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Mariah Lucas  Work In Progress, always. Restorative Justice Advocate Forgiveness, Love & Reconciliation Speaking Engagements: mariah.lucaspr@gmail.com


My LAST #facetofacefriday post #preop!!!!! I am so thrilled already with my progress and it gets better every day, but I am so excited to see continued #transformation

Thank you God for this beautiful fairy. She tests my patience, for REAL, especially lately as she finds her personality and is learning how to express herself. But if there's one thing I know for certain, God gave me a friend for life in her. #wcw #womancrush #littlewoman #babygirl #minime #daughter #mygirl #harperfaye #fairyberry #iloveyoufairymuch

This week I am starting my 7 day pre-op diet (tomorrow is the necessary start day but I am starting today). I cannot believe that after 3 whole years of denying the need for this #surgery, that I am just a week away from it. I have all of my protein, my broth, my sugar-free jello (eww, haven't had any yet and not sure if I actually will. I haven't eaten jello in years), and I'm getting my vitamins next week since I don't have to start taking them until I'm on soft foods. I would like to say thank you to @aliceblows @chantellevsg @mclivinit @vsgchelsea @noco_sleeved @sleeve_me_seymour and @taylorgetstiny for having public pages and offering support to all of us just starting our journeys. Their journeys have all been really inspiring. I am only single digits away from a new forever and I am ecstatic! Can't wait to join onederland, squat my 45s without knee pain, and shred muscle while burning fat. #mml #mariahlosing #ml #myjourney #vsg #vsgcommunity #wls #wlscommunityvsg #wlscommunity #drdavis #baylorscottwhite #baylor #dallas #texas #sleeved #fattofit #journey #bariatriccommunity #bariatricsleeve #verticalsleevegastrectomy #verticalsleeve

Oh Chase, the apple didn't fall very far from the tree. He danced his little heart out tonight. #dance #dancer #inhisblood #skill #moves #whipandnaenae #souljaboy #stankyleg #fresh #stunna #prettyboy #fashion #pinkshirt #salmon actually. #teal #pants #tie #fohawk #fohawkfade #cutie

Heading to our very first #motherandson #dance. He also picked out my ENTIRE outfit. Pictures to come!

Over 6 years of love. We started off in an 18 ft toy hauler trailer. We each came with baggage. We got married and now 6 years later we are still hoping to one day enjoy a honeymoon of our own. He has always put everyone before himself, and is usually the first to sacrifice to ensure our family has stability. He stayed by my side when I was on life support, through pregnancies, surgeries, and hormonal outbursts. 6 years ago today he asked me to be his Valentine, and proceeded to ask me to be his wife. He is the first man who has ever proved his love by actions: showing constant, unwavering love and support - unconditionally. I grew up needed singing and dancing to mentally survive and this would be the opportunity of a lifetime. It's been 6 years and we haven't been able to spend a weekend together, alone, on vacation. #thiscouldbeuscontest could be our chance

Took these babies of @_elisedawn last Valentine's day and so happy to see she's using them to celebrate the day! Send her some love! #valentinesday #sexy #lingerie #lingeriemodel #chocolate #curvy #curvymodel #instagrammodel #ig #model #boudoir #photography #art #sexy #sexyart #bodypositive #curvywomen

Probably the last year either of us will fit these, so matching Valentine's day leggings for the win!

This used to be a SHIRT on me. And now, practically a dress!! #weightloss #transformation #change #progress #fat #losingweight #dress #workout

I get asked all the time, "how could you help the man who killed your mother?". The answer is really simple. I could hate him like everyone else in my family, and allow that hate to Foster resentment, bitterness, and a cold world (all of which would only directly impact my own happiness). Or, I could choose to forgive and be free of that pain and suffering. I chose the latter. Here's why. Since his release he has accomplished so much. He is helping youth who have endured the same gross examples of inhumane treatment, he has served others, healed others, and NOW he gets to devote his life to continuously giving selflessly to those who are in need. He has the power to change lives. Yes, this work can never bring back my mother. But this work CAN prevent other people from being killed because now there is help to those lost souls, the same lost soul Jason used to be. Now he is living light and I am so proud of him for all he has become. #restored #healed #forgiven #loved #service #restorativejustice

Vulnerable #transformationtuesday post. The top photos were taken July 1, 2014 after having been diagnosed with #PCOS. I THOUGHT I could battle this disease alone with diet and exercise, which is why I took these photos. I've had some ups and downs along the way. I have tried every diet, shake, meal plan, veganism, and even medication for help to balance out my hormones and nothing has helped. I hated myself. I hated the way I looked, I hated the way I felt. I killed myself in the gym for 2-4 hours a day Monday-Saturday and NOTHING worked. Sure I got some nice arms, legs, and butt and fluxuated in my core, but nothing ever stood. Flash forward 3.5 years. Bottom two I just took after enjoying a sandwich with my kids. I still workout and lift weight 5 days a week, and I eat great, but I'm also in a better mental space than I have ever been. I don't LOVE the way I look, but I understand now that it is more than I can control on my own. I am not ashamed of needing #wls to move beyond my own powers. I am proud that I can acknowledge where I am at and my own physical capabilities. This is not the easy way out, it is not a shortcut, and it sure as hell won't easy, but I know I'm worth it. Next month I will be joining the #sleeved team and I am so excited!

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