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@stacireaper looking beautiful in her Stronger Zip Hoodie!!! “What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger” #beautifuldisasterclothing #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #hatingmewontmakeyoupretty #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger

Aaliyah is looking EXTRA adorable at our parking lot sale today!!! Thank you @lil_gremlin_21 for coming out!!!! Xoxo #beautifuldisasterclothing #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #sale

Loving this shot of Brenda and her beautiful Pup!!! The Punk Princess Raglan looks amazing on you!!! Xoxo #beautifuldisasterclothing #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #hatingmewontmakeyoupretty #blackandwhitedogs #huskylove @bjford82

A few days ago, Lady Gaga posted these beautiful words in her story when she was visiting the shelters in the Los Angeles area of all of the #WoolseyFire Evacuees. It just resonated with me, so I had to share it as a post! Great words. Be kind. #LadyGaga #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #bekind #quoteoftheday @ladygaga

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11.19.18 //

Punk Princess Racerbacks are now available in our best selling, super soft tri-blend fabric from Size 2 to 24! Custom made for you to love! Got to and click on Curvy+ to check out our entire curvy collection!! #PlusSize #beautifuldisasterclothing #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #hatingmewontmakeyoupretty

Check out the Phoenix Tattoo that Stefany Seaton sent us on Facebook!!! From the ashes she will rise!!! #Phoenix #beautifuldisasterclothing #beautifuldisaster #perfectlyimperfect #phoenixtattoo

#Repost @edmylett wearing our men’s brand @handsomedevilclothing ・・・
Fighting for Your Family - with @TeamMikeyGarcia

Mikey Garcia, one of the GREATEST boxers in the WORLD, was always destined to be a world-class boxer. He is a world champion in four weight classes and currently a unified lightweight world champion, having held the WBC title AND the IBF title. ⁣

On top of his amazing record and accomplishments in the ring, Mikey's insight into peak performance and Maxing Out inside and outside of the ring are going to help you tremendously! ⁣

“Visualization,” Mikey says, “is a big part of my training. I visualize every minute of every round.” ⁣

His is also a story of immigration. The son of immigrant parents, Mikey watched his parents barely survive as field workers for nearly 20 years and transform their lives to produce one of the greatest boxers of all time. Their story will move you in ways you can't imagine.⁣

I had the powerful and inspiring opportunity to sit down with this UNDEFEATED boxing champion. With 39 wins, 30 by way of knockout, this interview details how the champion within the boxer was created and will literally knock the wind out of you! ⁣

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This has been an insane few days for so many. Southern CA and Northern CA. I (Jamie) was evacuated at 3am on Friday morning from Westlake Village, CA. My condo is still standing. 177 homes in the Agoura Hills, Malibu, Oak Park and surrounding areas are lost. We are a strong community and will get through this, just like last year with Ventura. If you or anyone you know has been effected by the fires, please know that we are sending out our love to all. #HillFire #WoolseyFire #CampFire #California

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