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Not much is spicier than kicking off your day with some Dumbbell Cleans...

Thursday Tip!
Life happens. You can't predict every curveball that comes your way. can have control over how you handle what life throws your way.•

Don't let your setbacks define you. Take charge. You've already done the hard work.•

You're better than you were a year ago. So get back up, take the knowledge you already have and use that curveball as your fire to push forward and come back on top 🔥🔥🔥

Have you been thinking about how you are going to kick start getting back in shape since you made the New Year's Resolution back in January? (Don't worry, you're not alone!) Well on May 12th we are bringing you the perfect solution.... Beach Fit Boot Camp (this one is all indoors) •

So, what is this Boot Camp and why is it my perfect solution? •

The Boot Camp is a 6 week long journey that results in a life transformation. •

It is a program that we have​ designed to help with all areas of living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. We give weekly nutritional tips to help you build healthy habits, have mental exercises to work through self made barriers and also provide an exercise program that will GUARANTEE you results. •

We will be releasing more details on the program as we get closer to our Kick Off Day. • •
If you would like more information or would like to go ahead and reserve your spot, call Alix at 562-340-1257

#itsyoutime #beachfitbootcamp #beachfitness #transformation

That one time @beachbarb and @ae_parden went to @crossfitcostamesa to renew their @crossfit certifications. •

CrossFit is something that we believe in as a gym. The fundamentals that it instills in you for day to day functions is so important as an aid to improving your quality of life. •

Are people nervous about CrossFit? 100%. Shoot we were when we started. •

Want to know what makes a difference?
Good coaching. I can't express how important that is. A coach that cares, fixes your mistakes, teaches, doesn't allow you to do movements or progressions of that will hurt you. •

If you have that, a great community and a drive to improve, you will 100% succeed!

Tee Time coming at you this beautiful Tuesday morning 🏌🏼 @beachfitness and @eldoausa out supporting a great cause today while having some fun out on the golf course!
The annual Congressional Cup at the @long_beach_yacht_club hosting the world's best sailors is kicking off with the Congressional Cup Golf Classic benefiting the Long Beach Sailors Foundation. @beachbryce @kerbeezee @playersshow_carlos and @kennydobbs had a great time!

Just walking into Monday with no worries. Only goals and firedupness! (yes that's a word....check the Beach Fitness dictionary)

Selfcare Sunday Tip:

Take time to relax.
Life gets crazy. Before you know it you're worn down, exhausted and fighting a cold. You blame every germ infested person surrounding you (which could be a factor) but you really need to take care of you. In all ways!

Each week, more than once, you need to take time to breath, enjoy being outside, do yoga, read a book or take a spontaneous trip with your loved ones.

Self care is so important. So, relax this beautiful Sunday!

All the feels for Saturday workouts and sunshine!
So make everyday count!

It was a special Thursday this week.... We had the husband of @cirellabella1 join us while he is home seeing his sweet family. He is currently on a deployment, but was able to have 2 weeks home. .
Thank you so much for your service Eugene and thank you for joining us today!

Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to "D"! •

If you want to see a hard worker, look no further. @dianadhill brings the heat every single time she steps into the gym! •

BUT....that's not all! She even makes sure to do her tabatas whenever she has to travel for work, which is quite often. •

She has an infectious attitude and everyone, including myself, feeds off of her energy! •

Love ya D!

Meet Mark Gardiner! He consistently comes to our 8 am Rep-x and Beach Bootcamp every single week. He walks into class about 5 minutes, finds out what he's doing today and gets ready work hard for an hour! .
I love seeing how dedicated he is to his health and fitness. He has made it a priority and boy does it show! .
When I asked him what the biggest change for him has been he said, "Tough question, but overall...confidence and positive attitude. An interesting progression of getting to where I didn't think I could get to and finding that space where I can do some movements and improve on it." .
Picture on left: This year Run Seal Beach with his kids. (15 pound weight loss)
Picture on right: April 2017

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