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Farida in her element. She just shines joy. @vibeisrael

This is Farida. I love her. When you can't speak the language, you take particular note of the person's tone and body language. Farida made it easy with her expressive face and wonderful hands. Those hands of hers make incredible woven tapestries that are sold to galleries and synagogues around the world. She buys the finest wool from France, dyes it herself and weaves by hand. Some of her pieces can cost up to $10,000 (au) and take almost a year to create. She told stories about the love she has for her family, her passion for her artistic work and the importance of being a woman who makes strong choices. @vibeisrael

You had me at tea. @vibeisrael

Nurah taught me some traditional Druze cooking and many of the dishes are surprisingly simple (and absolutely delicious). I'm going to recreate these stuffed cabbages when I get home and I'll share the recipe with you. I think my kids will love them. @vibeisrael

My third day in Israel took me to North region of Israel to a Druze village in Daliyat el-Carmel. This is where I met these powerhouse sisters. Nurah is in the foreground and Farida is at the back. I want to tell you about Nurah. She's an amazing cook. So amazing she has been asked to create the menu for a prestigious restaurant and has large groups visiting her kitchen from far and wide. This path she is on, as a business woman, wasn't a chosen one, but one that came to her. As she put it: you have to roll with it. A well known chef in Israel met her and believed her food should be shared with many, and so he bought a big group to her kitchen and after feeding them, he gathered money and gave it to her and said, "Right, that is the start of your business." The moment I took this picture, Nurah was explaining that she told her mother about this opportunity and she gave her blessing. Soon after this, her mother died but the bittersweet smile speaks of Nurah's gratefulness for the blessing and her sprit onward. @vibeisrael


View to The Western (Wailing) Wall, a place of pilgrimage and prayer. The wall is thousands of years old and the stones were carved to fit perfectly without the need for mortar. @vibeisrael

Buildings in Jerusalem are made from Jerusalem stone (pale limestone, dolomite and dolomitic limestone) which gives the city that unique golden glow. The current law in Jerusalem requires buildings to be covered in this stone, preserving the look and feel of the city...marrying the ancient and the new. @vibeisrael

My sister @flutterbon told me to try the pomegranate juice in Jerusalem. A youth squeezed it in front of me and the burgundy liquid didn't disappoint. @vibeisrael

It's going to take me a while to process the intricacies of Jerusalem. What an incredible city. I didn't expect it to challenge me intellectually so much. It's hard to explain, but I feel a deep need to sort out the jungle - or in Hebrew I might say 'balagan' which means a (good) mess - of information weaving through my head. When I say a need, I mean I feel a strong sense that grappling with what I saw, felt and learned today, will be significant to my person somehow. I expected to be fascinated by the ancient stones and meaningful places, but I didn't expect this layered city to leave me with such a hunger. This image is a line to represent the thousands of intersecting threads in my mind right now. @vibeisrael @yishay

Lynn from @bluntmoms asked me what my favourite part of the day was. The first thing that popped in my mind was lunch at little place in the Iraqi market called Azora. The food here is seriously incredible and I look forward to every meal. Over lunch I chatted to @yishay about being a dad and the challenges parents face in Jerusalem. There is a beautiful complexity to Jerusalem I didn't anticipate. Yishay explained the intricate layers of society can bring certain challenges to parenting, and yet those same elements produce an openness in his children - flexibility, resilience, and depth of thought. It's something I've noticed about the people here: they have a knack for turning challenges into assets. It made me think. Chats over good food can do that. @vibeisrael

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