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Beau Sorenson  Producer // Engineer // Strange noises.

woke up early to remotely "sit in" as an orchestra in Prague tracked strings over songs I was recording in Oakland just a few days ago. life is strange but the strings were great. #audioworker

i built another synthesizer! this is a two panel Serge modular, based on the early 'paperface' Serge synthesizers built at CalArts in the early 1970's. i made some custom knob color choices and swapped the 1/8" outputs for Tini-Jax for easy Buchla compatibility.
While Serge and Buchla are both considered "West Coast" synthesizers, they have some differences in design - a key one being the lack of discrimination between control and audio signals in Serge systems. combined with stackable banana jacks, this allows for high functional density: a single modular block can act as an integrator, envelope follower, low-pass filter, LFO, or an oscillator depending on how it is patched. a preamp makes processing external signals easy (really fun for drums!) and the waveshapers and ring modulator add a lot of harmonic information to very simple sounds.
The Serge sound is raw and aggressive, especially in this era - it feels like you're playing with raw electricity.

finally tracked down a working instance of one my favorite vintage delays: the DeltaLab Acousticomputer! it's kinda like a stereo PCM41 with shorter delay times but weirder functionality: sample and hold delays, a 'random' mode, and lots of stereo imaging options. one of Peter Gabriel's favorites.

I love this band and this record. I mixed it at Tiny Telephone Oakland, but the real reason it turned out great is because @greatestlakes took their time and tracked the record they wanted to make. When it was time to mix, they gave me the time and space to do my best work. Mastered by @mystery_room_mke .

I make records. So does @doeeye. Sometimes we work on records together. This is a picture of us working with @haevoces at Tiny Telephone. ( photo by @kristina._.dutton )

I can't believe this was ten years ago. Still incredibly proud and honored to be a part of this record. Much love and many thanks to Sam and Nicole!
#Repost @mrgnomemusic ・・・
Our debut full-length release, Deliver this Creature, turns 10 years old this week! This album was written while we traversed the United States touring from one city to the next, playing shows to small crowds, living out of our van and sleeping on family and friend's couches on the west coast. We spent most of our time between Portland and San Diego. We had two practice spots, one in Escondido and the other in downtown Portland. We wrote what turned out to be some of our first fan favorites in these two spaces. Escondido helped us produce "Night of the Crickets," while "Pirates" was born in Portland. The culmination of writing and the road finally led us to Jackpot Studios in Portland, Oregon with Kendra Lynn, and Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Arizona with Chris Schultz, where we recorded what would end up being called, Deliver this Creature. Mixing was done by the wonderful, Beau Sorenson at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin.

We had nothing to lose on this record and set out to share the weirdness of mr. Gnome with the world! We were very flattered when Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork accepted our weirdness, but we were especially happy when you, our fans started to become so interested and involved in our world of art and music. Thank you to all of you who started on this long road with us way back then, and thank you to all of you who have come along since then! It's because of you guys that we get to keep making our art. To all the fans of DTC, we've dug deep into our archives and have a few very limited, very special records available for you at our store. For a limited time we have.... • Signed 1st Pressing on Black Vinyl in gatefold jackets (limited to 15 copies)
• Deliver This Creature Test Pressing (limited to 2 copies)
• Deliver This Creature Blue Vinyl for only $10

Thanks again to all of you, and we can't wait to see you all very soon!!! Love,
Nicole & Sam - mr. Gnome
#mrgnome #deliverthiscreature #10yearanniversary #jackpotstudios #wavelabstudios

danced clean with @doeeye at one of the best shows I've ever experienced.

spent record store day making records

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