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Christina K.  Just an oily-skin girl fighting hormonal acne & anxiety one routine at a time / alcohol, fragrance, eo free / photography ckassi.co / @eaudesirene

Hey everyone! Happy national fragrance day from me and @urbanoutfitters x #UObeauty! I’ve partnered up with UO to present to you my favorite scents from the Gourmand EDP range, which retail $18 online and in-stores. You all know I love Oud Sahara, but I’ve already shared that one with you, so I’m choosing five of the other perfumes in the line. Check out my stories for exclusive shots of each scent.
✶Ambre Etoile
A beautiful take on an amber scent. It makes me think of an elegant woman in a jazz bar enjoying a glass of scotch. I love how powerful and delicate it is at the same time. Slightly masculine, but definitely feminine.
Notes: Bavarian cream, amber, fluffy musk
✶Fleur Monoi
A true floral scent that’s straight to the point but also kind of open to interpretation. When I smell this I imagine myself in an airy eyelet dress, walking in the park, during a warm spring day. It’s definitely a feminine option.
Notes: Blood orange, tiare flower, driftwood
✶Lait de Coco
Typically I am not a fan of coconut based scents, but this one is not too sweet which does the trick. The bergamot breaks up the creaminess of the coconut and vanilla and adds a pleasant twist to a classic scent. Perfect for a day at the beach, and the liquid is actually white, like coconut milk.
Notes: Bergamot, vanilla praline, creamy coconut
✶Macaron Rose
I had purchased this one last summer and I’m still loving it. It’s very feminine and sweet, but in a peculiar way. It smells exactly like a turkish delight or “Λουκούμι” in Greek. It takes me back to my childhood when my grandma would serve me the rose, powder sugar covered treat.
Notes: Eau de rose, Turkish delight, sugar cane
✶Rose Enfumé
This was such a pleasant surprise and probably the scent I loved the most out of the bunch. Complex and multi-dimensional it leans feminine but has a peculiar masculinity about it. The rose and bergamot in contrast with the dark amber and vetiver make for a unique long-lasting perfume choice.
Notes: Italian bergamot, olibanum, indigo rose, cumin seed, vetiver, dark amber
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Night routine // Having a simpleish routine that I quite enjoyed putting together! Happy first day of spring to everyone. I’m so ready for warmer weather, and a whole new wardrobe 😆
✨double cleanse with @biodermausa sensibio foaming cleanser which is only my favorite cleanser ever of course.
✨mist @herbivorebotanicals rose facial spray and wait till it’s dry
✨exfoliate with @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50
✨moisturizer herbivore botanicals pink cloud* because I’m feeling shallow and dehydrated and this does a good job of giving me a very healthy glow
@mokoto__ jasmin body oil*
@soldejaneiro bum bum cream*
@madhippieskinproducts eye cream*
Just tried this for the first time last night and I’m already obsessed. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t give me millia. It feels like a watery cream, but it absorbs quickly and hydrates so deeply. I’m loving the pump mechanism so much!
✨lip balm @basaltbasalt via @thestellnewyork
✨scent @diptyque L’ombre eau de parfum
*pr gifted
#uobeauty #herbivorebotanicals #selfcarequeen #shelfiegoals #diptyque #selfcaretips #vanities #beautyroutine #vanitydecor #beautyobsessed #productphotography #lipbalm #skincareblog #biologiquerecherche #acnetreatments #acneroutine #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #biodermausa #biodermasensibio #madhippieskincare

