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Brian Minor, MS, CSCS  Coaching/Programming 93kg Raw Powerlifter Natural Pro Bodybuilder Fort Collins, CO

The journey of a boy and his old man just trying to get swole😎❤️#fatherhood#ourmancave

Part 2 of my article series "Pliable Programming" is up on the De Novo Elements blog👍🏼Link in my bio.
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Okay Fam! Brian Minor throwing down that part 2 of "Pliable Programming" & this time we are diving into "Intensity" Go read! 🔺LINK IN BIO🔺 #denovonutrition #dnelements #physiology #drivenbydn

I've said it before, but I'm one lucky man. Happy 4 year anniversary to @kminor31. Thank you for being an amazing wife and mother, I love you!❤️

9.5 weeks out from IPE Pro International, and things are starting to get fun 🙂#contestprep#naturalbodybuilding#IPE#powerlifting

Squat momentum continued tonight🙏455x2@8. Coming off three consecutive refeeds made a world of difference the past couple weeks for these heavy squat sessions. Just under 3 weeks out, and pushing intensity a bit more this week before beginning the taper for the competition lifts. #usapl#83kg#naturalbodybuilding#contestprep

Despite my torso starting to feel like a set of Jenga missing half its pieces, squats moved pretty well today. 445x2 top set with some backoff doubles after. Just under 4 weeks out from State Games as a first time 83 👍🏼#usapl#RMSG#83kg#contestprep

Extremely proud of this kid (yes kid). He's got a competitive poise that's tough to replicate. Looking forward to Calgary next year.

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Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦 Recap video of my performance at IPF Worlds 2017. Had an amazing day, considering a month out I didn't think I was going to be able to deadlift. Stellar programming from @bdminor and support from @innerstrengthproducts and @sbdcanada got me to the second step of the podium for the second time in a row. I hit a 327.5kg squat and a 192.5kg bench, but missed a 330kg deadlift for the win. I PRd on every lift, left nothing on the platform, and had amazing game day coaches in and @marcwmorris. Congrats to the well-deserved champion @markmacqueen2 who was the stronger lad on the day. Was considering hanging up my singlet after this year, but I have unfinished business. After I'm done traveling Europe it's time to work. Shout-out for @jim_rts and @9for9media for the video.

Last weekend was the first time I've played hockey in 3 years. Honestly, it went much better than expected. We stilllll got it😂 #dawgbowlchamps#DAShockey

Monday pumps and favorable lighting. 12 weeks out from IPE Pro International 👍🏼#contestprep#IPE#naturalbodybuilding#usapl#83kg

Intro week pulls feeling better than expected on a 95 degree day. 562x2 followed by triples at 480. The past couple weeks deads have really started to click and build momentum as I adjust to the more favorable positioning that being leaner has to offer. I'll probably need it with how unforgiving bench has felt of late😅. #USAPL#RMSG#83kg#naturalbodybuilding#contestprep#IPE#deadlifts

Deloaded this week and tested today to see where I'm at heading into this next training block. My next meet is the USAPL Rocky Mountain State Games at the end of July. Being in the midst of contest prep I don't plan on running a highly specific peaking phase for this meet as the goal is just to qualify for nationals in the 83kg class and stay healthy as I continue to diet. On the relative front (bodyweight), I'm pretty pleased with how strength is hanging around as this prep continues to unfold. Finished today with 500/355/640 @184 this morning. #usapl#powerlifting#83kg#contestprep#naturalbodybuilding#IPE

This. This is what pure joy looks like😂❤️#bruerandmoose

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