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Brian Minor, MS  Coaching/Programming 93kg Raw Powerlifter Natural Pro Bodybuilder Fort Collins, CO

Changing leverages haven't been showing squats a ton of love the past couple weeks with a smaller supporting cast to work with at the bottom. However, today felt pretty solid and good session to build some momentum on👍🏼#usapl#83kg#contestprep#naturalbodybuilding

Tonight's 550x3 followed by 4x5 @475. Bit lethargic feeling today but training felt better than expected. #usapl#83kg#contestprep#naturalbodybuilding

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there, especially these two! ❤️

Family ice skating and Bruer's first time on the ice 😊I've been looking forward to this day since I became a Dad. While his "skating" was kinda like a scene out of Weekend at Bernies, he was really intrigued by it and loved watching me. No tears either! @kminor31

Weekly bro day with @nunez3dmj and @leanna_carr as we are slowly but surely doing the bodybuilding 😜Lots of work to still be done but really enjoying this prep so far. Kinda forgot how fun this process is to be honest. #naturalbodybuilding #contestprep#usapl#rawpowerlifting#83kg#lowbar

It's all fun and games until you accidentally dookie on the plastic puppy at Old Navy.

Sharing is caring with a bonus new ice cream face. @kminor31 😮🍦🐶

Heaps and heaps of singles at 340 today. Getting leaner has really accentuated the perception of my #IIFYMgirl arch. Shoutout to @evanchaffey for helping me troubleshoot keeping my butt down as I shrink. Is synthol on the WADA list? #contestprep#usapl#83kg#naturalbodybuilding

This morning @c_siegelski21 sent these comparison photos over from his first show just under 3 years ago with those from this past weekend where he won his OCB natural pro card. There is about a 15 lb difference between the two. While driving the scale down shouldn't be an overly romanticized variable during a prep, it does serve as a good reminder that significant conditioning improvements are very often associated with a lower stage weight (especially in natural athletes closer to their genetic potential for size). On the plus side he probably still looked like he lifted while wearing a t shirt his first prep😂#contestprep#naturalbodybuilding#conditioning#ocb#ocbpro

@c_siegelski21 is just about ready to roll for the OCB Best of the Burgh in Pittsburgh tomorrow 👍🏼#contestprep#ocb#wnbf#naturalbodybuilding

Had a good time last week on the TSA podcast talking about powerlifting peaking/tapering strategies with @eric_tsa @hani_tsa @bryce_tsa. Thanks for having me on guys. Link in bio👍🏼#powerlifting#usapl#programming#peaking#tapering#squat#bench#deadlift

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