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Shortcut Barber In NYC  Work hard, be kind


@pellygrossa is a beautiful product of #immigrants #hoodyseason

My old lady wearing one of my im•mi•grant dad hats Now taking orders #spring

My mobile office #infinity

receiving an inspiring amount of support from random people. A lot of people are showing interest in my endeavors, vision, and collaboration. Thank you to all my resources, customers, self-proclaimed models lol 😩😂😂, Friends and family. I was expecting a lot of support from the people that I know personally... and those people closest to me don't even like my posts... normally I wouldn't give two shits about something so petty but these folks understand how algorithms work. You don't have to wear it to like it, and that's how I get new customers... but I get it. They won't support me until they see strangers they look up to supporting me. Shit hurts man. I acknowledge it and move on, but don't think I don't notice. Not liking is just as bad as hating. But thanks for the fuel punks!!! Bless up! My bags are full of sold merch and I got some spring shit that's so dope it's giving me anxiety. Rant over 🍮 MORE LIFE !!!! I only love my bed and my momma anyways hahah (shirt for sale btw) let's goooooo!

Just dropped off a batch of hoodies for @alexsensation •im•mi•grant / ❤️

@prostyle rocking "Gods Plan" Hoodie live on Power. now taking orders. DMme

Made like 5 for myself.... wore one today, felt like a stud... not gonna lie. im•mi•grant🔥litafrn ! Heavy fire

Embroidered im•mi•grant with American patch for sale $60 plus shipping photo cred @pellygrossa #DMme for any ?'s

Salmon on salmon embroidered im•mi•grant hoodie with the American flag for sale. Taking order for second batch. DM me

Gracias @mjstitchandink he's doing all my embroidery work

Heavy Heat 🔥📦

Just cut @alexsensation ... make sure you download @shortcut to book me for your next haircut #officecalls #housecalls #manhattan #nyc #nj

From the Embroidery capital #miserylovescompany im•mi•grant

Painted this guitar matte black (now back to making your orders)

Wear that shirt with pride boy #immigrant

Honestly, I don't know what's more American than an im•mi•grant... thanks for all the support and orders. Let's go!!

#barberlife @prostyle @shortcut Manhattan, live on the radio. Let's go! #tune in

Cafesito... #nyc

Since we keep getting "Donald Trumped" idea cred: @alexsensation @villainousnewyork gracias, for your help

This country is made up of im•mi•grants
At some point your family was just a "bunch of immigrants" thanks for all the orders guys I'm gonna quit cutting hair hahah #barberlife for life

I cut hair, this is like a nice haircut. (@jay_j_castello #intheclubjoint)

Coffee in a wine glass bruh

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