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Matt Stanton Beard  Curious about purchasing original artwork? Check the link below. If the painting you're after isn't there, it's probably already sold.


That's right, in a few days I'm packing the family in the van and heading back east for my first ever tour of the East Coast. We'll take one day to drive out there, then spend the next 4 days painting everywhere we can on the entire length of the coast. Shoot, we might even skip across the pond and paint from the distant shores of... Nevada.
Oh, you thought I meant the east coast of the ol USA? No, that will have to wait, I'm still trying to cover the coast of California, and you'd be forgiven for never realizing it sooner, but yes, California does have an east coast. It's called Lake Tahoe, and I couldn't be more stoked to visit this corner of the world.
I'm currently accepting commissions for anyone interested. Just hit me up and start the conversation. I'd be stoked


These could be art patrons perusing a gallery in New York. Or Los Angeles. Or San Francisco. Or anywhere, quite literally. In this case it was parked in the beach lot at Trinidad Head for North Coast Open Studios. My van never looked so sophisticated. Huge thanks to all who braved the weather to drop in and chat. A bunch of you even left with paintings which helped lighten the load on the way home.


Just blocked in a fresh one up here at Trinidad State Beach. Cruise by and get first dibs on the finished piece. I'll be here till 5 for the last day of North Coast Open Studios. Parked right next to Trinidad Head. Big van. Can't miss it.

Plein air, but with a twist.

Traditional plein air work involves working fast to give an impression of the place at a particular time of day. The changing nature of light throughout a day limits the working time for a single session so larger pieces usually involve multiple sessions returning to the same location at the same time on different days.
This Timezone series is a slow cooking experiment in painting larger works in single sessions over a longer period, all day even, while still remaining true to the traditional plein air ethos. Each vertical band represents a different "timezone" painted quickly to reflect the light conditions of that fleeting moment.
This particular piece wasn't in my van during my North Coast Open Studios event today, but it will be tomorrow. Supposed to get pretty windy in the afternoon too. If the van is a rockin'... we'll, it's just the wind. Promise. Nothing but art and good vibes inside.

Yes, it is raining lightly at the moment, but no complaints here. Coffee is on and the view can't be beat. Open Studios game on.

See? I told you it was official. North Coast Open Studios, Trinidad Head beach parking lot, 10-5 today and tomorrow. Rain or shine!

Spent this entire beautiful day at my studio. It was rough. Painted 3 paintings, rode 3 waves, and called it good. These new pieces now represent 3 out of only 4 local originals I have available right now. They might not last long so cruise by and check them out in person (along with roughly 30 other original plein air pieces from all over the California coast) this weekend right here in my van (converted into a well lit and functional mobile gallery) in the parking lot at Trinidad Head as part of this years North Coast Open Studios event. Rain or shine. The van roof doesn't leak, we'll be fine. Plus I'll set up a canopy beside the van and we can cook up some coffee and marvel at nature's many moods. I would be stoked to see you all.

#northcoastopenstudios #seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime

Have gallery, will travel. This fancy graphic thing makes it look super official, but the reality is I'll be hanging out in the parking lot all weekend just hoping someone drops by. Rain or shine, it's always dry inside. Besides, everyone knows the best deals go down in parking lots. It's kind of like I'm doing something creepy and shady here, except it isnt at all. It's just weekend 2 of the official North Coast Open Studios. Wherever my van is parked along the coast, well, there is my studio. And you are all welcome.

Plein Air

The morning before painting this I had done a demo for a friend's high school art class down on the beach below these hills. I felt like I sorta botched that one a bit, (I had higher hopes for it anyway) . He took his students to a Museum in Laguna Beach afterwards and I tagged along. The front room held several pieces from the early California impressionist masters, William Wendt, Edgar Payne, and others. As the class toured on, I stayed put and absorbed those pieces for an hour or so. Leaving there I was fired up to go paint, and had spotted a promising trailhead earlier in the week so I went after it in the fading afternoon light. It was a pretty good workout getting to this vantage point, but once here it was like standing in one of those paintings from 100 years ago. Sure the coast highway has exploded with development, but up the hills in these open spaces, time doesn't seem to have budged.
Sidenote: this original will be on display in my gallery... er, van... this weekend during my North Coast Open Studios event at Trinidad Head. Come check it and chat art while standing in my van. Not creepy or awkward at all. All are welcome. (Maximum occupancy: 3 - but I'll set up a pop-up tent beside the van so you can stay dry and cook up some coffee until there's room in the van... er, gallery.

Mobile Gallery ready to roll up to Trinidad Head this weekend for round 2 of this years North Coast Open Studios event. I figured I should do one of these events from my van somewhere up the coast, since that really is my studio these days.
I'll be setup as close to Trinidad Head as possible, maybe painting from the van or beneath a tarp. Rain sounds likely for Saturday, but I'll be ready for it. Stop by and I'll even brew you up a cup of coffee while you take a stroll through the gallery... er, van.

Sold buckets of prints last weekend, so no more ridiculous print deals for awhile, but I will have all of my available original plein air pieces on display in the van, gallery, whatever...

Underlying Geometries
Not plein air, but quickly painted in a public setting from a blurry overcast bootlegged photo, so not exactly a studio painting either... This was done as a gift for the family that opened their home to me during my recent stay in San Diego. They spend their anniversaries down here every year, and though it isn't technically within my usual range, figured it would be an appropriate gesture nonetheless.

Plein air

Long walk to get here, hot day, no way to get down this cliff and into the water. Not complaining, just stating facts... in a complainey sorta way.
On another topic, Southern California was fun in April/May, caught the tail end of the Bloom and these yellow flowers were seemingly everywhere.

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