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Beauté Défilé • Christina K.  ✨addicted to healthy skin and self care; fighting anxiety and hormonal acne one routine at a time | @eaudesirene

While I was out of the country, I received a package from @love_amika! The brand gifted me their Polished Perfection Straightening Brush to try out. I was so excited to get the chance to review this! I’ve used an identical off-brand brush from amazon for the past year, but I always wanted the real thing. I knew I was missing out! Swipe right to watch a video of the brush in action.
Here’s a pros and cons breakdown on my thoughts after using this hair tool.
✨Amazingly user friendly
✨Custom temperature control up to 450F
✨Heats up extremely fast and stays hot consistently
✨Smooths hair cuticles and adds shine
✨Hair gets stuck in the bristles and you have to make sure to pull it out or it starts burning
Overall, this tool doesn’t straighten the hair in the way that a flat iron does. It removes texture without removing volume so your hair never looks flat. As you can see from my end result, my hair is soft, super shiny, and really smooth to the touch. I personally dislike the look of flat-ironed, pin-straight hair styles without any volume or body, so this is amazing! Do do my whole head it took less than 15 minutes. I’m impressed with how hot this stays! I will be definitely be using it at least once a month, especially now that fall is coming and I like to style my hair a bit more often than summer time. A++ from me!
You can find the Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush at @sephora or @love_amika online! It retails for $120 and the upcoming VIB sale is just around the corner.
#amikagiftedme @love_amika @sephora #loveamika #hairspiration #OctolyFamily

Back in the states and after a super long flight and not the best food, my skin and body is in need of detoxing. I’m really craving a green juice from @juiceland, I wish there was one closer to my house! How about you? What’s the thing that picks you up when you’re feeling gross inside? Here’s tonight’s routine:
💫cleanse with @biologique_recherche lait u which creates a protective barrier and is so gentle
💫exfoliate with @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50 to help exfoliate, decongest, brighten, balance and even-out
💫mask with BR masque vivant to purify and further balance the skin applied with a pink* @makeupdrop
💫hydrate* with @drbarbarasturm hyaluronic serum
💫targeted serum with BR placenta to renew the skin and help regenerate itself
💫moisturize with BR creme placenta to seal everything in as well as restore and repair the skin
💫lip balm @nuxefrance lip balm for long lasting smooth lips
💫hand cream* @grownalchemist
* = pr gift
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Hey hey 👋🏼 heading to Athens, downtown to get some delicious dessert and food! I love being downtown because there are endless things to do and places to visit. It never gets old, and the view of the Acropolis never fails to amaze. Here’s some of my favorite things I’ve been using during my stay here in Athens. What’s one product you’ve been in love with this summer?
🌊UV Clear SPF tinted by @eltamdskincare
I adore this sunscreen so much. It’s extremely lightweight but also hydrating and wears so well. Never pills or goes on patchy, never have issues with a white cast or any reaction. They just came out with a 100% physical spf and I’m dying to try it.
🌊Creme Echinoderm by @biologique_recherche_greece
This was one of the creams that was recommended to me for my skintype amongst Creme Amnios and a Gel cream. I fell in love with this one. The texture is just like creme placenta but more spreadable. It’s amazingly hydrating, but extremely lightweight. It balances oily skin and reduces sebum production but without magnifying the skin or leaving that “tight” feeling that I hate. It leaves you with a glow from within and super nourished.
🌊Face Bronzer by @lelabofragrances
I have been using this non-stop. I love to mix it with my Laura Mercier oil-free primer for an all over base. Then all I need is some concealer for my underlies and some pin spotting and I’m good to go. Amazing for summer because otherwise my face is milky white compared to my body!
🌊The Body* by @tan_luxe
This along with the water have kept me looking dark AF all summer long. All my goals have been achieved.
🌊Cheek Tints by @jilliandempsey
Sunny and Rosy have been my go-tos. I didn’t think I could ever find a cream blush for my oily skin, but this has been it. It’s long wearing, amazing pigment, non-greasy, feels dry and sets immediately, never patchy. A+++
🌊Deodorant by @agentnateur
I walk around a lot or go to places without A/C and this has kept me smelling fresh. Even at the beach! It has never failed me! Love love love.
* = pr gifted

Hey friends! Tonight is my last evening in Milos. These are the products I’ve been using non-stop! Heading back to the beach one last time 👋🏼💖✨

