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Tony Vezina  Be the change you want to see. PTIA Positive Thinking In Action

This really resonates with me. Sometimes I fell like I am regressing: falling back into old discriminatory beliefs, lashing out at those I love or falling short at being a father. The positive is that I have opened myself to change I am continuing to look inside and challenge myself to be better.

Took the scenic route to work this morning. #pnw #columbiariver #portland #sunshine #thegreatnw

VOA Al Forthan Scholarship Awards Ceremony: I was honored to participate as a scholarship judge. This year the scholarship provided a total $69,500 to 37 Oregon high school students who were impacted by addiction in their family. The resilience and vision of these young people provide hope for the future.

Marvin isn't as excited to go car shopping as @megan_rose.ab

It's was hard saying goodbye today to our baby girl. It always is. On the bright side, Bella is doing so good and I am absolutely amazed at the progress she has made at Heartspring. Bella's aggressive behaviors have dramatically decreased, she is using a communication book, she can go potty by herself and even ride in the car without needing to be strapped in with a special car seat. Shit - it's only been 9 months, I can only imagine the progress she will make in the upcoming years. I am most proud of my daughter for her strength: a courageous 7 year old autistic girl battling everyday to communicate far away from her parents at a school in the Midwest. Fight on girl, you got a little sister on the way who will be excited to meet you soon. #autism #girlpower #teambella #dads #prouddaddy #heartspring

#teambella for the #autismwalk2017 although, we didn't get to walk cause of the rain, we still hit a lil photo shoot. @sophiamariiie

Woke-up with a calf cramp from bouncing around at the trampoline warehouse thing. My daughter is so freaking fast and with all the stimulation at the jumpy gym thing, it was exhausting keeping up with her. Then we went swimming. Then we went swinging. Then we went to bed. Lol.

When you didn't really study for your final but got a Phd in Bullshit so you aint tripping. #college #finals #donttrip #transferrableskills

Just saw this video of me (left) from 3 years ago and I figured I'd post a transformation pic. Sometimes, I feel like I haven't progressed towards my fitness goals - then this happens and I realize I have made major progress. More importantly: exercise is a lifestyle now, a spiritual part of my addiction recovery. #transformation #lift #exercise #progress #weightstraining #eatright #healthyfood #recovery

When the hotel betrays you on some super shady shit. #fitness #hotel #wheredaweightsat #fitnessroom

The 6:00am run this morning was majestic AF. I am getting my wind back in preparation for #hoodtocoast with @smidge248

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