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Moniqua  🌿Sharing my #UlcerativeColitis • JPouch journey 👠 My love for #fashion is forever endless 🥂 Passion for #eventplanning 💌 Send me a hello 📍#NJ • #NYC

Day 7: Today’s the last day of #ibdawareness week. The truth is, it will never be the last day for me or my fellow ibd warriors. My weeks will always be fighting this #autoimmunedisease , shedding awareness, being a #patientadvocate , & sharing my story. My journey began September 18,1986. Although I didn’t formally meet the “monster” , it was always in my immune system. It was always going to be part of my life no matter what. Even after having 3 #surgeries I still suffer from this #invisibledisease . Some days are better than others. Most days, I’m just trying to keep my head above water. At times, I wish #ulcerativecolitis didn’t “pick me”. But, my reality is I have it, and even if I try to escape it from time to time it’s still there and will always be. I may have had my #colon and #rectum when I was born til 31 and yes those 2 do more than we actually know. But, I was in a funny way (having surgeries) given a 2nd chance to life because of God’s sweet love for me. I had 23 years of “normality” until the monster came out. I had 31 years of living with my colon and rectum. And now I’m 4 months in (thank God) of adjusting to my new normal. Happy IBD Awareness Week to all my strong warriors that fight this battle daily 💜! #beautifullymade #insideandout #ibdcommunity #jpouchlife #jpouch #nocolonstillrollin #nj #blogger #fbf #myibd

Day 6: I’ll always dedicate a post to the ones who have stood by my side throughout my #autoimmunedisease & #surgeries journey and that is my amazing family & angel. Having an #invisibledisease on its own already makes you feel lonely. To fight #ulcerativecolitis on your own is physically & mentally exhausting. But, when you have a family like mine that I am SO blessed to have, literally holding me through it, it makes the low difficult moments, easier to get through. I don’t ever expect my family to understand the pain I’ve been through and go through because they can’t and to be honest I’m happy it’s me not them. But, they’ve exceeded all my expectations in ALWAYS being there for me. Riding through the strong waves that this disease throws at me. Never once letting go of my hand. I always say, we can’t forget our loved ones pain as they too suffer from a person who lives with any form of diseases/illnesses. We have to remember it’s hard for them to see their loved one go through this journey and unable to “fix” us. It’s also emotionally exhausting for them. Together though we get through it. I’m forever grateful for these 4 who have seen days that no others have seen or know. Who constantly remind me that they will always help me through this and that I will be ok and when I’m not that it’s also ok. I love you, Dad, Mom, Sissy, & Mikey more than you guys know!💜 Today take a minute to thank your loved ones for also being warriors. #beautifullymade #insideandout #ibdcommunity #jpouchlife #jpouch #myibd #nocolonstillrollin #patientadvocate #family #ibdawareness week #nj #blogger

Day 5: This was taken this past June before heading to the #takesteps event. I was about a month post-op of my 2nd surgery aka #loopileostomy which as I mentioned was the hardest phase for my body/mentally. In 2 months I was in the hospital 3 times. The first 2 were for a week. The 2nd time is when I was labeled “ #malnourished “ and had to receive a #piccline —I was so sad that my life was coming to that. Besides these #surgeries being new to me, receiving #tpn was a whole new journey for me to accept and adjust to. I was 112 when I left the hospital and the only way my doctor would take it out is if I got to 120. Seems easy but it was so hard for me to reach. Due to pain I would get nauseous which caused me to hate food. Even eating bread was a mission. I never thought in a million years I would get to that point. That once again my body would defeat me yet another way. May & June were by far 2 of the toughest months I had to endure with my #autoimmunedisease & #weight . It was a reality that I didn’t want to face. But, today I am 123 and proud! I still at times struggle with the desire to eat but when you live a life of #gi problems, I guess it will happen. But, moral is every dark tunnel in life is temporary. The 🌞 does shine through eventually. My picc line was removed mid-July , thank God. I didn’t get to the weight my surgeon wanted but I was showing progress & God willing will continue 💜. Happy #ibdawareness week my warriors! #beautifullymade #insideout #ibdcommunity #jpouchlife #myibd #jpouch #nocolonstillrollin #ulcerativecolitis #patientadvocate #ibdadvocate #nj #blogger