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share with you these products from @madhippieskinproducts that I will be testing and reviewing within the next couple of months. I’ve always wanted to explore the brand and was so excited when they reached out to send me products that would be appropriate for my skin type and needs. You can now find Mad Hippie at your local @wholefoods. Here’s what I chose:
✨cream cleanser
this cleanser is oil based, but also includes beneficial ingredients such as algae extracts, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and orchid extract. I love exploring cleansers, so I’m very excited to see how this works with my skin.
✨vitamin a serum
aka a retinol serum that claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, and aid in moisture retention and hydration. It includes aloe and hyaluronic acid as well as oat beta glucan. I’m very interested to see how this compares to some of the other retinol treatments I’ve tried throughout the years.
✨vitamin c serum
I’m almost out of my trusted vitamin C treatment and excited to be incorporating this into my routines. It features Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a more stable and bioavailable form of Vitamin C as well as vitamin E, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and konjac root powder. There is a little bit of clary sage in this, which I am not a fan of, but it is a tiny amount and it shouldn’t cause any irritation. If it does, I will have to discontinue use unfortunately but I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t!
✨eye cream
This eye cream comes in a pump packaging which I always appreciate. It includes so many loving ingredients for the delicate undereye area such as chamomile, ceramides, vitamin e, and peptides.
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Happy Sunday guys! I just woke up from the best nap. I had ramen earlier and that always makes sleepy! But also super lazy haha! I had my final dermafiller treatment today and I can’t do much of a routine. I’m just going to cleanse and use hydrating serums to gently massage my face. No actives or retinol for a few days. So I thought I’d share with you the corner of my room that makes me so happy and puts me in the best mood.
✨my jewelry stash
Most of my necklaces are all gifts from my cousins. They hand make jewelry in Greece.
✨my @overoseparis candles
I love all my candles from them. They’re so beautiful to look at and even better to smell and burn.
✨anything @chanel.beauty
I just love my @welovecoco collection because it’s an instant mood booster. Something about the essence of Coco Chanel is just so unique and empowering.
✨my lip balm collection
I don’t know what I’d do without my lip balms! They’re so simple and easy to use, but they make such a difference in lifting my spirits. Soft lips and a natural flush of color helps me feel and look healthier.
✨my crystals and crystal trays
I have a thing for everything Crystal. Crystal cut, crystal prisms, crystals from minerals like amethyst and quartz, they all feed my energy and boost my mood! And they make for beautiful photos 💕
🙌🏼what boosts your mood when you need to feel instantly better?
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Night routine // It’s friday night and I’m so excited for this routine. I’m trying out some new products from the australian brand Asarai, and giving myself a bit of a detox to prep my skin for tomorrow as I have a wedding to attend in Galveston. I’m doing a clay mask and some mild exfoliation with lotion p50 as well as lots of hydration! What’s your go to product for a foolproof good-skin day?
✨remove makeup with lait u
✨cleanse with @asarai gel to milk cleanser*
This product is impressive! It’s a clear gel that goes on smoothly and slightly emulsifies upon contact. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated but polished looking. Very soothing and mild.
✨exfoliate with @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50
✨serum @pourmoiskincare
✨moisturizer @cosrx
✨additional hydration with cosrx ultimate moisturizing honey mask
✨lash and brow treatment by revitalash (np)
✨lip balm @basaltbasalt via @thestellnewyork
✨hair oil @leonorgreyl via @shopbeautypark *pr gifted
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Vanity organization // Slightly reorganized my vanity area today and as always I’m in need of more organizers, trays, and such things. Where do you love shopping for those? I have a few things in my @anthropologie and @urbanoutfitters online carts but I am also having commitment issues with home decor 🙆🏻‍♀️
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Night routine // Hey guys! I hope you all had a lovely day! I’m having a glass of rose and sharing with you what I used for my night time routine. I finally washed my hair and did a deep treatment mask, so now I feel a little bit better about myself. I also wanted to give myself a manicure but I think I’m too relaxed to do that now heh. What do you love to do to unwind after a long day, other than your night routine?
✨cleanse with Krave beauty matcha cleanser* (np)
✨exfoliate with @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50
✨serum @pourmoiskincare
✨moisturizer @biodermausa tolerance
✨lip balm @basaltbasalt via @thestellnewyork
✨hair treatment @leonorgreyl via @fournierpr
✨body cream @glossier body hero
✨lash and brow treatment* @revitalashcosmetics
I’ve heard so many good things about these products! @bambivstheworld and I had an extensive conversation on brows and she also said nothing’s worked better than this for her. I want to take some before photos and see the progress in a couple of months!
✨beautiful antique glass cut crystal tray by the lovely @katherine6126 who sent me a care package with this beauty. She is the sweetest angel! Please check out the link in her profile if you have time to learn more about her story.
✨scent @maisonlouismarie antidris cassis
*pr gifted
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Night routine // It’s Monday again. My least favorite day of the week! I always have to play catch up with every aspect of the day. Today I’m in need of extra hydration as well as detoxing my skin and helping it restore itself. I’m also playing around with the glossier lidstars! They’re very fun. I have fawn and slip.
✨cleanse with @kravebeauty matcha cleanser*
✨exfoliate with @pourmoiskincare hydrating balancer*
This is a very mild exfoliator that helps balance the skin. I love the pump, and the light liquid gel like texture of this product helps to easily glide on the face.
✨rose tonic* by @pixibeauty for extra hydration
✨treatment shani darden retinol reform
I’m mad at them because they used one of my pictures without tagging me which was not cool. The product has been good so far! I don’t see immediate results like with my p50, but it is helping with regenerating cell turn over and pigmentation.
✨moisturizer/sleeping mask @cosrx
This product has become one of my staples. I can’t put it down!
✨eye balm* @katesomervilleskincare
✨lip balm* @basaltbasalt via @thestellnewyork
✨foot cream* @caudalie
What a beautiful product. I’m obsessed with this and the hand cream. Who knew I could have a dedicated foot cream! And you might wonder what makes this different from any other body cream… Well it is different! It has a thicker, almost butter like consistency. It immediately smoothes my heels and my feet feel sooooo soft. It’s unreal. It smells like grapefruit but has a deeper, almost woodsy base when it dries down. I love it!
*pr gifted
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Happy Friday! I’m traveling to Austin this weekend and I’ve packed up all my essentials to bring with me. I’m so excited to relax and disconnect! Ps. I considered bringing that baies candle with me several times but decided that was too extra 😂
🌵travel bag by @tartanandtwine via @ultabeauty for all my essentials
🌵@glossier pink pouch for my makeup
🌵@caudalie hand cream* for all times of the day because it has a beautiful formula and it’s the perfect size
*pr gifted
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Night routine // Hey hey!! I’m doing a little body care as well tonight. Let’s take a closer look 👀
✨cleanse with bioderma sensibio (np)
✨exfoliate with @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50
✨serum for hydration* @pourmoiskincare
✨moisturizer @cosrx
✨sleeping mask cosrx
✨eye cream* @algenist
✨lip balm* @clarycollection
✨body scrub* @juaraskincare
This body scrub is so luxurious! It smells like a cup of espresso and is very finely milled in a gel like consistency. So beautiful!
✨body oil* @leonorgreylusa
✨tanning oil* @tan_luxe
This stuff is so potent!! You’ll look DARK within a few hours and 5 shades darker by morning. I apply with a mitt to make sure I don’t get streaky patches. A little goes a long way!
*pr gifted
#tanluxe #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #topshelfie #skincareshelfie #selfcaretips #vanities #beautyroutine #vanitydesk #vanitydecor #beautyobsessed #productphotography #lipbalm #welovecoco #skincareblog #biologiquerecherche #rescuespa #skincarediaries #acnetreatments #acneroutine

