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Kelly  Proud Aussie. Supporting my husband in his medical career. Treasuring my tribe of four. Challenging myself in work, travel and study.


Don't touch it-a. Scrolls freshly baked for the lunch boxes this week. Just have to stop the kids from demolishing them.

Have you ever tried playing Jenga with chopsticks? This is a fun one to do with teens and perfect for around-the-coffee-table fun. It’s the sort of game you can play for 10 minutes and engage as a family. Do you have any other ways you Raise the Fun level and mix it up with your favourite @Hasbro games like Twister, Connect Four, Jenga and Operation? Leave ideas in the comments below.
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Read anywhere. Read everywhere.

Perfect rainy day outing: Secondhand Book Fair. Examining the spoils over popcorn.

Fresh hair by @morfreelancehair AND going out on the same day. Necklace from @rubyoliveonline

Long meetings require more coffee and food.

Meeting with coffee and food 👌🏻.

I love this top. It's one of the last things my mum bought for me 12 years ago -- before she became too sick. She spotted it while she was overseas and knew I would love it, embroidered red flower and all. She was like that: always keeping her children in mind, no matter where she was. I don't wear it often. When I do, people ask me if it's new. It's 12 years not-new...I enjoy wearing it a few times a year; it's a piece I want -- I need -- to last the distance.

Catching up with my sisters on my birthday: best.
Just missing @flutterbon

Pupil free day AND my birthday. Having some adventures with these ones.

Kids loved it last time I made a focaccia loaf so made it again for lunches tomorrow.

This is the best way I've found to send sunscreen with my kids to school. Save a little screw on lid jar (that eye cream/concealer/moisturiser comes in) and fill with sunscreen. Easy and small to throw in bag when needed and it doesn't leak. Plus so much cheaper to fill from a big bottle then to buy small individual tubes.

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