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Bubble Man  sharing the joys of water extraction with people@for 20 years YouTube : Bubblemans World. Checkcnew Instagram account @ourterps @bubblemanbrand

Hope to see you all next week at the @liftandco If your in Toronto please make a point on checking out the event and come by the @gopurepressure booth , number 1907 to possibly see some flower and #bubblehash squished thru the long peaks or pikes peak press. It’s going to be off the chain with some “where is my bike” flower pushing out 28% + returns. #Bubblebags will also be available for purchase

Where is my bike grown by @maplebudder_rosin #macro as@you can see she’s a producer of Trichome’s.

Pressing flowers that squish like hash for the win #28%return #purepressure @gopurepressure can’t say enough about this where is my bike from @karmagenetics via @maplebudder_rosin and squished by me. Video coming soon on Bubblemans world YouTube channel 👊🏻👊🏾💭💭🔥🔥 time by @1richiespice

Incredible yields as always from the “where is my bike” from @karmagenetics and grown by @maplebudder_rosin pressed by me on my #longpeaks @gopurepressure rosin press at 220F for 2-3 minutes with a max pressure of 140PSI. Pressed 214 grams and got just shy of 60 grams total 55 of 1st press and just under 5grams of second press. 28% yield

Pressing some #godbud @jordan_of_the_islands_genetics and man if it didn’t come out looking like peanut brittle. Incredible nose on this 30 gram chunk. Loving my LongPeaks @gopurepressure makes life so easy with programmable recipes dual toggle pressure release and pre cut thick parchment.

Some of that @dna_genetics #chocolope #flower I was squishing recently and getting some nice returns at 20%. Portrain shot , macro and super macro shot makes up this sequence

A little #godbud #squish. Pushed out 17% ie 3.4 grams from 20 grams in first press and second press was .5 of 20 grams and was 2.5 % pushing it to a 19.5. % return. Respectable. Flavour is incredible god flavour is unmistakeable. Pressed on my LongPeaks from @gopurepressure

#whereismybike getting smashed on my @gopurepressure long peaks. 20grs at 2 minutes at 210f returned 5.6 grams around 28% A little under the 30 I’ve seen but definitly no slouch. I will be squishing a half lb of this soon and make a nice little video. Stay tuned #karmagenetics @karmagenetics @maplebudder_rosin. Photos take with an iPhone X

Go give a follow to my terpene account @OurTerps to see what’s new over there. Recently we found these great high recovery terpene vials with less than 2ul left over from each batch. The newest flavour Congolese x og aka African killah bee is our first we have filled up.

Some incredible #chocolope #flower #Rosin from @dna_genetics Recently did some consulting for the good people at @buds2go_canada for their new extract company @seatoskyextracts Go give them a follow. We saw a 20.5% return with 98.4 grams out of 460 grams of flower. Was a blast to put the @gopurepressure to work. ( 5 hours and it was done. The work flow is incredible when combining the simple tools they provide with the press from flipping the bags inside out to avoid the seam to a small funnel for easy filling and pre cut thick parchment that doesn’t easily rip. Two thumbs up

A few different Rosins. #chocolopekush #chem11 #goldengoat #mpe #canon. These shots were take. With my 5D mark III and MPE lens as the previous post was all taken with the iPhone X #purepressure @gopurepressure

#chocolope kush pressed at 220f for 2 mins received a 3.4 gram return from 21.5 grams and a second press with another gram. 4.4 gram total from 21.5 grams 20% or so return from flower

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