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#Arizona sunrise. I never get bored with them, especially this time of year. #desert 🙏🏻🦎🌵

A college art piece by my mom, 1969. This used to hang in my studio and after several moves, it disappeared. Recently rediscovered, I’ve always loved it. Photographed through the glass frame. #justice #handlettering

An unforgettable nighttime experience, on safari in #SouthAfrica. The leopard’s right eye looks that way as a result of a corneal injury (not a cataract as I initially assumed). It’s truly survival of the fittest in @sabisabireserve #bigcats #africa

#sanfrancisco from the 38th floor @hiltonsfunionsq

A blast from #Christmas past. Performing live one of my fave songs by The Who from a never-aired episode of my children’s series #JustPlayMusic. Pounding those skins is the amazing Chip Hanna. #Tommy #1969

Right now, #sanfrancisco, 30 floors up. That’s not a vignette, nor a gradient filter. Air Quality Index is still in the high 160s... #californiafires

#tbt Red Square, 2011. Image title: There’s No Place Like Home. This happened so quickly, as a stranger walked into the frame; I just remember thinking... I don’t why this reminds me of ‘Dorothy/Wizard of Oz’...but it just does.

A fave of mine, taken in #Istanbul during one of our last #creativecloud tours. Also, a reminder that I need more tea in my life.

Some children’s songs stick with you forever. I sat down this past Saturday and just started playing this song (with the iPhone rolling). 24 hours later, this happened. Catch the full version on my YouTube channel, JasonLevineVideo. #FreeToBeYouAndMe #inclusion #SongsForTheWorld

With my dear friend and musical collaborator of 24yrs, Fred 'Fett' Fung. This pic (or one from the series) may end up as the cover of our next album collab, 'Music To Design By #2'.

#SanFrancisco and its views still have the power to mesmerize me...even after seeing this same scene 1000 times.

So psyched to have Dj CUTMAN (@videogamedj) presenting three live sessions at next week! Come watch him make pixels move and groove:) #AdobeLive

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