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BeardedBrothersFitness  Five brothers with a close bond who share an interest in fitness! Follow us on our journey! Saad-28 Fahad-25 Khalid-23 Manny-22 and Yousef-20.

Fahad has been working on his core and gaining strength for his lower back. Next week he will start doing standing military press. This week he managed to hit 315 pounds on seated military for 4 reps! The goal is to hit 315 on standing military press. @brandon_allen88 @irregular_strength @c.t.ali.fletcher

Saad working on some Incline seal rows. These are a great way to increase your bench and get your back stronger. Your back plays a key role in a bigger bench. Bigger base makes for a stronger bench.

New PR alert!!! Fahad hit 515 pounds today on bench press! Working with 3 sets of 5 has helped Fahad build a better base. He will attempt 525 or 535 in a month.

Our gym dumbbells only go up to 100 pounds. So Fahad likes to see how many reps he can get. Today he hit a new PR with 25 reps!!!

As brothers we have pushed each other everyday, which has given us the confidence to push ourselves to new heights. It’s important to walk into the gym with confidence and go beyond your comfort zone. Never doubt yourself and always keep pushing 💪🏼

Had a Great time meeting @_bigrobdidit and @mikerashid .

With the help of Saad, Fahad has developed a new routine and he’s loving it. He hit a new AMRAP at 455 pounds for 4 reps!!!

Glad we got to see the legend himself @brandon_allen88 at the Fit Expo!

Had a blast at the Fit Expo in Anaheim! Saad and Fahad got to meet Jim Stoppani. Who else had a chance to be at the Expo this past weekend? @jymsupps @jimstoppani

PR 🚨🚨 Yousef got 245 lbs for 6 reps on seated military press!! He was working with 3 sets of 5 with 225 but was feeling really good so he decided to do an AMRAP with 245. Missed the rack at the end because he couldn't reach lol. He will be attempting 295 again very soon.

Working on some chest today. Saad and Fahad had a little competition today repping 405 pounds on flat bench. We did not record Saad. But it pushed Fahad to hit a new PR of 405x8!!!

Saad is back in town so you know we all had to kill chest together! All the bros together again at the gym except Khalid because he had work. Excited to have Saad with us again. It’s going to be fun!

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