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Beau Sorenson  Producer // Engineer // Strange noises.

days of rain and flowers

Sputnik Modular 25S. A modern recreation of the classic Buchla 259 Programmable Complex Waveform Generator in a single space. Perfect analog compliment to the digital and wavetable oscillators in the 200e. #buchla

this record saved me. many times.
when I moved to Portland, a dear friend gave me a copy, telling me "you're here now - you'll need this". I had no idea where I was or what I was doing. when I was lost and between work, I would go for long walks in the rain, then listen to this in the dark. it's raining in Berkeley tonight, but I can feel Portland with this playing. thank you, so much. #np

front porch attack //

I bought a new (old) console, a vintage Neumann N20. It's the console I've always dreamed of owning.

24 line inputs on mixdown. 18 channels of Neumann W491 EQ. Four channels of Neumann V476B preamps with W475 filters. Two stereo subgroups with inserts - very useful for parallel processing. Four aux sends with inserts. NTP plasma metering. Active, transformer balanced faders.  Stereo Filtek EQs and Neumann U473a limiters on the stereo bus, if desired. I love the U473a limiters, they were a standard for vinyl mastering for many years. It's a very clean yet powerful VCA compressor.

The N20 is completely modular and portable - buckets separate into banks of four, and can be carried by one person. The console can be expanded to 32 channels. It accepts both large and small Danner cassettes, so other vintage modules can be slotted in as desired.

Because the N20 was designed with broadcast / mobile installations in mind, every single module in the console is transformer balanced on the way in and the way out. Running signal from mic preamp to master fader means passing through around 10 or 12 vintage Haufe transformers. It sounds excellent.
Everything has been completely serviced and restored, and I'm in the last stages of getting the patchbay integrated. I'm sad to see my Studer consoles go, as I've loved using them for many years. However, this is a very significant step up, and I'm excited to make records with it.

mixing // Berkeley trees

pow pow

Just wrapped a monster @brettnewski record with this dream team. Four days, all on tape, dangerously deep hooks.

new case // almost done #Buchla

usually not into food shots but studio lunch was 💯today

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