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Tony Vezina  Be the change you want to see. PTIA Positive Thinking In Action

Hit a mini run this morning at the beach. It was cold AF and pouring down rain. #oregon

When it's the homies birthday.

I am really blessed to be apart of the 4D community. We are a force for good.

When Gresham Subaru donates 60g's and your boy reverts back to old thinking.

I have been experimenting with new healthy eating stuff. I made a soup with a red curry base, broccoli, snap peas, baked chicken breast, 2 sliced hard boiled eggs and a single slice of cheddar cheese. 🍜 🔥
#eat #eatheatlhy #lift #fitness #homemadeshit #homecooking

The strength in my struggle is inspired everyday by my first born, Bella. My little one is in another state at a school for children with severe autism; everyday she is overcoming her inability to communicate verbally while working to develop new, nonviolent and non-self injurious, coping skills. I miss her everyday, but I know she is in the right place because she is progressing. Muah Bella 💋

6am #squats #exercise #fitness and don't forget -- #nas

Cause taking a bath with epson salt and essential oils is one of my favorite things to do.

Note to self:
When challenging authoritative systems, be prepared to feel backlash. Don't trip doh, do right. Remember, you have privileges others don't - some people don't have a choice in feeling discrimination from structural power systems. Have courage and remain willing to forfeit a small bit of your privilege.
PS: Rhetoric doesn't equal justice; some people have the look-good down but ain't about shit. Be about your shit homie. ✊🏼

What you didn't know is that I have always stunted. Throw-back to the blonde days.

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