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Brady Dunkley  If it goes, it goes.

Ropes and shiny things! 📸 @cwebbing

Resting is hard to do. At the moment I'm reflecting on and missing me some #joesvalley with good company!@c_healy @randonwillard6 @cwebbing @sheraleewebb

No helmet= bad dad. This was Bennett's first single-track ride. When we were all done he said I should take him out more often, to that I say, yes sir!

Rocko is always keen to help me with my 30 for 30 project. He likes to give my face one lick at daylight with his fresh morning breath!

Zen boulders area above #moesvalley just keeps providing awesome boulders. This problem "The One And Only" put up by Jason Heath is sure to please. Super unique pockets and great flow and movement. It's getting too hot now, but make your way up there sometime!

Joe's Valley was warm over the weekend so we climbed late into the night, and I managed to send "Feels Like Grit". This shoe tester put up a good fight, I was literally about an inch from giving up on this Stretch Armstrong problem. (Nights 5&6 ⛺️'ed it)
Thanks for la 📸 @randonwillard6

What a great weekend in Joes valley! This problem "Godsend" turned out to be a very good one. I was not motivated to climb it when I first saw it, but after trying a few moves on it, it captured my attention and really is a gem of a problem!

When your crash pads are locked in the cargo box, and you left your key at home, you just hope if you fall to land on the sit start pad.

A room with a view! 4of30
Another fun night/morning at zen boulders. I put up a new Boulder problem salt shaker, (v8ish) it needs some traffic!

Monk Funk- probably tops my list of best problems I've climbed of the grade. 📸💳 @jbdunk

Morning of Camp 3
In the backyard of our backyard.

Lovely times had with @c_healy in Red Rocks. This little number was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ fun! "Blood Trails"
Sick 📸click by @c_healy

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