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πŸ‘“ ✌︎('Ο‰')✌︎  Give peace a chance and You'll never walk alone


You know that what you eat you are
But what is sweet now turns so sour
We all know obla-dibla-da
But can you show me where you are?

Creme tangerine and montelimar
A ginger sling with a pineapple heart
A coffee dessert, yes, you know it's good news
But you'll have to have them all pulled out
After the Savoy truffle

Yes you'll have to have them all pulled out
After the Savoy truffle
The Beatles - savoy truffle
#matcha #truffle #chocolate
#priime_cirque #onthetable #flatlay

Kendrick Lamar - GOD.
This what God feel like, yeah
Laughing to the bank like aha, yeah
Flex on swole like aha, yeah
You feel some type of way then, aha, yeah

Fuck is you talking to?
Aye, do you know who you talking to?
Slide on you like fallen drapes
God toss full of carnivals
I kill 'em with kindness
Or I kill 'em with diamonds
Or I put up like fifteen hundred
Get your ass killed by the finest
Everything life is a gamble
Nothing in life I can't handle
Seen it all, done it all, felt pain more
For the cars, I done put blood on sword
Everything I do is to embrace y'all
Everything I write is a damn eight ball
Everything I touch is a damn gold mine
Everything I say is from an angel

I don't rush shit, fuck shit, always your shit, my shit
Cannonballs to ignite shit
Morning to the night shift, I'm on
I ain't sorry for it, ask for a piece of mine, you charged me for it
I wanna see sometimes if you ignore it
I'm in the streets sometimes and can't afford it
I got a bad habit, levitate, ducking haters
Oh my, my heart is rich, my heart is famous

#onthetable #priime_magic #breakfast

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