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Beards With Stories  Every beard has a story.

“I was like 16 and I wanted to feel more manly…I had nothing and [then when] I was 25 I finally had a real beard and I thought, ‘yeah, I’m gonna keep this one.’” #beardswithstories

“I decided to grow my beard because it’s a manly thing to do, you know? It looks good. Women love it, you know? But, no shave November all year long.” #beardswithstories

“We were traveling to Greece so [I] decided not to shave. I just decided to wear it because it’s quite nice. I think that it’s great.” #beardswithstories

“I started growing my beard out in 2009 or 10 at my wife’s request and at the time I think I had short hair and I started growing both beard and hair out long. It was mainly my wife’s doing but I started to enjoy it more and more. Now, I’m sort of tired of it so I feel like sometimes I want to shave it off but I’ll probably give it a few more months.” [This interview was conducted in August of 2015].

“Because they told me I had to shave for so many years so I just got tired of it. I did that for 16 years and I got tired of it.” [He worked at an ice cream plant.] #beardswithstories

“I had it all my life. Got out of the service and quit getting haircuts and shaving.”

“[M]y face would break out in my 20s when I shaved. So I grew it out so I didn’t get razor burn. Now my family won’t let me shave.”

“The original reason I grew a beard was two of my friends and I made a beard pact and we weren’t allowed to trim any of our facial hair until we—we all set different goals—so we weren’t allowed to trim it until we accomplished those goals. My goal was to travel to Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand. And I accomplished it. AND I ended up keeping the beard to keep my face warm.”

“I’ve had a beard probably since I was 18. I don’t know, it’s just a beard thing, a guy thing. Beards and cigars.”

“I really got sick of shaving. I’ve been clean shaven since I started growing peach fuzz and I just decided it was time to see how far I could grow it. I had to shave it for work and then I ended up moving so I lost the job. Then I grew it back out and I haven't shaved it since.”

“I grew my beard because I think it’s manly. And I love the Viking time period and Scandinavian countries, so this is my reason.”

“Two months ago I got married and I will grow my beard until my one year anniversary.”

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