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BEAUTIFUL CUISINES  Join us as we inspire you to celebrate cuisines from around the world 🌎

There’s nothing like coming home to a steaming plate of pasta on those cold-weather days. @deliciousmarther fuses some of our favorite flavors from India and Italy in this coconut curry pasta dish. Cardamon, ground ginger, yellow curry, and coconut cream meld together to form this hearty pasta sauce before being layered over fresh-made pasta rolls. What are some of your favorite alternative pasta sauces to marinara? (📷: @deliciousmartha 📍: Barcelona, Spain) #beautifulcuisines

Tucked behind the colonial doors of a boutique hotel in New Orleans awaits a stylish bar whose enchanting quarters are as luring as its innovative cocktails and spirits. At the candle-lit haven of Loa — whose name was inspired by the Voodoo word for benevolent deities or holy spirits — the originative menu, steeped in the city’s centuries-old drink traditions, draws extravagant taste influences from international cities like Havana, Haiti, Venice, Senegal, and Vietnam. The mix of the alluring atmosphere and bartenders’ focus on the heightened qualities of craftsmanship, ritual, and individuality attract a regular following of the city's creatives, entrepreneurs, and visitors. @loaneworleans’s bartender Alan Walter is part of the creative force behind the menu’s innovativeness. As an urban forager, it’s important to him to use local ingredients and be guided by the new flavors he discovers during different seasons. The cocktail menu is curated based on his latest inventions — so stop by the bar, he’s always up for a conversation and sharing the story behind one of his concoctions. Would you start your night out in New Orlean's here? ☝️ Check out our IGTV episode for more! (📷: @loganstrongarms 📍: Loa Bar, New Orleans)

Earthy, whole-roasted garlic cloves, generous globes of mozzarella, delicate sheets of prosciutto, gem-colored cherry tomatoes, and grilled, olive oil-slathered bread make up this mouthwatering, Sunday supper spread by @dennistheprescott. Sometimes, the simplest things in life make for the best pleasures — and the best meals. What's your favorite Sunday dinner? (📷: @dennistheprescott) #beautifulcuisines

@tumblinbumblinecrumblincookie has us salivating with these enormous vegan, miso, espresso, bourbon, and vanilla chocolate-chip cookies. “There’s something about the salted caramel hum of miso and brown sugar and a little roasty kick of coffee that does a culinary disco dance,” she describes of her kaleidoscope flavor combo. We’re loving her generosity with chocolate chips too. What are some unique toppings you guys toss into cookie batter? (📷: @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie 📍: York, England )

Extreme sports or barbecue? @theninabobo got up close and personal with some pit-fire masters at a recent barbecue contest at the Hill Country Barbecue Market in New York. Her favorite? This Berkshire pork belly with a sweet, smokey soy-glaze, radish, and shiso. (📷: @theninabobo 📍: Hill Country Barbecue Market) #beautifulcuisines

Can you believe this sloppy Joe is vegetarian? @vanillaandbean dished up a recipe for a tangy, lentil base to layer under red onion, pickles, mustard, and a beautiful, golden-charred poppyseed bun. She suggests serving it up with something delicious and oven-fried on the side — tater tots, fries, or onion rings. Would you swap this for #meatlessmonday? (📷: @vanillaandbean 📍: Whidbey Island)

Color meets flavor in this eye-popping, chicken-skewer dish from @bakersroyale_naomi. Succulent peaches meet the refreshing, licorice bite of Thai basil and play to balance out the robust taste of coal-charred poultry. In its originating countries in the Middle East, this dish is made by threading assorted meats onto skewers or spears and then cooking or grilling them. Today, you can see many variants of this dish — including vegetables, seafood, and sometimes even fruit — in parts of Asia and modern cooking in the United States. It’s an easy way to get all your proteins and vegetables cut up and cooked in one go. How would you layer yours? (📷: @bakersroyale_naomi 📍: Orange County, CA.)

@allasyummyfood demonstrates her love of Russian food with this eclectic spread including “pelmeni” — a Russian dumpling filled with herbs, onions, and minced meat — herring, black rye bread, pickles, marinated mushrooms, “vinegret” — a traditional chopped salad made up of beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, and sauerkraut or pickles — sour cabbage, and a traditional borsht soup — a sour, beet, and vegetable soup with sour cream. With so many diverse choices, it’d be hard to decide which one to dive into first. Which one would you pick (📷 : @allasyummyfood 📍: Berlin, Germany)

A striking whirl of smoky salmon and tangerine hues and earthy, wood-laden textures immediately draw diners into the enticing and moody design palate of this chic restaurant in Las Vegas. Located inside The Venetian hotel — and led by powerhouse, Venezuelan chef Lorena Garcia — is CHICA, a sophisticated eatery where patrons are immersed nightly into the flare and robust flavors of Latin cuisine. With dynamic culinary notes brought by food influences from Peru, Mexico, and Brazil, this vibrant restaurant serves up wholesome, fusion-filled dishes such as a braised short rib with house-made anise and sweet “piloncillo” (a brown, unrefined sugar) arepas. Dining tip: Start your meal off with some of the rich appetizers like the house, Hass guacamole — served with homemade arepas, plantain chips, and tortilla chips — or the buttery Hamachi ceviche. Next, move onto the crowd favorite, a citrus rotisserie chicken with Peruvian purple potato salad, hearts of palm, and an emerald, herby chimichurri. This one is best enjoyed with a glass of pinot noir — we recommend the Laberinto label. Hailing from Chile, this wine airs on the lighter side for a red, and its earthy undertones — clove and cinnamon — pair wonderfully with the flavors of the roast. ( 📷: @loganlambert📍: @venetianvegas)

Much like the United States, Italy has its own ritual of the beloved after-work or favorite weekend time known as happy hour. Traditionally, the beverages consumed are built from the base of more bitter spirits like Aperol and Campari — so patrons will sip on cocktails to the likes of a Spritz, Negroni, or an Americano and also snack on savory bites like olives, salted nuts, and other nibbles. More recently, happy hour has expanded in many cities to included access to an unlimited buffet of food — pasta, pizza, salads, and other various spreads — so guests will come and pay for one or two drinks and then are able to eat to their hearts’ content. Talk about a happy hour! @thesweetlifeoflina finds a taste of Italy during this happiest hour at this Italian spot in Manhattan. (📷: @thesweetlifeoflina 📍: Osteria Morini Manhattan)

Kath and Jade of the Panaceas Pantry have us salivating over these chocolate, peanut-buttery sweets. Pillowy chocolate brownie cookie bites sandwich the folds of a whipped peanut butter cream. The best part? These drool-inducing bites only use five ingredients and take just five minutes to prepare; plus — they're organic, vegan, and health-conscious. What’s your favorite (healthy) way to satisfy a sweet tooth? (📷: @panaceas_pantry 📍: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Raise your hand if you like tacos and want something easy and healthy to make for dinner tonight! This Mexican dish is a favorite of many, quick to throw together, and always delicious. Nutritionist and chef @nutritionstripped whipped up her health-conscious version filled with colorful vegetables to pack-in daily nutrients, as well as root vegetables and beans to get in a full serving of fiber. She says of the ever-popular recipe, “What’s great about tacos is that you can add foods that will help meet your nutritional goals — guacamole for healthy fats, black beans for protein and fiber, etc.” Here, she showcases one of her favorite combos — sweet potatoes with creamy slices of avocado and a hearty pecan black bean sauce. (📷: @nutritionstripped 📍: Nashville, TN)

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