Day 4: It’s moments like last night at the #takesteps NJ Chapter awards ceremony of how blessed I feel to be part of this #ibdcommunity 💜! This past June, I participated in my first ever @crohnscolitisfoundation event. Even though I’ve been diagnosed with #ulcerativecolitis for almost 9 years now, with all I went through these last 2 years and this year alone, it was only fitting to finally stand against this monster and bring a voice to it. Yesterday, was so emotional for me as it brought a rush of memories of when I was first diagnosed until where I am today. And the journey will keep going and I will keep advocating, sharing, & bringing awareness. Thank you to all who supported me in this event, because of you we were able to help my fellow warriors for new #meds AND WE got a #trophy 🥇🤓 and thank you to my amazing hubby, @cashmesaving for always supporting & loving me through my whole journey, simply love you! #beautifullymade #insideandout #myibd #jpouchlife #jpouch #autoimmunedisease #nocolonstillrollin #patientadvocate #ibdawareness #ibdawarenessweek #awardceremony #nj #blogger

Day 3: This was taken almost a year ago. I was #postop of surgery 1 aka #ileostomy . I was determined to get back to my #fitness as it was a huge part of me when I was in recovery. When someone with any #autoimmunedisease is not in remission, it is extremely difficult to workout. Especially in my case with #ulcerativecolitis where 1. I’m already losing weight due to lack of food 2. I’m on high doses of #prednisone so I have to be careful as any fall or hit I would get bruised and also joints hurt more 3. Just being so fatigued from our bodies constantly in pain and in the bathroom and 4. Working out + needing a bathroom= no workout lol. But, here I am with when I had my #ostomybag pushing through my walls. I had an amazing personal trainer @level_up_pt_nj who was so compassionate & understanding to my condition & limitations. If it’s one thing... #ibd warriors need to push more to have it’s#determination in anything in life. As for me personally things get harder to do at times. I still haven’t been able to workout since my last surgery but I’m determined. I just still have to listen to my body and it’s quite not ready. But, God willing when I get there, I’ll be climbing higher boundaries and reaching my goal💜. Happy #ibdawareness week! #beautifullymade #insideandout #jpouchlife #jpouch #myibd #nocolonstillrollin #personaltrainer #workingonmyfitness #nj #blogger

Day 2: #ibdawareness week 💜. Oh, if it’s one surgery I’ll never ever’s #surgery 2 aka #loopileostomy (May 1, 2018) . That surgery pushed all my limits with my body, emotionally, mentally, & physically beyond what I personal could handle. I remember I wanted to give up every single day due to the extreme pain I was enduring every second. It’s pain that is indescribable & one that I’m so thankful is over with. I remember this day like it was yesterday. It was my 2nd day post-op with my #physicaltherapist . Something that I would do so easily on a daily basis was for the first time the most challenging thing, and that was walking. I truly felt that I would have to be bedridden for awhile before accomplishing this. But, I was wrong throughout this whole phase in so many aspects of this recovery. And I’m happy I was wrong. I’m blessed that God gave me the strength to push through. Im blessed that I had the best team @nyulangone to guide me through, and I am beyond thankful that I had my family & angel to stand by my side every second of the way. IBD is challenging, days where you want to hide & cry in your bed all day. But than, it’s these moments that I look back on and see myself now and get chocked up because, I did it! I made it through many many hardships with my #autoimmunedisease and I will keep fighting through them, God willing. #beautifullymade #insideandout #jpouchlife #jpouch #ostomy #ostomylife #ulcerativecolitis #nocolonstillrollin #madeit #blessed #myibd #nj #ccfa #blogger

