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Thanks @iamwellandgood for including #drG and @goldfadenmd in this great feature on taming hormonal acne.🙌🏼

Ready for @beautycon tomorrow like.... #rg @randco

"OK, so I know you're supposed to apply this @bondisands Self-Tanning Foam ($24) with a mitt, but I've found that the formula plays nicely with bare hands, gives a natural, nonmuddy tan to fair skin." - @popsugar. #RG @brookestyless #the4thiscoming #bondisands #bondisandsmitt #bronzed #glow #beautyPR #webuildbeautybrands #beachhousepr

FR✌🏼DAY. 💋

@baborusa ampoules... are a mix of hemp oil*, aloe, cactus and panthenol — all ingredients meant to act as an antidote to the elements at a music festival. Plus, the ampoule packaging means they’re portable and perfectly packable.. after a couple of uses my skin was glowing. And completely clear. As in, I used zero concealer, other than on my undereyes, and just a touch of tinted far as effectiveness I give the formula an A+.” @lindysegal @peoplestyle 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Get these #ChillOut amps over at @urbanoutfitters - they are that good!

Stepping right into #Monday #rg @balenciaga

First, check out our stories for more on our new #ecopackaging initiative. What do you think? We truly want to make change — but recognize we are small and need you all on board to amplify and create REAL change! If you’re down to stop the #unboxing, hop off the crazy mailer wagon, and support getting back to the beauty basics, we encourage you to share this asset as a pledge of your commitment to the cause. Influencers, make a public pact to stop doing unboxings. Editors, please support this, too, and brands, just stop with the excessive waste and strain these over-the-top mailers create. Let’s do this and together, REALLY #changethebeautygame cc: @julie_schott @jenatkinhair

PLEASE STOP with the #UNBOXING videos. You are just perpetuating the problem — both with waste and by encouraging brands to continue this behavior. As an agency, we will not support this — we will not send products to influencers who share unboxing content with our brands; it’s just not ok. We are sharing these products with you to touch, feel, and explore how they work for you - we value your opinion and point of view! - not so you can show the world that you got yet another box. Please stop, so we can all hop off the hamster wheel, get back to basics, and have fun! In the meantime... our eco-packaging is almost done (Who wants to see what it looks like? Should I share in Stories??!), and we can’t wait to start sharing it with you. Together, we CAN #changethegame #reducewaste cc: @julie_schott @carlycardellino @jenatkinhair 💋

Did you know that @beachhousepr is not only woman-owned, but powered by all women? 💪🏼 We get the beauty and wellness industry like no other because we legitimately eat, breathe, sleep, and bathe in it; it’s our real passion and thus shines through in our work. I fell in love with beauty when I first discovered my mom’s Revlon Frosted Brownie lipstick 💄 when I was five (seriously aging myself here?? 😉) and have never looked back (anyone else have three Caboodles kits stocked full at the age of 12?😂). Fast forward some years and its essentially been the foundation of my entire 20 year career, and the springboard for launching the agency almost 13 years ago. Today, we have grown to have a dynamic team of women who are as passionate about the industry as I am, who get excited not only to learn, create, inspire, and connect, but to stumble on that must-have lipstick du jour. And that is not only pretty damn cool, but also what makes us authentically unique and 💯 really good at what we do. 🙌🏼#poweredbywomen #whoruntheworld #womenofbeachhouse

Congrats @bondisands on this @cosmopolitan #skinawards!! Best self-tanner in the biz!!

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