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Kelly  Proud Aussie. Supporting my husband in his medical career. Treasuring my tribe of four. Challenging myself in work, travel and study.

Just arrived in Jerusalem. Our wonderful guide @yishay will take us through some significant places in this ancient city. @vibeisrael @jerusalemtours @dattravel

Two observations: 1. Sharing food is central eating in Israel. 2. Food is an experience.
Look these beautiful deserts we shared! They each had interesting hidden components. Even my tea was an experienced; served in a small box, it was fun to open it and brew the tea. Bed for me now. Huge day tomorrow (I get to visit Jerusalem!). @vibeisrael @kitchenmarket

This is happiness on a plate.

Gnocchi / Forrest Mushrooms / Shimeji with Parmesan and white truffle oil.
@shazzypeacock you would love this. @vibeisrael @kitchenmarket

This a cracker (served in a rock). @kitchenmarket @vibeisrael

It's dinner time here in Tel Aviv. My body clock is crazy off but this food is helping. So good. This is Buffalo Mozzarella / Tomato / Labane / Basil.
@kitchenmarket @vibeisrael

I love to get a feel of a new city by wandering around. Spent a few hours walking around Tel Aviv this afternoon. The city has a relaxed and hip vibe.
I walked past people laughing over a meal with views of the ocean.

Two youths gleefully played a game of tag on the sand. Reminded me of my son.
I smiled at the group of silver-crowned men playing a card game on a picnic bench.

Friends danced to music by the sea.

Humans of all ages cycled around, getting from here to there.
Short responses, quick nods, a quite confidence: there's a no-nonsense way here that I like.

A father held his son under the tap to wash the sand off his feet.

A mama wrested a pram from the car: I got a peek at the sweet baby as a walked by.

People stroll along the boardwalk and I can't help but wonder about their hopes and dreams.
Scents waft through the cafe doors, like beckoning hands, luring me in with heady coffee and sweet bread.
Hello Tel Aviv.

@vibeisrael #vibemommies #telaviv

Current situation: laying on the beach and reading a book. Tomorrow I start the tour with @vibeisrael and I'm staying at @portandbluetlv. When this opportunity came up (after a recommendation from the lovely @theimperfectmum & @thedevriesfamily) I applied to be part of it. After finding out more about the heart of Vibe Israel do and chatting via Skype, I was even more keen. You see, this isn't a tourism trip. It's about people. It's about mothers. It's about creating family time, the juggle of fostering innovation opportunities amongst parenting, amazing food that brings people together, developing interesting spaces for children to explore and celebrating the creativity of interesting women. I've become passionate about connecting with women and mothers around the world and what a privilege it is to be here to do just that.

After a very long trip, arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel. Staying awake. Walking around and enjoying the city. I will sleep well tonight, I'll tell you.

Landed in Istanbul on route to Israel. It's breakfast time here and ice cream is on the menu.

Have you heard of @kinderlingradio? I've only just discovered it and it's awesome! Essentially, Kinderling Kids Radio is a free music service that is cleverly tailored for Australian family routines for children under six. For example, during the morning, the music is fun and uplifting, and in the afternoon when children are weary, the music becomes calm and soothing. From 7.30pm there are guided relaxation techniques for kids and then lullabies and ambient music to help children fall asleep. Download the free app, listen online at or connect via digital radio under 'kids' and 'kinderling'. #spon

You know that packing stage where you know you have packed well but still just stuff in al these in-case-items-you prob-won't-need at the last minute? That's where I am at. Step away from the suitcase Kelly. I'm off to the airport and making my way (eventually) to Israel. Now that I've done all the prep work and done everything I can to assist a smooth running at home, I can take a deep breath and chill. Wearing uber comfy pants & shoes from @frenchconnection_au, top from @targetaus, scarf from my trip to India. #everydaystyle

I'm packing today. I find it helpful to lay things out so I can see what I have, what goes with what. I'm excited because I'm off to Israel this week with @vibeisrael. I'll be checking out the parenting scene in Israel, chatting to other mums, telling stories and exploring the region. I'm so excited I can't even deal. I'm also feeling the pressure right now, trying to organise everything/everyone at home. Far out, organising home life is an epic job! I've packed some of my favourites from @jag_aus Awesome skinny ELASTIC WAIST jeans!!! @frenchconnection_au dress @zara shoes @champagnecartel tee @rubyoliveonline necklace @norwexanz face cloth @metalicusaustralia long cardi @kathmandugear jacket (not shown) @namemystuff Contigo drink bottle @targetaus jumper. You can't have too many stripes.

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