Day 1: It’s #ibdawareness week💜!! Each day I will continue to share my personal journey as well as facts about #ibd . The only way we will bring this #invisibledisease to the forefront is by using our voice. Only way to use our voices is to #educate others. And the only way to educate others is to share your story. Here’s #myibd journey & story. Happy IBD Week to all my fellow: IBD-ers, #ulcerativecolitis , #crohnsdisease , #ostomates , & #jpouch 😎! And oops I was diagnosed at 23 but who’s counting 🤷🏻‍♀️ #beautifullymade #insideandout #jpouchlife #autoimmunedisease #nocolonstillrollin #nj #blogger

It’s crazy a year ago today. From rocking my @stealthbelt for my #ostomybag to now rocking my #scars 🤓. So crazy how time flies by. At this point I still was post-op #surgery 1 aka #ileostomy . I would mainly wear my belt to either #workout or when I cleaned the apartment. Highly recommend them to any #ostomates who are active. It’s great support (plus comfort) for your bag💜. At this point I was getting back into working out 3x/week something I still haven’t been able to do consistently & miss. Still working on that due to my fatigue. But, with anything in life, it’s a WIP💪🏼. #beautifullymade #insideandout #ibdawareness #jpouchlife #jpouch #tbt #patientadvocate #ulcerativecolitis #autoimmunedisease #nocolonstillrollin #nj #stealthbelt #fitness #nike #blogger

Photobombed by Mr. 💩. Ever since I got my surgeries from my very first I would use some sort of pillow to protect my wounds & #ostomybag . Now, it’s been such a habit. I now use this #💩 hat as a pillow (won it at the boardwalk between #surgery 2 & 3 and brought him with me to my last surgery 😎) to “protect” my #scars . It’s become more of a security “blanket” for me. The hubby and I now fight over it, haha but this #jpouch chick always wins him😘. I mean it’s more than my shield it’s literally been part of my journey (internal & external) for 9 years now, so its only right😜. #beautifullymade #insideandout #jpouchlife #ibdawareness #patientadvocate #autoimmunedisease #ulcerativecolitis #nocolonstillrollin #fashion #style #ootd #nj #blogger

These last couple days have been hard on me physically, mentally, & emotionally. It was as though my body was taking steps backwards and all the dark memories from the last 2 years were almost replaying again. As I had mentioned in my story 2 days ago, I’ll never be 100% cleared of my #autoimmunedisease . It’s the same monster, just with a different face. My #jpouch these last couple days, has really given me a run for my money. It showed me the side I didn’t want to see. Now, there could be multiple reasons why it was off the last couple days but the frustrating thing is I don’t know which one it is (emailed my GI today, so we’ll see). But, Saturday I was determined to push through after crying all morning (again) & do what I LOVE most with my favorite elf 😊 and that’s turning our apartment into the #northpole 🎄🎅🏻! It was a little tough as I was fatigued but with Christmas music playing🎙, cookies baking🍪, & homemade hot coco☕️ (made by my hubby) everything was right in my world. Anyway, I’ll continue to pray, hope, & believe that things will get better💜.#beautifullymade #insideandout #ibdawareness #patientadvocate #ulcerativecolitis #jpouchlife #charliebrownchristmastree #loveourtree #christmasdecor #christmastree #polaroid #nocolonstillrollin #nj #blogger

#fbf: This time last year was Thanksgiving 2017. I was a month and change out of my first #surgery , #ileostomy : removal of my #colon & creating my #stoma aka Mr. Safety. It was a whole new world to me. I was learning to maneuver in this world of being an #ostomate . I felt overall good but it was still so foreign to me. As I look at where I am today especially yesterday, as I had another rough night with my J, I still too have to remind myself that I’m healing & also trying to learn the roads of this new life. It’s been tough lately just as it was tough when I had my first surgery. But, that’s the thing with having an #autoimmunedisease, you’re never fully in the clear & maybe I’m just not fulling accepting that yet. And that’s ok. As long as I have God & my family to remind me, I’ll hopefully get there. 💜 Hope everyone had a blessed & happy thanksgiving! #beautifullymade #insideandout #ibdawareness #patientadvocate #ulcerativecolitis #nocolonstillrollin #jpouch #jpouchlife #flashbackfriday #friday #nj #blogger

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