Hey friends! Today I did something super exciting that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I had a consultation and test at @biologique_recherche_greece. They did some readings on my skin and I wanted to share with you everything I learned. The aesthetician was extremely helpful and so kind, her name was Elisavet. If you go there definitely ask to see her! She told me that my skin looked a little bit irritated. I told her I use P50 3 nights a row and then take a break. She informed me that it is imperative that Lait U is used prior to applying Lotion P50 to protect the skin barrier and allow the skin to repair, otherwise P50 can be too harsh on the skin and create sensitivities. I have Lait U but it’s at home, so I’m going to start using it as soon as I get back. She said it can be used as a cream that you don’t rinse or you could use their Micellar water. I also got recommendations on serums and moisturizers. Overall I had an amazing and super informative experience. I felt pretty proud of myself because I knew the state of my skin and what my needs are. My goal to maintain a healthy skin barrier is the most important thing for me. Here’s what I end up getting and what I’m going to be testing:
✨Sérum Extraits Tissulaires
moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.
✨Testing Crème Amnios
revitalizes the epidermis and tightens dilated pores. I’ll be testing it today and tomorrow and most probably grab a full size.
✨Testing Crème Echinoderm au Complexe Biomarin
revitalizes stressed skin and soothes the complexion. I want this too and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to choose between this and Amnios.
✨Testing Gel ADN Silkgen
tones, moisturizes, protects and softens the skin. This one would be amazing for me but I don’t think I can invest in it quite yet. It’s quite steep at 145 euro.
✨Masque Vivant
I’ve tried and tested this via samples many times and wanted to grab the full size. It was also recommended I use the P50 first and then the masque to allow all the ingredients to penetrate the skin first.
✨Lotion P50 Corps
What a dream!! To be able to experience the benefits of P50 on the body? Yes please! I do experience quite a few closed comedones and acne on my back as w

Hey hey 👋🏼 it’s a Sunday night routine! Although it hasn’t felt much of a Sunday to me, but I had a lovely time at the beach and my skin always reacts so well to salt water and a good dose of vitamin D from the beautiful sun. I came back and had a long nap and caught up on some lost time between my jet lag and sleeping late. To boost the effect I used my favorite things tonight before heading to bed:
✨first cleanse @clinique take the day off
✨second cleanse @biodermagreece sensibio cleanser
✨exfoliate @biologique_recherche lotion P50
✨serum @biologique_recherche_greece serum placenta
✨moisturizer Biologique Recherche creme placenta
✨eye cream BR creme contour des yeux VIP O2
✨lip balm* @dhcskincare
✨lash treatment DHC eyelash tonic*
✨scent @officialbyredo
✨the water by @tan_luxe to intensify and maintain my tan
*pr gifted

Happy Saturday friends 💖 My summer highlight products for the best vacation glow! I landed safe and sound and I’m all ready and unpacked. Heading to town in a minute to run some errands and later will go shopping!
💫foundation primer* by @lauramercier radiance
💫face bronzer by @lelabofragrances
I’m going to be wearing this a lot to liven up my skin and I’m going to be skipping foundation for the most part. This give me such a natural color, and it’s so easy to use. You can mix it with absolutely anything.
💫body cream by @kiehls
the most amazing, beautiful glow! how much do I love this body cream, god I just can’t do without it. it’s absolutely essential for the summer especially.
💫the body* by @tan_luxe
💫bal d’afrique by @officialbyredo
if that’s not the perfect summer scent, then I don’t know what is.
💫arancia adore by @rodinoliolusso
💫honey infused hair oil by @gisou
Absolutely essential to tame my mane and keep it hydrated and protected from the sun!
*pr gifted

The day is finally here! I’m getting ready for my flight this evening and I wanted to share with you my plan for skincare. I am not going to wear any makeup heading to the airport because I’m planning on applying some treatments while on the place! I am taking some makeup items to apply on my connection flight from London to Athens so that when I come out I look a bit alive and well when I meet my family! 😌
🌊cleanse my face with @aveneusa thermal water and some gauze pads just to remove my sunscreen from earlier
🌊apply the @goodsciencebeauty clarifying moisturizer* to ensure I keep my pores clear and decongested
🌊apply a good layer of @summerfridays jet lag mask all over and under the eyes and top them off with the hydrating eye patches* I received from DHC
🌊apply a bit of the @dhcskincare eyelash tonic* and their lip balm* to keep my lips moisturized
🌊for makeup I’m bringing my @lauramercier radiance primer* for a bit added glow on the high points of my face as well as the fusion concealer* to brighten the undereyes and conceal a few spots
🌊for the cheeks I’m bringing @jilliandempsey cheek tint in sunny
🌊for the lips just a few dabs of the @kosascosmetics violet fury*
🌊for lashes I’ll just swipe a few times with the DHC double protection mascara*
🌊for brows just some @glossier boy brow in brown
🌊finish everything off with a dab of laura mercier translucent powder on my forehead and nose if needed!
*pr gifted