Sunday night routine // I’m so surprised by the amount of entries on the anniversary giveaway. I thought with the more demanding rules less people would enter but you all are so amazing! I’m reading all of your unique little stories and it’s so inspiring. I feel like I know something really personal about each of you. I can’t thank you enough 💗 Here’s tonight’s routine:
✨remove makeup with @biologique_recherche_usa lait u
I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and I must say I’m not in love with it. It’s just ok! The ingredients are good for the most part, but it stings my eyes if I don’t wash it off immediately. It also doesn’t successfully break down make up all the way so my second cleanser has to do extra work to get my eye make up off. For the price, that bugs me. I think it’d be a perfect cleanser for someone with drier skin for an AM cleanse or second cleanse! I’ll finish it up though!
✨cleanse @biodermausa sensibio foaming cleanser
✨mask with bioderma sensibio mask*
This soothing mask is perfect for any time really. Whether you’re feeling uneven, dehydrated, rough, or just want a pick me up, it’s perfect and so easy to use.
✨exfoliate with lotion p50
✨clarifying moisturizer @cosrx BHA blackhead power cream
I recently ordered this cream after going through the ingredients and realizing what a powerhouse it is! Centella asiatica, salicylic acid, bees wax, niacinamide, and tea tree all work together to keep the skin decongested, repair the barrier, and replenish moisture. I tried this last night after my p50 and my skin looked so smooth and radiant in the morning. I am so obsessed. Cosrx recently repackaged this product and it’s now named low pH BHA overnight mask.
✨lips @diormakeup lip glow pomade
✨scent @diptyque olene
✨body oil* @mokoto__ jasmin grenadier
*items were gifted
#biodermausa #uobeauty #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #topshelfie #skincareshelfie #selfcaretips #vanities #beautyroutine #vanitydesk #vanitydecor #beautyobsessed #productphotography #lipbalm #liptreatment #instaskincare #skincareblog #biologiquerecherche #rescuespa #skincarediaries #acnetreatments #acneroutine

Congratulations to @stellarskin_! You’re the winner of this giveaway!! DM me as soon as you see this! International Giveaway // I’m celebrating ONE year on instagram and in this amazing #skincarecommunity and I wanted to gift you a few things! Go watch my stories for a run down of each product, I’ll save them in my highlights so you can still access it after today. The winner will be announced on this post and on stories on March 10th, next Sunday. Good luck everyone!
1. Make sure you’re following me
2. Like this post
3. Tag three of the most inspiring (to you) IG accounts
4. Comment with one thing about you that most people would find surprising or hard to believe
5. For an additional 3 entries repost any of the photos from this post on your feed and tag me so I can make sure to see them and count them
6. Giveaway entries end on March 10th in the AM and I will announce the winner in the PM
7. Have fun and good luck! I love you all!!
💞Tata Harper Clarifying cleanser, moisturizer, mask and spot solution
💞Bioderma sensibio light, rich, and tolerant
💞Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 Samples (not pictured)
💞Monastery rose cleansing oil and hydrofoil
💞Huxley oil essence
💞Mario bedascu hydrating serum
💞Pixi rose oil, rose caviar essence, rose flash balm, and five liquid lipsticks
💞Sol de janeiro brazillian crush fragrance mist, lip butter, and bum bum cream
💞Pony effect cream highlighter
💞Urban outfitters oud sahara perfume
💞Natura basil cleanser and cream
💞Collosol eau de lait cleansing milk water
💞Valjean Labs Facial Serum Clarify
💞Skinfood Bitter Green toner and mask
#skincaregiveaway #biodermausa #uobeauty #itgtopshelfie #skincareroutine #skincarejunkie #topshelfie #skincareshelfie #selfcaretips #vanities #beautyroutine #beautyobsessed #productphotography #lipbalm #liptreatment #instaskincare #skincareblog #spottreatment #tataharper

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