite stone because they are one-of-a-kind and so rare in their natural form. And, he gets it #Wright every single time. To the man who truly values my worth: I want the world to know how much I LOVE YOU. Jon, you have impressed me beyond measure and I am so lucky to have you by my side at all times. You’ve shown me that in this day and age, where aesthetics determine value, it’s way more important to know yourself internally. Because at the end of the day, all we have is our peace of minds — and until a person values their own essence, it’s impossible to receive love and give love, let alone glorify it. You deserve all of the praise, truly. You are my core. You are my first rare Black diamond. This one comes second.🖤 And, I cannot wait to marry all of this #Melanin on 9.2.18.

Slayed & ready for prom #cutcrease

Blue 💨

Yolanda let me bless her face for this year’s birthday turn up! Thanks for stopping in! #beautybybhani


Smokey eyes for Andrea 💨• I have openings this week this ladies!

Before & After of the lovely Amesha headed to prom!

Before & After on the mommy to be ❤️gold halo eye, soft complexion

Baby Shower Glam on Rikita! @beyound_beautifull thank you for booking!!

Domonique is headed to prom! Thanks to my Nike girls, Armeese & Sharae for booking me 😘

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