Night routine ✨ From what I’ve seen in everyone’s posts and stories today, you all have been having a struggle Monday, myself included of course. Bringing you some colorful, pastel goodness to hopefully cheer you up and send you some positivity and good vibes, as always. I love you all and I feel so amazingly lucky to have this space where I can share my vision with you. Let’s get into it!
✨that booty tho body scrub* by
Anese sent me this trio for “booty care” and I am so obsessed. Check my stories for a $5 discount code! These products smell so good and they feel even better! This has a crushed walnuts scent and it lathers when you apply it on wet skin. It left my bum soooo smooth and polished.
✨down with the thickness mask* by anese
This smells like a fruity bubblegum and I love how smooth it leaves my skin. It’s so fun putting it on, and just an extra special touch for a relaxing evening in when you want to feel good!
✨have you seen my underwear booty oil* by anese
My favorite from the line! I adore the coffee scent. I think the best part is how lightweight and nourishing the oil feels on the skin, and it instantly absorbs without feeling greasy.
✨first cleanse with @dhcskincare deep cleansing oil*
✨second cleanse with bioderma sensibio cleanser (np)
✨exfoliate with @biologique_recherce_usa lotion p50
✨moisturize with @biodermausa sensibio light
✨lip balm dhc skincare lip cream*
This feels so good and hydrating on the lips and the packaging is peach and adorable. I love DHC because all their skincare is olive oil or olive fruit based and I am obsessed with anything olive and squalane.
✨spot treatment @kiehls sulfur treatment
I have a hormonal cyst on my cheek that’s been there for about week, and will probably be there until I turn 29, which is in approximately 2 weeks. But I’m trying to love it and care for it, and talk to it so it calms down quicker.
✨eyelash tonic* by dhc
✨scent @maisonlouismarie antidris cassis
*pr gifted

Hey everyone! Happy weekend!!! A lot of you had asked me for a recap of everything that involves how I store my beauty products. I gathered up my favorites and I’m sharing with you on BeautéDéfilé.com so go check it out! I’m getting ready to start packing, and anxiety is slightly taking over 😊 do you ever feel extremely anxious and giddy before hopping on a 14-hour flight?
#gisou #oribeobsessed #diptyque #topshelfie #skincareshelfie #skincarejunkie

Happy hump day friends 🙌🏼 I’ve been caught up with an incredible workload but things are settling down and I can finally return to my happy place.
I’m getting ready for travel and vacation next week so I thought I’d grab my favorite shampoo and conditioner in travel sizes from @oribe! I also received the most amazing travel size of my favorite hair oil* from @gisou which I will be packing and taking everywhere with me. It’ll be with me on the flight, at the beach and everywhere in between. No joke I can’t live without this stuff.
Give me your best travel tip!! I’ve recently learned compression socks work amazingly during flights so I also grabbed a pair of those and can’t wait to use them 🙌🏼
*pr gift
#gisou #oribe #travelskincare #travelbeauty #jilliandempsey #cheektint #welovecoco

Sunday night routine ✨ about to eat some healthy snacks (aka carrots with lemon juice) and enjoy Hot Summer Nights with Timothée. Going to my trusty repairing routine because I did some comedone extractions which I shouldn’t have but all is good when I use my beloved placenta line. What are some of your go-to products when you feel like your skin is acting up?
✨cleanse with bioderma sensibio cleanser (np)
✨exfoliate with @biologique_recherche_usa lotion p50
✨treatment with placenta serum by @biologique_recherche
✨moisturize with creme placenta by biologique recherche
✨treat moisturize repairing areas with bioderma cicabio* (np)
✨lip treatment with @jomalonelondon ginger and english mint
✨scent @diptyque olene so I can think about night flowers and relax the f out
*pr gifted
#skincarejunkie #skincareshelfie #selfcaresunday #lotionp50 #diptyque

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