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This horse seemed a tad morose so I snapped this photo. Then I turned in the direction of his look and saw the jockey in the proceeding photo strutting away. #santaanitaracetrack #photography #blackandwhite

A couple weeks ago in the Central Valley of California :) This tree reminded me of this 1800’s request for land document I read recently: “... Commencing at a large sycamore tree [on the] road leading from San Pedro to Los Angeles ... thence running [westerly] to a stone placed near the high road ...” oh how time’s have changed. And yesss, I do realize this is an oak tree, not a sycamore. Okay!? Yeesh. A California Black Oak to be precise. *brushes hands together then struts towards the sunset *🤓 #treegame #california

Excited to announce this 😊 #iduh #showtime

We were walking through this old mine shaft in the surrounding mountains near Death Valley until we realized that the sedimentary (fragile) rock was being held up by rotting buttresses. But I still had time to snap this picture before it collapsed. We’re trapped inside but there’s 4g so we’re cool. #cavelife #rocks #photography #notactuallytrappedinacave

#BigSur is one of my favorite places on the planet and I was fortunate enough to spend the last week exploring this rugged coastline. I fell off a rock after I took this photo, but my camera was saved! Not my back though. My back hurts. #vanlife #california #photography #ouch

Here’s the only recent photo of me not dressed like a man who lives in a van. Catch a version of this guy on the final few episodes of #thefosters 📸 @jonathan.weiner

I’m off into the wilderness again 🕺 See you soon :)

So many other birds got the recognition they desired. They became the face and spirit of professional sports teams: eagles, seahawks, falcons, cardinals, even the pelican got a team. But never the vulture. So here’s to you my red headed scavenger friends.
#vulture #readhead also, did you know that a group of vultures is called a venue? #nowyouknow

I took a wrong turn on a dirt road, kept going, and ended up finding this beautiful spot to camp. I’m a country cliche, aren’t I? #somewhereinmojave #desert #vanlife

Yes, I hop trains now. #trainlife #choochoo

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