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Bubble Man  sharing the joys of water extraction with people for 20 years YouTube : Bubblemans World. Check out info on hash course

Super stoked on my shoot yesterday at @segra_intl and getting to spend some time with Dr Sma Zobayd . What an incredible wealth of information this man has when it comes to micropropagation #Tissueculture #segra #meristem #whereweareheading. The majority of the worlds clonally produced plants are produced this way. Strawberries blueberries almonds bananas and the list goes on and on. Not only does this allow for cleaning out of pathogens , fungi and bacterial (including intercellular bacteria ) allow mg for growers to produce the best version of that particular cultivar but also gives growers confidence in storage capabilities woth redundancy in place. I am super excited to see where it all goes in the next few years. Keep a close eye on @segra_intl 🔥🔥 @davidsonorganics

An absolute Gem #heater that @flav421 brought over today for our unboxing video of the @thekarmacupofficial judges kit. This piece has special written all over it. I don’t think it’s even been photographed and posted until today. @jake_c_glass thanks for all your inspirational art you’ve put out there 👊🏻👊🏾🔥🔥💭💭

Hope to see you guys tomorrow at 9am west coast time. @solventlessmind May come in and say hi as well as @d420k @west.mc @farmertomlauerman @dragonflyearthmedicine and more. Also shout out to @stratisphereglass and @coylecondenser for busting out this sick rainbow Bear Please share post 👊🏻👊🏾💭💭🔥🔥. Show can be seen at this link https://youtu.be/NmoN27P9Hns #hashchurch #glassofig

Industrial sifting unit polished to pharmaceutical standards. So happy to be a part of the @whistlertech team bringing great technology to water extracting and drysifting . Stay tuned to see what we come up with in the upcoming year Go give them a follow if you want to stay current @whistlertech @whistlertech @whistlertech #teamdrysift #russel #industrialsifting #stepone #sifted #wedontsiftthesame #bubblehash #icewater #waterextract

Super stoked to@announce we are going to gather tomorrow mornin for another episode of hash church 2.0 @ 9am west coast on my YouTube channel Bubblemans world. join us with @mbesau Sam the skunk man @farmertomlauerman mike west and more. Please repost this #Hashchurch #sundaygathering Also hoping @solventlessmind @cubangrower @dna_genetics all May make an appearance as well. Follow this link to the show and the pre show chat room https://youtu.be/XTerfJnGJuE

#whereismybike #foundit #canna @maplebudder_rosin always a pleasure hanging out with these characters. No doubt about it. Crazy new LED grow they have going. Numbers coming soon for this room #bubblebags #bubblenow #hashroom #seriousresin #rosin #sasquash #purepressure

I was lucky enough recently to visit #Quebec andy@good friends @maplebudder_rosin boys. Well they surely did not disappoint . There new facility is beautiful and the quality these guys are pushing out is consistent. New LED lights that produced all the weight in both veg and resin yields while cutting the AC in half as well as the amperage of lights in half. #trichomes. This photo is from a fan leaf stem to give you an idea of the resin content #whereismybike #karmagenetics @karmagenetics

Doing some R and D over at whistler medical today along with @whistlertech and really enjoying getting my hands dirty with resin. Cultivar is strawberry shortcookies this run is 16kilos of fresh frozen. We are currently working together to develop a commercial water extractor that does not sacrifice quality but still mixes efficiently and effectively

Great day with the crew down at @whistlertech #whistlermedical in beautiful #Whistler #BC one of my favourite spots in he world and although I have made hash up here in the past. Never in a federally legal facility. Was a great day doing what I love. More to come .....#500grams #siftedandlifted #teamdrysift #organic #highintegrity #farmersgrade

#Whereismybike #foundit #hanginginmygrowroom #maplebudderboys @maplebudder_rosin killing it. Been a great last few days shooting with these guys. Make sure you swipe to see all the photos. #Quebec #church #hashchurch

Wanted to wish a great brother of mine the hashiest of birthdays today . I have only known @flav421 for less than 10 years but in that time we have travelled to Amsterdam and Barcelona smoked endless bowls together and gotten to really know each other as well as getting to know each other’s families. I consider him to be one of the kindest and most generous people I know. A true gentlemen I hope you have the most amazing 40th birthday today brother and hopefully I will see you in the next week to share the vibes. Blessed love to you and yours @flav421 @flav421 @flav421 @flav421 #amanandhisglass #rolling50kdeep #headyboatrips #glassafficionado #glassofig If you haven’t already go give him a follow and wish him some positive vibes today #happybirthday #ftk @mothership_glass #marcel #phish2000 @marcelglass

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