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Chris ''Beastmode'' Jones  Owner @PumpChasers, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Motivator. Get mealplans, training programs, & coaching services at 20% off supps👇

Shootout to @teegallow thanks to the tag. He been supporting me a long time.

Link to Pump Chasers Supps in in the bio. Get this stack for 20% off.

The work must be done. No excuse!

New video up on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel.


New video on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel. Showing 3 exercises to engage more of the inner pecs
(featuring) @will_ifbb_pro

In 2012' I sent this pic to bodyfortress hoping to get a free one year supply of protein because I used this product in so many of my YouTube I make my own shit these days...and it taste better than this There's only 52 weeks in a year...before you know it 5 years will pass you by...and what will you have to show for it???? Let's go hard every week and make every week count

Do something productive every week, network with other people, humble yourself and ask for help if you need it, provide value to other people so they will want to help you out in return because nobody owes you shit at the end of the day....and you will achieve whatever you want in this world..and if you don't achieve your"ll still be better off than most people who didn't try.

I'm better off than I was 5 years ago..I still want more.. #pumpchasers

Big Hector and Lil Hector

Shutout to @prisssycat_ for supporting the cutsfts stack.
The link to the 20% off stack is gonna be in the bio allday. Don't miss out on the deal.

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"TAG" someone that's dieting right now. All it takes is time!

Ending the week adding another online client to the Hoe Ready Hall Of Fame. My client Dallas Gray, 20 pounds in 11 weeks. He followed my downloadable 12 week hoe ready program, and hired me for macro coaching.

For downloadable routines and Online Coaching goto

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First giveaway will be tomorrow! Both pages will do separate giveaways, so that's 2 chances to win.

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Can anyone guess the 3 other slogans that I'm turning into shirts?

I will do a give away on the hoe ready stringers when they arrive.

New vid up on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel.

New friend came to visit us today.

Hooded-tee from

New video up on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel.
Try this out on your next cardio session.

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