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BeardedBrothersFitness  Five brothers with a close bond who share an interest in fitness! Follow us on our journey! Saad-27 Fahad-24 Khalid-22 Manny-21 and Yousef-19.

Yousef and Manny have been working on some rack pulls to help with locking out deadlifts. Went heavy and at the top set Yousef was able to hit 675 pounds for a single and Manny was able to hit 545 pounds for 2! These will increase our deadlift. So new PRs will be coming soon!

NEW REP PR!! 🚨 Manny has been working on his deadlifts lately. He decided to see how many times he can rep 405 pounds and he was able to get 6! Trying to man handle this weight and make it feel lighter and lighter.

Yousef working on some heavy rack pulls. Trying to get his deadlifts up. At his top set he was able to do 585 pounds for 1 rep! Before he worked up to that he did singles with 545 pounds. These are a great workout to throw in if you are having trouble gaining on deadlifts.

Saad has been killing it. Working on some chest the other day he made 405 look like it was lightweight! He was able to rep it for 5 reps on flat bench!

Manny working on a nice superset to get the arms warmed up! Starting with some dumbbell skull crushers then straight to two different variations of bicep curls. These are a great way to start an arm day and get the blood flowing!

Nothing like the pump you get after chest day! What’s your favorite pump after a workout?

Saad working on some deficit deadlifts. At his top set he was able to smash 585 pounds on a 2 inch deficit!!

Yousef hasn't been doing deadlifts much the past 2 months because his lower back was bothering him. He changed up his form and is feeling better then ever. Yousef got 485 for a single.This is the first time he went over 455 in 2 months!

NEW PR ALERT!! Saad has been putting in work on his legs. At his top set he was able to hit a PR with 455 on squat! He also hit a 405 squat for a quick rep before going heavier. He has been working on box squats to help with his explosion and it's paying off. With @dahhomyaj

We hope everyone had a great time this holiday season! We know we did. We got to feast these last couple of days! Fahad actually had put on 5 pounds. Thanks mom lol.

How everyone is about to be after the holidays😂😂

Manny and Yousef working on some standing military press. At our top sets manny was able to hit 185 for one and Yousef was able to hit 205 for 1. Afterwards Manny dropped to 155 for 7 reps and Yousef dropped to 185 for 5 reps. We haven't done these in awhile so we were a bit shaky but next time it's going to be heavier weight and for more reps! This workout is very important in attacking your core as well as your shoulders.

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