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💫 Christina Luna 🌙  @nbctitangames Season 1 Mother of Gremlins 🦄🐼 Registered Dental Hygienist 😁 🇺🇸 AIR NATIONAL GUARD #mombod💪🏼#supermom🏋🏼‍♀️

There is no success without failure, and I fail a lot — damn you hang snatches. Thanks for the push today @shannon5221 .
Heavy single hang snatch
10 min AMRAP
6 cal row
6 shoulder to overhead @ 75#
6 box jumps
6 pull-ups
Alternating partners
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A little @nbctitangames flashback. @therock wasn’t messing around when he made up these challenges and Mt. Olympus was a challenge I’ll never forget. .
The bruises were from elbowing the wall to climb to the top, and probably from falling all over those barrels. To be honest, I didn’t think I would make it past one barrel and I got through all 6 💃🏼 .
Another fun fact is I couldn’t even jump over a 7ft wall before going, and I mastered everyone of those walls coming down.
While I didn’t conquer Mt Olympus, I did conquer something I thought I couldn’t do.
#titangames #mtolympus #bruise #ouch #crazy #saturdaze #conquer #progress #therock

That’s all I want to do the rest of the day in my cozy home in the mountains 🏔 #metime #selfcare #teatime #relax
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Before @nbctitangames, I cut weight as much as I could. I mean I was going on national television for goodness sakes!!! After that, I settled into the holidays, spending time with loved ones, and not restricting myself. I’ve maintained decently well with @rpstrength but here is a year comparison.
On the left, Jan 17, 2018: 154.2lbs
On the right, Jan 18, 2019: 152.1
And this was with gaining a few pounds recently!! My relationship with food is so much healthier, and the balance with it all has made me happier and more confident in my body.
I am soooo excited for what the next 3 months is going to bring with the @rpstrength cut!! I should have flexed to show these gunzzzz 😝

#rpstrength #titangames #mombod #absish #transformation #flashbackfriday #progress #lunatics #macrocounting #macrotiming

I get asked pretty often if I love my career. And I get so excited to tell them my absolute love for what I do.

It seems to be rare these days for someone to truly love what they do. I feel fortunate that I have found something that I am passionate about and that I truly enjoy.

As a #dentalhyienist I am able to treat and diagnose #periodontaldisease and #gingivitis, but I also get to do treat the patients with no disease process. Some of my patients I see twice a year, while others I am able to see up to 4 times a year! I establish such an amazing bond with them through their oral health, overall health, and their personal lives.

Every greeting starts with a smile, and I am able to help people feel confident and happy with theirs. 🦷♥️🦷 *peep that C Shape floss technique 💃🏼* #dentallove #rdh #dentalhygiene #dentalhygienist #rdhstrong #periodontaldisease #dental #oralhealth #cleaningteeth #teeth #toothlife #smile #healthysmiles

I wasn’t going to do the #10yearchallenge but then I remembered I was pregnant with my oldest daughter at this time 10 years ago! 😳 #motivation #10yearchallenge #mom #mombod #fitmom #dedication #rpstength

I never knew what it felt like to put myself out there. To expose everything about who I am on a platform to be broadcasted for the world. It’s amazing to me that even though I lost (twice) that I still manage to spark an ounce of inspiration in people.

You see, if I have ever been an inspiration to someone, it was through interaction with them on a small, personal scale. Competing in the @nbctitangames changed all that.

Now I have the opportunity to show the world that you can literally do anything you put your mind to. I can relate to the majority because I am pulling the same 8-5 shift you are. I can relate to my brothers and sisters in arms as an active duty @usairforce veteran and a current @airnationalguardrecruiting (Air National Guardsman) because I’m there with you in uniform. I can relate to you as a parent, a single parent, a mom because I’ve been juggling that life since 2009. I can relate to you by becoming overweight and thinking you can never reach your goals. I can relate to you when you say you don’t have time, because most days, I don’t either. I understand things get tough and you don’t think you can. Guess what—YOU CAN!
I fought hard on Lunar Impact and I gave all I had left on Mount Olympus, and while I didn’t come home one of @therock Titan Team, I am coming home with a fire lit under my ass to push harder, and go longer. Because Titans aren’t born, they’re made.
#titangames #rdh #mom #ang #coang

#RepostPlus @therock
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A closer look at @beastingthebeauty. Like so many mamas out there, it’s family first and nothing is gonna stop her. Tune in tomorrow night to @nbctitangames to see her spectacular performance. DONT MISS IT, it’s historic.
@8PM on @NBC.

The girls and I got a tour of @koaa_5 tonight. Such a great studio and a fun group of people. Thanks for having us! #titangames

Pulling through the week like, is it Thursday yet? @nbctitangames @therock @sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod @nbc #titangames

It’s official. I will be competing this Thursday, Jan 10 on @nbc #titangames @nbctitangames @therock @sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod

I wasn’t a fitness success story. My journey has taken years. And it isn’t over.

In fact, before joining the military in 2007, I never worked out. Most of my extra curricular activities included being co-editor of my school newspaper, yearbook staff, student government Vice President, and so on (you get the point). Even being in the military, I wasn’t necessarily “fit.” Sure, I could run 1.5miles and do some sit-ups and pushups, but I wasn’t where I am today.

Before we get to today, there were so many ups and downs. I gained nearly 80lbs with my first pregnancy in 2008 (born 2009). Luckily, I dropped most of that weight within 6 months so I could pass my military physical training test. But wouldn’t you know, I would do the same damn thing again. I had my second daughter in 2011 and had to get healthy all over again. I thought for sure I wouldn’t make the same mistakes, but I did.

Through the years, I was married, and then divorced, leaving me to take care of my two young daughters while working two jobs, and going to school. Was fitness always a priority? Hell no. SURVIVING was my priority.
Now after finishing my education, working as a dental hygienist and having a stable part time job in the Air National Guard, I can make fitness one of my priorities. My daughters will always come first, but making sure I’m healthy and happy makes me a better mother.

I know it’s hard. I know you are tired. I was too, and most days still am. But you can do it. One day at a time. Whatever your goal is. Whether it’s an educational goal, fitness goal, life goal, etc. It might take years, but the time will pass anyway. And I am cheering for you.
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