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Bubble Man  sharing the joys of water extraction with people for 20 years Founded freshheadies ltd and bubblebags YouTube : Bubblemans World


Sick piece from @goolenglass courtesy of @hooktonchronic the serum was popping in the hotel bathroom so we had to share. Ps great job @goolenglass 👊🏻👊🏾

Those that know. Know. @rossrebagliati98 first gold medalist for snowboarding and they tried to take it away for Cannabinoids found in his blood system .But Ross wasn't having it. Go give Ross a follow @rossrebagliati98 @rossrebagliati98 @rossrebagliati98. #olympics #nagano #gold #first #cannabis #wintergames

Pretty stoked on the custom plates from the team at @sasquashrosinpress. Always lots of love from them as well as @soilgrown_solventless Can't wait to get these on my v2's and get squishing.

Go check out our new instagram account @bubblemanbrand for all things #hash #rosin #drysift #bubblehash related Repost: Nice digs today of some Cookies and cream # 7 grown by @golddropco processed by @bubblemanbrand @verzura2 #bubblebags #bubblenow

Was so stoked to see some glass from my brother from another mother @slingoner1 Man it's been to long since we puffed bro but was great to feel the vibes thanks to some of your incredible new glass. Thanks to @highintegrityglassart for always bringing the heat #perfecthandful

#Helios @stresslessglass @contrabasso @highintegrityglassart once again providing the fire to #BC #canada. Such a pleasure to rip this today. What a beauty indeed

I have mentioned this before but felt it was worth mentioning again to those that believe spraying can be safely done in veg. These are the secondary set of leaves coming out rift after the epicotyl and cotyledon and clearly showing #bulbous and #cystolithhairs the cannabinoid we seek are produced inside these glands therefore whether juicing the leaves or creating edibles or processing and concentrating it's always the glands your looking for #dontspray #organic #veg #seedling #glandularseedling

Over 11 years ago a friend of mine made one of his growing dreams come true. Which was to build a #zipline over his grow. These plants often would reach 15 plus feet in this room. So he wanted the zip line to go forewords and backwards but also up and down . This was my first ever ride on the soon to be famous #cannazipline. I have seen a lot of things over the years of being involved with Cannabis ,and still to this day this remains one of the most memorable and coolest of experiences I've had with Cannabis (I also have a ROOR pocket buddy with my in my pocket ) there are 8 photos in this post

If you have never smoked out of @hammswaterworks #allglass #Gravitybong let me tell you. First time I ever smoked a half gram of #bubblehash in a single pull was thru this thing @slingoner1 you remember this beast. I'm going to clean it up and do a few big Rips tomorrow on #Hashchurch on my YouTube channel #Bubblemansworld #seriousgravtiybong #wedontgravitybongthesame

Alright was it just me or did these guys come across as pretty pompous and definitely slammed the glass community on a multiple of occasions in this short 2 plus minute video. Seems to be causing an uproar. Wondered what you all thought about their aerospace 3D printed metal pipe that for the large one is 13,000 because it's really high grade steel.... feel free to repost

110 grams of #pureheads #ogkush #SkunkmanTech #secondsnothours always a happy day when the ☀️ is out and the sift piles high. Notice how creamy and smooth it appears. This is due to the density of the gland heads being filled with oils .It makes for a heavy sitting resin not a fluffy one. A gust of win would have zero affect on this #drysift #freshheadies #bubblemansworld #teamdrysift

Pretty incredible #glacier #icecave up on the #pemberton ice caps.I have wanted to make a batch of bubble here since the first time I was brought here. This ice is potentially 15,000 years old and could potentially be holding dirt and bacteria suspended inside . So if and when I do make it back to run a batch of bubble we will bring some proper ice like what we produce in the @bubblemanbrand #bubblebags #freshheadies @blueriverterps and @ucanncorp hash lab. Here is a quote from @verzura2 on how are water and ice is filtered cleaned and frozen along with the specs to the lab " We are running a commercial 5 filter RO system that then runs into UV sterilization before it hits the Ionic pH plate system that gives us a range from 3 to 12 ph prior to a full cube Ice maker and supply line to tanks stored inside the walk in frostless freezer. It's considered Lab Grade pure water and helps sustain the ice hardness, melt time, and agitation. We use UV sterilization wands and chambers for sterilizing bags, jars, tools, and utilize a pressurized steam system with the same water system with sterilization pouches. The walls are no VOC anti microbial, anti pathogen, anti mold, that meets hospital healthcare specifications. The flooring is seamless hospital grade meant for surgical rooms so no resin or mildew or microbes or even blood can stain it."

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