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Kerri Verna  Head of Creator Strategy for Playbook App🤳🏻 ⠀ Helping others be the best they can be!💕 ⠀ Quick #Core, #Yoga & #Handstand training🙃 👇🏻New 🔗

Whoa 😮.... talk about ball of energy⚡️! Holy smokes!! ⠀
#amazing #backhandspring
#Repost @circusaroundtheworld
How many handsprings does this 5 year old do? Can you count?@yushan_airtracks
#circuseverydamnday #circus #cirque #handstand #acrobatics

💥The body is truly amazing. At 44, I can’t believe I can do this stuff.💥I was never a gymnast or dancer or even tried to handstand until the age of 37. With doctor diagnosis’ of #fibromyalgia, #carpaltunnel, and #herniateddiscs, I pretty much thought I’d NEVER do things like this.

Depression gripped me, and I’d all but given up until one day I thought “what if I just tried?”

Here I am a new creation. Never give up on yourself or your dream of a better life (physical, mental or emotional). We can do amazing things that we don’t even know are possible.

So, when do you want to start believing in the IMpossible?

If I can change, anyone can.🙏🏻

PS: I’ve been obsessed with the #PuppyPress 🐶 handstand lately. Should I do a tutorial on it?
⠀ 👉🏻
Full Yoga, Core & Handstand Programs on my Playbook App!👈🏻
Link in bio. ⠀ #youcan #changeispossible #yogi #handstandpractice #puppypresshandstand #questforthepress #handstandclinic

Currently elevating my shin, so that I don’t get a major bruise. I was horsing around this morning while my husband was working on a project 🔨 for me in my office. The incident may or may not have had something to do with #handstanding next to my dining room table, and I may or may not have miscalculated how close the chair was to my #shinbone when coming down.🙄🙈

It WASN’T for “the gram” ... #thankGod (because that would be embarrassing)! I just mess around the house like this all the time.🤣🤸‍♀️

Can someone PLEASE tell me why hitting your shin bone makes you feel so sick to your stomach🤢?!? It’s the most excruciating pain ever!! Or maybe it’s just me? I do have a very low threshold for pain but .... daaaaang!

If you need me, I’m here for the rest of the day.🤣 #Netflix here I come😁. Any good shows you recommend?

PS: Feel free to share your #bruise #remedies because this ones is going to be a beaut!💁🏼‍♀️💕🙌🏻🙈🙄

When you just want to practice yoga but your dog has other plans.😂🐶

Can you relate? #dogmomproblems

I love to play this little game... How many muscles can you train with one drill? Bonus points if the feet are included. This one was fun and actually left my tibialis sore and arms sore. I should have added a twist for the obliques ... next time😉.

Should I add this in my Playbook Circuit workout? There is a bit of a learning curve ... I’m not that coordinated and I kept dropping the ball. Lol ⠀
10 lbs Medicine Ball

#Circuittraining #medicineball #yogi #mobility #functionalmovement #thismyyoga

Medicine ball Yoga workout anyone? 😁 I had so much fun filming this circuit this morning for my Playbook App! This workout had me sweating 😅 like crazy! Loved it so much!

I am creating 20 min workout circuits that will help you with strength, cardio, flexibility, and agility! Sound fun? ⠀
Should I make it an Instagram challenge too?🤔

#functionalmovement #medicineball #mobilitytraining

YES! #nailedit 👏🏻 Watch until the end!! It may look funny, but I love this drill to test hip mobility and foot awareness! Try it! It’s much harder than you might think! I was going to just do the first part, but I decided to try and go for the entire rollover as well, and I did it! ⠀
Can you do this? 👟👟

TAG a friend and challenge them to some #fancyfootwork & #hipmobility work! Inspired by 🙌🏻 #healthyhipshappylife

HOW TO work your #psoas muscle, your brain, and brush your teeth at the same time.😆 Try using your left hand (if you are right handed) and you’ll really work your 🧠 !

Did you go try this yet? Can you do it?

You’re welcome.😁

#dontneglectyourpsoas #corestrength #functionalrange #brainbalance


Want to know how to activate the deep TVA & pelvic floor when jumping with two feet into #handstand like this? 🙋🏼‍♀️

1. Grab a block ◻️
2. Put in between your legs🦵
3. Squeeze 😖
4. Jump 😱 (with both feet😉)

You’ll be amazed at how you can #float those hips forward. Have the wall behind you for the #fearfactor 👊🏻 Tag me in your attempts and TAG a friend who would love this advice!
⠀ 👉🏻👉🏻For my handstand #training program, download my Playbook App👈🏻👈🏻 FREE 7 day trial!🤸‍♀️


Pressing & Floating #handstandclinic Tutorial! 🙃 I had someone in my private Facebook group (for my @handstandtrainer Ebook) ask about pressing into #handstand. She asked if her hamstrings were too tight or her hip flexors too weak. I asked her to try this wall pike and float down.

This drill lets you know if it is your #flexibility or your strength.💪🏻🔥

If you feel this in the #hamstrings, then it’s a good indication that they might be too tight to hold the position. If you feel it in the #hipflexors/#core, then strength is needed. If you feel heavy and can’t find the #float then working on just holding the position and pushing hips back will help strengthen the muscles needed. Spend a good 30 seconds to 1 minute here to build up the strength!

Remember to engage that #TVA (see my last post) and press the ground away! Look between your hands and notice how far back the hips have to be - this is the same position needed to eventually press up!

I have a handstand program on my playbook! For Android users, download my #handstandtrainer Ebook! Link 🔗 in profile.

The deep abdominals or the transverse abdominis (TVA) is a hard muscle to target. A lot of times people focus on the more superficial muscles of the obliques or the rectus abdominis when “activating” their core, but the key to stability, whether it be in a handstand or just daily life, is the TVA.

If you don’t intentionally focus on engaging it, the surrounding muscles can take over, and although you are “strong”, you end up with back pain or you can’t do things like press handstand even though you feel “strong” enough to do it.

This is a very simple exercise laying on your back. Relax your breath and keep your pelvis in neutral. Then, lift and squeeze the pelvic floor (like a kegel exercise) as you draw the navel into the spine. The key is not to move your hips and to think of a girdle pulling you in.

I gave a demo on my live today if you want more info! I also have core training and yoga classes on my Playbook App! Link in my profile.🔗

Tag someone who needs to know this!

#healthyback #spinehealth #tva #transverseabdominis #deepabs #coreworkout

Anyone else feeling like going back to bed? 😆 Happy Friday! 🛌

#iwanttogobacktobed #fridaymood #friyayvibes #fridayquotes

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