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thankful for this little home we can soon call ours, but i’m most thankful for the family and friends we will try to squeeze into it. ㋡

In the quietness of this morning, I am still wrapping my mind around my place setting being “bride.” I always imagined and thought about what engagement would look and feel like. sometimes comparison has been a thief, and sometimes my expectations are exceptionally exceeded. either way, this season for me has been one of pruning. peeling back the layers of my soul, to have eyes to see Gods compassion for people, and a heart that is more sensitive then ever to the Spirit. It is in the new fruits that I have been able to experience full Joy, a joy that doesn’t waver based on my emotions. there’s one thing I know to be true, January 4th isn’t just our wedding day, It’s God’s day to show off, and reveal His love, a day to exalt him and realize that we are apart of something much, much bigger.

mum and sister. these two poured their heart and soul into throwing me a bridal shower that was unforgettable. And they did just that. I felt love in the intricate place settings, in the pear on every plate, in the choice of having soup because they know it’s my favorite, in the warm hugs of familiar faces, in the words spoken over me and my future husband. I felt love in it all. And the women who surrounded me, the moms the sisters, friends, and grandmas, You are the ones who have prepared me, and shown me how to be a God-honoring wife, you are the ones whether you knew it or not, have been showing me my whole life. Now I get to walk into this new season with my head held high, confident that it’s beautiful and exciting and sometimes really hard, but in it all, I’m never alone.

I almost get to call this, home.

where I want to be in 50 years, bonnet and all.

@benjaminpatch took some photos of us canoodling around Venice and I am WELL PLEASED㋡

it was as tasty as it looks

still unclear what @jauber41 was laughing at... Happy Labor Day!

how the heck am I supposed to pick one?!? send prayers.

I'm sitting here, with a cup off coffee looking down at my most perfect ring, utterly in disbelief at this life that I get to live. What a surreal 24 hours it has been, I have a fiancé!!!! I can't thank enough all those who helped my love plan, scheme, and orchestrate all that yesterday was. for all those who asked, here is what the day held! We started out having a sweet breakfast, after we finished, he asked me if I wanted to go to Sherman Gardens which I knew was where his parents got married and he lured me into going by saying we could get mimosas at their cafe (there was no mimosas or even a cafe there) His plan was just to get me to the exact spot where his parents were married. we walked around the gardens, smelled some roses, and finally we got to the spot. He stopped me and told me he had written me a letter which wasn't super out of his character so I still didn't think anything was going on. I sat and started reading, and it wasn't until half way through did I think to myself "Oh my word, He's proposing to me, this is happening" by then I look up and see @davidelm taking photos and it was then when I fully started to take in that this was the moment i've been waiting for my whole life. After I finished the letter kyle was on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said YES! and then over and over I said "Is this real life?" following that, Kyle told me we were meeting his parents for breakfast, which then to my surprise it wasn't just his parents but all his family and our friends! i'm the luckiest! He also told me that he booked flights and we were flying to be with all my family up north for the evening! In the matter of one day I was going to be able to celebrate with all my people!! (sorry, so many exclamations) anyways, we landed and went straight to a restaurant where, there was all my family and it was just out of a dream. We hugged, and cheers-ed the night away! None of this feels real, and nothing can really prepare you for a moment like that. Never in my wildest dreams did I think there would be such a special day for me, but that goes without saying I have the most special man that I get to spend forever with.♡

The easiest yes I've ever said. I love you @kylawrence, and I can't believe I get to be your wife.

surf city, lookin' like an old post card

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