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Lola Narcoleps ⚖  (Katherine, 1989) Boise Vegan Teacher Cat Lady Queen of non-selfies. ♎️ 🌬 ☯ 7♦ 🔮 Keep it to yourself.

Family photo. My fur baby is > your human baby. Also my tulips are coming up! 🌷#catsnotkids #catmom #furbaby 📷: @electric_lotus_art

Morning non-selfie: when you hate your morning face, but love your morning hair.
•I have my mother's hands•

When people ask me how I can simultaneously be a teacher and not want my own children, I tell them, "Because, these kids are enough. They ARE my kids."

A stranger at the show took this photo of me tonight. She was nice enough to ask my permission to post it. Now we're Facebook friends. 👯

These boys. They have my heart. 💜
Ticket on my dime this time, on My Time.
@minusthebear #minusthebear #voids #boise

"Mommy is home, time to make biscuits on her boobies!"
#catmom #catlady #catthings #furbaby

Don't fall in.

Loving this new album. All geared up for Friday night with my pre-ordered patch/pin combo. So excited to see you (again) @minusthebear !

"You will have a better life if you just stay home."


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