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Chris ''Beastmode'' Jones  Pump Chasers Owner, Personal Trainer, and Online Fitness Motivator. Get my mealplans, training programs, and coaching services at my website below.

Choosing 3 to 4 guest for the Ask Beastmode Show. Got some good video submissions. Ain't really sleepy..might as be productive instead of watching Netflix.

Happy birthday to the homie @will_ifbb_pro

My online client Austin, went from 217 to 191 in 12 weeks. This young man has passion for this lifestyle. We worked togther a little over a year ago, and he came back to me for a mini cut. I for sure see the physique improvements he made on this previous bulk. He's alot like myself..he even drops weight hella fast while keeping his muscle mass. We not trying to get shredded here (just lean). Just dropped some fat for the summer and he continue his bulk and try to do it a little slower thru the summer season.
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New video on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel.
Title: How To Cheat On Your Diet And Still Win

I gotta Dm asking "why I post old body pics ..are you not still in shape?" I gotta be shirtless every video to prove that I my word not enough?. that oiled up shirtless shit is not my style..I'm just a trainer and business man..I dont flex my muscles or take pics for a I never felt the need to show off, but here's a pic from today's leg workout..I'm not even lean yet..8 pounds togo

I could have had a bigger cheat meal last night..I actually lost weight this
Bout to fuck up some legs.

I'm doing PPL program from to finish my diet...maybe 8 more pounds togo.
(But I'm doing 6 days straight)

My cheat day vlog will be up tomorrow.

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That last roll piece....always a sad moment

A little dinner with some of the crew.
Lets feast!!! @tjhelfrich

Lean Jones Returns (episode 14) is now up on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel.
Also, 20% off sale for the Memorial Day Weekend begins today at

Checkout code: Pump20

Thanks for coming by tonight @hm_fitness_
We killed a PUSH DAY.

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"Last name Savage bitch, but no I ain't Randy"

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