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Johnathon Cobb 

Sometimes the smallest thing can turn an okay day in to the best day.

All of my girls watching sing.

Welcome to my theater.

It's not camp n drag but it'll do.

This kid cracks me up lol
That face.

She has repeatedly asked to ride in dadas "blue truck" when asked. No problemo.

Our daughter may, or may not have tried to eat crayons last night. Only a little bit, if she did that is.
Scary when you hear her randomly say "eatin" from the back seat when all she had access to is crayons. Lol

On this day 8 years ago I finally managed to get this hottie to date me. After a first date where she shows up in a VW thing to eat horrible Chinese food with me. A second date playing pool with friends. I finally talked her into taking a break from school work to come to the lake with me so my dad could violently throw her off of the tube behind the boat and watch super troopers.( this is the only known pic to exist) Shortly after we took a spur of the moment 1500 mile road trip in a camper along the coast with our fur kids. I had never even taken a full week vacation before. But she made it worth it. And still does to this day. That's when I gained my best friend, now my wife, and now the mother of our sweet baby girl. Can't wait to see what more time brings, I'm sure tons more adventure.
I hate your face

Shoe shopping with dad, got 2 new pairs of kicks.

Ole blue finally got it's first new set of wheels in a long time.

Mmmmm billets and patina

This kid y'all, too much cute.

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