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Chris ''Beastmode'' Jones  Owner @PumpChasers, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Motivator. Get mealplans, training programs & coaching services at (click here)πŸ‘‡

New vlog is now up on the @pumpchasers YouTube channel. Got pics of the baby on there. Technology is great these pics are high quality.

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One of my favorite exercises for biceps. Sitting down instead of standing minimizes alot of help from the hips. I throw in drop sets when I feel strong for extra reps and a good pump.

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190 this morn..that is 12 pounds off in 4 days..My shape is coming back. My definition and vascularity is coming back daily. Like I told you many times..if you gain weight fast you can lose it fast. Gaining very fast means its most likely slot of water retention anyway. Cant wait for leg day tomorrow.. I always drop weight after a good high volume leg day with cardio.

193 pounds this morn..that's 8 pounds off in 3 days. I was just holding alot of water. Most of my fat went to my stomach..which is fine by me. I'll be 185 in no time. Alot of change happens in the mirror with 8 more pounds of water/fat off in the right places.

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#hoeready #naturalbodybuilding #classicbodybuilding #personaltrainer #pumpchasers

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#tbt I have so many pics I have never shared on social media. This pic was me at 185 (Swipe left <<< for me at 175). This was the day @deneese2005 and I decided to drop more weight and to shred down do a show. She told me "you look like a greek god, you can do it, I'll prep your food" Sometimes we just need a little push...sometime we just need a little support. The show wasn't big, but I learned alot. I know what I need to do to be even better and I plan to get a natural pro card next year. This woman make me feel like I can do

This is only my 2nd time doing front squats since March. After I hurt my back, I couldn't do them anymore without pain.
My legs looked better when I did these. This movement is so good for upper meaty part of the thigh. Now that my back is better, it's time to get back on these and get my strength back. I was going to take my time and slowly work my way back up to 3 wheels..but fuck that shit..let's get str8 to it man. I can't do light ass weight. I'll just start with low reps and work my way back up. I want to hit a 5plate front squat at the end of my bulk. My last pr was 455. Let's go!!! I actually could have done 5 reps today. But I'ma take my time man. NO RUSH!!

200pounds vs 175pounds
I'm officially back grinding. Got this maternity photoshoot coming up in a few weeks with Deneese and I wanna look pretty good for that. After that, I'm done tracking macros for awhile. Im taking the whole winter off to improve my body. As you see, my legs stay lean no matter what. I'm thankful for that. Most people I know legs come in last while cutting. A little cardio and less cheat meals I'll be lean

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Motivated to be better. 1) work on posing. 2) bring up weak points. 3) keep shit in stock on my websites because Bruno need treats and the baby need

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#hoeready #naturalbodybuilding #classicbodybuilding #personaltrainer #pumpchasers

It's funny so many people got butthurt of over this. Anybody that knows me...knows that I love to laugh, talk shit and have some fun..if you are that damn sensitive just fuck off and watch someone else..because I will "never apologize" for having fun. Lighten up people... but forreal tho..if you ever wanna criticize gotta be "qualified" have to be someone that has made it out here in this tough world, someone I can learn from, someone that I can look upto to....or else I ain't taking u serious. That's how the real world works.

@tjhelfrich doing a natty show this weekend in the mens physique class. Flat as a fucking pancake right now just wait until he get some carbs in him and get a good pump backstage. Hes prepping himself and doing a good job.

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