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Last day in Arizona spent golfing in the desert!
#desertgolf #arizona #golf

Had a great time this weekend in California! Thanks to Chase, Raynie, Sam, and Tyler for making it so much fun!

Back in Arizona!

Starting off the day with golf! #Arizona

Beautiful fall day for golf! @rwkarwowski

Last night in Jamaica! It's been a blast. #sunset #Jamaica #beachesnegril #nofilter

Scuba diving in Jamaica! #40feetdeep #Jamaica #negril #beachesnegril

Jamaica is beautiful! What an amazing place! #jamaica #negril #sunset

Hiked up Cathedral Rock in Sedona and had some incredible views.

Sunset at the Grand Canyon! Pictures do not do it justice.

Just two months ago my family and I were in Paris for a couple of days on vacation. It's hard to believe how some can be filled with so much hate, that they kill innocent civilians while they enjoy their dinner or while they watch a concert. I'll be keeping Paris and the French in my prayers tonight.

South Mountain National Park was awesome! It has incredible views over Phoenix while feeling like you're out in the middle of the desert.

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