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Homeboy loooooooves watching the big kids. Happy birthday, Hudson!

Champion of champions, Kael Micah Davidson, all tuckered out from playing with his Amma.
This guy. What a hero. He is loving his new baby sister so incredibly well. The day she was born, we had made arrangements for my sister-in-law to come pick him up. Then Mirabel came in such a hurry that Kael Micah got to watch the whole thing go down, start to finish. That's right, every detail. He also let the chickens out all by himself and carries his own bag to the car while I was with Kristen.

Gooooood times with this one. #mirabelevadawn

Mirabel Eva Dawn
Born May 6, 2017 at 9:37am

Mirabel caught us by surprise and came fast. Mama and baby are both perfectly healthy and recovering quickly.

Davidson s'mores: Brazil nut, farm-fresh whipped butter, salted chocolate!

Oatmeal porridge loaf, courtesy @1900barker, and Iberico cheese. 3 meals strong and counting.

A little light reading while this baby goat tries to nurse from my hamstring. #whatismylife #farmlife #eastmeetswest #agrotheology #sickday

Naming contest! What should this little black sheep's name be? Her mom and died a few days after she was born so she's been bumming from the other mamas.

Our dates for lunch today. We are lucky fellas.

Brian Walton is not only a tone master and a shredder. He also does a killer Burt Reynolds impression. @bwalt0264 #burtreynolds #turdferguson #funnyname

Just doing what we do. #dadday #dadlife #mannequin

@sura.eats packed house. nomtown. tongue. always with the tongue.

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