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Hand-Made Botanical Skin Care  BEAUTY TO SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE Hand-crafted for Intentional Women. Inquiries:

What does BOTANICAL mean to you?

When I say that the ingredients I use are BOTANICAL, I mean they are biological in origin and are found naturally occurring above the Earth's surface. All of my ingredients come from a flower, a plant, a tree, a nut, a seed, a Bee (bees wax from San Diego Bee Keepers, not actual Bees), and Milks.

I don't much like the term "all-natural" because that word can mean so many things...did you know that there are many ingredients that can be called "natural" because they are derived from petroleum, which is synthesized from crude oil, and since crude oil is technically harvested from the Earth, it is legally considered "natural"? How do you feel about that?

I would way rather you spend your time and brain energy doing other things. I am obsessed with ingredients...let me do this work for you.

Our MISSION is to create loving, hand-crafted, artisan products made only from botanical ingredients.

Do you massage your face? Facial Massage with Rose Quartz Crystals is how we wrap up the Skin Care Workshops - it is sheer skin bliss. We are literally blissing out in our workshop RIGHT NOW! If you haven't been able to join us for one of these before - put it on your list!

Did you know that Rose Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love and Beauty? In ancient times it was thought to rid the skin of blemishes and perfect the complexion too! #loveit

Super excited for our Skin Care Workshop tomorrow! These events are sooo much fun! They force us to take a moment to indulge ourselves in some no-pressure, self-care while we get to try ALL of the Beaute Nouveau products! 📸 @bronwyn_photog

How many lipsticks and lip glosses are in your purse RIGHT NOW?
I have 2 lipsticks and 3 lip glosses. I never wear the lipsticks, but lug them around everywhere I go :)

ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT FOR OUR Skin Care Workshop
WHEN: Saturday 9.22.18 from 11am to 1pm
WHERE: in Little Italy
RSVP: Click on this picture to buy a ticket
(tickets are $25)

Join us for a lovely morning of Beaute Nouveau. Lacey will be guiding guests through customizing their perfect self-care routine. This event is the perfect opportunity to experience every product and in the perfect sequence in a fun-loving and pampering atmosphere.

Did you know there are 3 different types of Cleansing Milks? Well, there is!

Cleansing Milk in Lavender & Lemon is the exact same recipe and process as the Cleansing Milk in Sweet Orange & Grapefruit - they both are made from my Goat Milk & Shea Butter Soap and whipped with Honey, ACV, Pink Sea Salt, & Baking Soda - the only difference is the essential oils and your choice of scent. If you enjoy a "squeaky clean" feeling of clean, this is the Cleansing Milk for you.

Cleansing Milk in Rosewood & Palmarosa is unique in that it begins as my Goat Milk & Shea Butter Soap, but it is whipped only Honey, Distilled Water, and essential oils of Rosewood & Palmarosa. If you enjoy a more subtle cleanse or you are more sensitive, this is the Cleansing Milk for you. 📸 @whiskersandwillow

How do YOU wash your face? One of my hardest working products is the Cleansing Milk in Lavender & Lemon.
This product takes WEEKS to make and it is worth the wait. It begins as a cold-processed soap made from Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Goat Milk & Distilled Water. Once the soap is made, it is cured (dried) for at least 2 weeks. Then it is grated, re-hydrated, and whipped with Honey, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar that has Pink Sea Salt & Baking Soda dissolved into it. Then, it sits overnight and is then emulsified into a creamy texture and poured into jars.
This product not only gently cleanses skin, but also deep cleans pores with a salt-flush. It leaves you squeaky clean and tingly and helps break down pore congestion. 📸 @catalinaneal

Walkin' into this week like.... Nah, just know I am NOT wearing heals.

You wanna win a EPIC Beaute Nouveau Giveaway? Check out yesterday's post to play!

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