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Ifbb Pro Linda Andrew  RN,BSN, IFBB FIGURE PRO, NPC NATIONAL JUDGE, Personal Trainer, Life Coach, and Mother Www.Facebook.com/bodybylinda Abenaarn@gmail.com


Devote yourself to praise - giving thanks for everything and everyone in your life; to prayer - asking for what you need, believing that you can have it; and to surrender - detaching yourself from a specific outcome. I trust that these activities alone will put your life and your mind on its divine course.#iyanlavanzant

Nothing can happen for you in the outside world until you create the energy to attract it to and through your inside world. Developing a strong inner life can create a better outer life.#iyanlavanzant

@Regrann from @aroundthenpc_jm - AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM 7x #IFBBProfessionalLeague @mrolympiallc @philheath . . . . .
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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! The fradulent, dishonest, low class federation called IFBB Elite Pro! They are using my image to try and confuse YOU the Fans in effort to get you to attend shows that I am clearly NOT AFFILIATED WITH!!! This is quite pathetic on their part as I am an IFBB PRO LEAGUE ATHLETE WHO COMPETES FOR THE HIGHEST AWARD IN BODYBUILDING THE MR OLYMPIA! You can tell how desperate they must be to try and swindle you the fans into thinking such garbage but I along with my fellow IFBB PRO LEAGUE Competitors, Judges, Promoters and other affiliates will continue to bring out the truth and keep bringing forth the greatest events in the WORLD!!! If you wanna be the best then there is no comparison so join the THE NPC and/or our affiliates to earn the highest respected Pro Status in the world, THE IFBB PRO LEAGUE where TRUE CHAMPIONS ARE MADE AND EARN YOUR PLACE AMONGST OUR INDUSTRY's GREATEST ATHLETES! #PhilHeath #7xMrOlympia #IFBBProLeague #NPC #WeAreTheBest #NeverSettleForACheapImitation #DontBeFooledByAKnockoff

Your purpose gave birth to you. It has molded and shaped who you are and what you do. Your purpose is the reason you live and breathe. Your purpose guides your heart, hands, and head. It is alive in you. It is there, within, that you must seek to know it and live it.#iyanlavanzant

Strengthening our inner connection to God strengthens our inner connection to all things. Nothing is separate from anything else; the connective consciousness of life is everywhere.#iyanlavanzant

If you do not get an answer to your prayer right away, hang up and dial again! Perhaps you have not stated the question appropriately. Perhaps you are not clear what the issues are. Perhaps it is simply not time. In that case, you must wait, stay on hold. However, when you truly want to know, your spirit will guide you.#iyanlavanzant

To forgive someone you believe has hurt, harmed, or violated you is no easy feat. However, doing so is a spiritual mandate for your healing, learning, and growth.#iyanlavanzant

Deep within our being is a place of peace, joy and knowing. It is a place called love. We are love from the core of our being. If we can live from our being of love, we can't help but attract more of what we are.#iyanlavanzant

As you look around the world, you probably see many things you would like to change, but don't forget that God works from the inside out. You must first look within yourself to eliminate the fear, the anger, the imbalance in your life. Then and only then can you move forward to create peacefully and powerfully the changes needed in the world.#iyanlavanzant

Goodnight! #lisaraye

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