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Kelly  Proud Aussie. Supporting my husband in his medical career. Treasuring my tribe of four. Challenging myself in work, travel and study.

Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv.

I enjoyed the walking the streets of Tel Aviv with Tamar and Efrat from a company called PlayPlus. These mothers and business owners (with 7 kids between them) are founders of an education based play space creation business. The heart of these spaces is to spark a hunger to learn in children. They do this through clever stations that are designed to engage every age, from toddlers to parents, because Tamar and Efrat believe strongly in the gift of learning and sharing special moments as a family. It's exciting for me because they are in the planning stages of their next project that won't be an indoor space this time; the challenge is to bring to life a 400 metre stretch of Tel Aviv in Rothschild Boulevard where Israel's Declaration of Independence was signed and the State of Israel was born in 1948. What is particularly fascinating about this part of history and stretch of road is it holds the ingredients for creating a community; not only a community, but a nation. A place to live life that is full of life; a place to forge ahead; a place to create a future for upcoming generations. These are longings for everyone and you can see the beginnings of this drive for significance in the streets of Tel Aviv. The challenge now for Tamar and Efrat is to make it real and fun for families. I appreciated hearing their ideas and being part of the brainstorming. The desire to have fun spaces in Israel for families to learn together is why Tamar and Efrat founded PlayPlus. Almost a decade later and they continue to give the gift to families that keeps on giving: knowledge. Exploring Israel and enjoying the food has been amazing, but it's meeting people that has enriched me so much @vibeisrael

Going with the windswept-by-the-sea look.

Enjoyed a walk down Dor beach. The sea always calms me.

Couldn't resist. I think you can safely say that I embraced my inner child today @tal_tenne_czaczkes. Photo by @shanicario

My finished 'mirror of happiness' . I love it. Can't wait to show the kids. I'll share a step by step tutorial in a blog post when I get back to Australia. Such a fun project. Photograph by the amazing @shanicario @vibeisrael

Found a kindred spirit in @tal_tenne_czaczkes. Thanks for sharing your joy. Sometimes you meet people and skip all the middle ground and become firm friends. @vibeisrael

Okay, how cool is this!!!! I had fun making a smaller version. @shanicario (our gorgeous photographer) said, "Kelly , you are so quiet!" It was because I was immersed in memories of my childhood and fully engaged in searching through the piles of toys. Tal @tal_tenne_czaczkes (artist, designer and mother of four), shared with me how her children had taught her how to live with happiness and joy. By choosing to adopt a childlike view she learned to forgive easily, dare bravely, think outside the box, celebrate mistakes, notice the little things and find joy in unlikely places. As a mum, I resonated strongly because children teach you so much about what is important in life. When I get home again, I'll share deeper about Tal's (name means morning dew) point of view and tips on how to create your own 'mirror of happiness' (it's easy but there is a process Tal taught me). @vibeisrael

If I was at home, this sight may fill me with dread! A huge pile of broken, old, random toys. But it was so satisfying to tip out boxes and boxes of toys all over the floor, rummage around and find pieces for art. @tal_tenne_czaczkes @vibeisrael

Tapping into my inner child with @tal_tenne_czaczkes@vibeisrael

Love this idea from the Hermoni's house where I shared Shabbat: Turn an empty coffee pod into a cute pot magnet. These little touches reminded me of home. As I sat on the sofa chatting away with a piece of cake on my lap, I had a longing for my ones...because in the Hermoni home I was reminded just how special family is. @vibeisrael

Stunning tapestry.
Hand woven by Farida.

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