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500 HW Problems Challenge ✔️ I’m fortunate to be around amazing kids all the time. They push me to reach higher 💯 #MrCsIG

When the classes asked if they’d get extra credit for doing 500 problems I said “no”. Yea extra credit would’ve been a good motivator but I didn’t want them to do it for any reason other than to learn. All I said was... if you do the 500, I’m pretty sure you’ll never get these wrong for the rest of your life 🤷🏾‍♂️ After the 5 days passed, these 3 had it done & turned it in. All they got was a high 5. For them, that was enough. They continued to do their assignments and help their classmates 👌🏾 What I really wanted to teach them was a lesson about recognition. We’ve all been in situations where we did “500 Problems” and nobody recognized it. At the end of the day, recognition is nice but what really matters is that the work gets done. They took that lesson in stride. I recognized that so I got them a lil somethin.

Won our first game by 9 👍🏾 We did a lot of things well but have a lot to improve on. Practice mañana. #MyFrontRow #HorriblePreGameSpeech 😂 •
@noeliab2005 @s.bbabbyy @daddy_lupe16 @__.breann.__ @lnm.56 @official.laysia_ @guzmancruzkimberly69 @_.cristina._5770 #MrCsIG

Sorry not sorry 📈 #MrCsIG

When you “never have homework” but your grade says otherwise 😂😂 #ParentConferences #MyFrontRow #MrCsIG

They don’t wanna hear your complaints 😭

Friends with both since 3rd grade. Congrats! #asadventureawaits

tb for 🎃 #neliah 📱: @ittzzz_luzzz.cx #MrCsIG

For every student who’s ever trusted me. Song on SoundCloud #MrCsIG

Gave her 5 mins to google “Fibonacci Sequence” then said teach the class & she hit them with a choral response 😱 #MrCsIG but today #MsRs

Today was the first time the district asked me to lead. About 30 middle school math teachers showed up & I led a discussion, sharing a lot of what I’ve learned, know, & do, in & out of the classroom. Went 40 minutes over my time 😂 Over the years, I’ve sat quietly in plenty of PD’s. Grateful for these new opportunities. I left my notes on this post for whoever wants to see. Thanks @donutlovinteacher & @trojanteach for the last minute tune up. Really appreciate it. #MrCsIG

When they figure out whoever goes second always wins 😂 I learned Nim in an Intro to Game Theory class. It teaches the concepts of starting in the winning position & perfect play.▫️Rules: 21 pencils, you can take away 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your turn, alternating turns, whoever takes the last pencil loses▫️Filmed using #MyFrontRow (@frontrow) #MrCsIG

Proud to represent my students at the LA County Teacher of the Year Luncheon 🍎Youngest of the 61 district nominees. Wasn't eligible to win but I sent my app in anyways.......... cause you should never be the one to tell yourself NO. *Just to clarify I didn't win lol. Those are honorable mention certificates. #MrCsIG

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