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Kerri Verna  Overcoming fibromyalgia & back pain with the Yoga Pro Wheel® & Handstands.🤸‍♀️ Next workshop: New Jersey ⬇️Practice with me


I'm actually very thankful to say goodbye to 42. Although, wonderful filled with blessings, it has been a very long, non-stop, stressful & hard year for me. For 43, I'm going to set the bar a little lower, do less, play more & just try to maintain my sanity.😜🎂
#goals #birthday #grateful #43isjustanumber #ineedmorebeachdays #eleuthera

To all those who say "I could never..." I never thought I was capable of doing something like this. I never thought I'd ever have enough strength or endurance to balance on my hands. I never thought my body's physical pain would ever cease and I never thought I'd ever be able to break free from anxiety and depression to have the courage to even try.
Never say never. Handstands for me represent breaking free of labels and diagnosis' and years of feeling like I shouldn't even try because of low self worth. They represent to me that you are never too old or too anything to try something new. I teach handstand workshops now to ALL levels & ALL ages. I teach people how to break free from fear and take back their courage to try! #handstandsareforeveryone
Tomorrow, I celebrate 43 years around the sun. I know that is just SO old according to everyone on my live broadcasts ... 🙈Oh, well. We all get old someday.😊 #ithinkimyoung #handstandsat43 #ageisjustanumber
Next workshops: NJ & Chicago. Link in bio! beachyogagirl.com

I promised I would share my favorite #summertraining tips so here you go!
I've been spending a lot of time lately at my little gym just finding new ways to move my body and test my mobility (ROM - range of motion). It's one thing to have strength and it's another to have flexibility but being able to have them both at the same time is a key to overall health and wellness ... in my opinion😊.

This drill is hard or at least I think most will find it hard. I work my hip flexors daily both passively stretching and active strengthening so for me this was more a coordination drill than anything else (which is sometimes hard for me). Try it! TAG A FRIEND & tell me what you think!

Things to note:
1. My standing heel is down and I am NOT on my toes. Make sure your heel is flat on the ground. This tests your ankle, knee and hip mobility.
2. Try to isolate the movement to the leg that is moving to the side and keep the foot as flat as possible. Knee will want to roll in so go slowly. Maintain balance. Put hands down if you can't do it just on one foot.
3. This video is sped up 2x so move 1/2 the sped I am. Slow and controlled is key.
4. Add a firefly #titibasana at the end to test your hamstring flexibility. I just so happen to throw it in at the end with no real hamstring warmup. It's amazing how a little glute/hip strengthening drill will (for some) release hamstrings. #coolhamstringhack #pistolsquat
Look fun? Easy? Hard? Let me know!

PS: My NJ master class and handstand workshop has 10 more spots July 8th!
Link in bio!

I've always been reluctant to share publicly my deepest thoughts and emotions here on Instagram out of fear of judgement from the so called "haters" which, really are just people who aren't resolved within themselves but regardless, it's hard to share deeply with strangers things that literally have brought me to my knees and shaped who I am.
Believe it or not, the things I have shared on this account although sometimes very personal, don't even scratch the surface of what has happened to me in my life. Nothing makes me happier than to help others ... nothing. If I can't share what has helped me then what was the point of all the pain I went through? For those reasons, I'm creating several different ways to connect with you to share how I've learned to be an overcomer.

I love to teach so traveling to your cities teaching healing seminars is first on the list but I'd also like to attempt online coaching/mentoring and possibly write a book. I'm not a writer but I was thinking of a 21 day guide to healing where I share what I've learned over the years?

I'm asking for your thoughts, ideas or even just encouragement because it's YOU who I want to connect with. I appreciate all of you who follow and support me.

Please leave me a comment or send me a DM/email and let me know what kind of help you would be interested in (physical, emotional, career, spiritual) and/or if you'd come to a healing seminar or read the book (or both!).😊

Upper thoracic, shoulder and chest mobility stretch. This stretch has been 🔑 to my back and shoulder problems. I thought I would have to give up handstands and backbends last year due to an injury but learning how to safely target the right areas slowly with ease made such a difference.
Wheel: @yogaprowheel use "beachyogagirl" for $10 off.
PS: I am putting together for 2018 healing seminars to help people with chronic pain learn foods to eat & avoid, exercises & stretches to do, and the subconscious effects the mind has on the body. Would you come? Leave me a comment as to what city I should visit first.🙏🏻 #heal #chronicpain

"Everything is going to be OK" ... ummm no, not always. There are somethings that happen to us that no matter how we spin it, no matter how hard we look for the silver lining, it just isn't going to be OK. And, that is OK.

I think nowadays we throw around these slogans and phrases like quick fixes to all our problems. "Everything happens for a reason" or "let it go" or "don't let it get you down", or my favorite piece of unsolicited advice... "don't feel that way", yet I'm pretty sure we all have been through tough times where it didn't end up "OK" and no matter how hard we tried, it just plain sucked. Instead of "turning lemons into lemonade", we simply adapted to the situation and changed. That's all. We learned to find a new way or a new path.

If you are struggling with finding the "silver lining" in whatever situation you may be in, let me just free you up ... Sometimes, it's just not there. It's normal. It's life. Nothing is wrong with you if you can't see the "forest through the trees." You're human. #itisnotalwaysOK

It's a beautiful Saturday! .
On my way to Miami to teach my @yogaprowheel workshop at Miami Life Center! Please remember to bring your YPW. There are a few to purchase at the studio for 40% off if you want to drop in and take the workshop! Link in bio!
#wpb #beach #saturday

"And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings." ~Unknown
#Flashback to the most amazing cloud I've ever seen.🙏🏻☁️ #goodthingsarecoming #trusttheprocess #magic #clouds

Hey guys! This summer I'm going to be sharing my favorite exercises, drills and yoga poses to help keep you motivated! Interested? TAG A FRIEND!
This #Coredrill is on my "do daily" list. It will help you with the straight line for your #handstand, help lengthen your #hamstrings while also working your #core! I'm holding a 15 pound bar to anchor my arms which also helps with #shoulderflexibility! Try to keep lower ribs pulled in and low back on the ground. Bend knees if you need to!
Try it and let me know what you think. TAG someone! Video sped up 2x
Come to a workshop or a class! Summer schedule:
⭐️June 24th in Miami
⭐️July 8th in Rumson NJ
⭐️Aug 26th in Chicago
⭐️Sept 29/30th in Portland

Details and sign up link in my bio! www.beachyogagirl.com

I don't like being the "model" when it comes to photo shoots. I'd rather be behind the lens. I do however love creating beautiful images whether I'm in front or behind the camera. I was asked by @slayedmagazine to be part of their lookbook and magazine article coming out next month. This was one of the images from @linsitaylor. Super fun!
Wearing @responsivetextiles
Posing with the @yogaprowheel 🙃
What do you think?

NEW JERSEY Yogis! I'm teaching in Rumson, NJ in 2 weeks! My master class + Journey to Handstand workshop. July 8th. All levels welcome to attend. #noperfectpeopleallowed - just a few spots left. Please register by clicking the link in my bio. TAG a friend!
#newjersey #handstand #workshops

One of the best things my spiritual mentor tried to teach me was "no" is a complete sentence. "No". Just like that she would say with a smile.😊 She also taught me the art of "ask for what you want but let go of the result". Key phrase being "let go of the result". The letting go part I've gotten use to but man, it's not easy saying no. And... why is it so hard to ask for what you want? It's like I could do almost anything but that. I don't think, at least for me, I will ever get comfortable or like it but it has to happen in order for me to grow. 🌱 #growingpains #goodthingshapppening#changeisgood

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