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Bianca Bosker  Writer. Ex-Cellar Rat. Author of NYT Bestseller Cork Dork (Penguin Books, OUT NOW! Get your copy 🙏🏻!) #corkdorkbook #pairdevil

It’s a new Cork Dork!! Welcome to the family, 朋友!#corkdorkbook

Cork Dork came out a year ago today AND WHAT A RIDE IT’S BEEN! Thank you for your letters, your gorgeous #CorkDorkBook photos, your amazing presence at readings, your support, your questions, and your interest. And a special thanks to my out-of-this-world editor, @lindseyschwo. Every time I meet someone who’s read my book it feels like a miracle. 🚀🍷

Pho #pairdevil! A freezing Friday night calls for a hot bowl of Pho and big glass of Anita und Hans Nittnaus’ Blaufränkisch (don’t let the umlaut scare you). To be perfectly honest I don’t love every Blaufränkisch, but I do adore this spicy earthy berry loveliness. Oh and Bordeaux and Pho is DELICIOUS if you haven’t tried that. 🍷👹 tagged places that carry it/label closeup in insta stories

Charleston food fest #pairdevil! Shuai + Corrie of @shortgrain whipped up this mean bowl of spicy, sweet, malty, gingery delicious Dan Dan Noodles that we wolfed down with this Crémant d’Alsace (sparkling pinot). And a Gamay from Beaujolais. And an off-dry Oregon Riesling. All before noon. 🍷👹 Label closeups in insta stories 🍍Thanks to all who joined us!! #chwff

BREAK OUT THE FANCY MELONS: my story on Japan’s insanely fancy fruit won an award for Best Culinary Travel Writing from IACP! Huge thanks to my editor @caraparks at @roadsandkingdoms for making this story (🍈link in bio🍓) shine. •

#iacp #iacp2018 #iacp40

Everyone said China's Paris replica was an empty ghost town. This summer, I went there—and China's Venice, Holland, and Ye Olde England—to find out for myself. Wrote all about my bizarre Grand Tour of China's #duplitecture (and how it’s aged, more than a decade on) for @roadsandkingdoms . Link in bio, more 📸 in my insta story

Trying-to-keep-warm #pairdevil, featuring two things that heat you from the inside: Chili and Spanish wine—in this case, Psi, which is made by the same guy (Peter Sisseck) who makes Spain’s cult favorite Pingus, but about 1/33rd the price. Made with Tempranillo (and a splash of Garnacha), it’s fruity enough to handle the copious amounts of cayenne and jalapeño I dumped in, with hints of tomato to match. 🍷👹 tagged places that carry it/label closeup in insta stories

For awhile now, I’ve been living with an app that tells me I’m going to die five times a day. If you need the uplift only pondering your demise can bring, read all about it in the Jan/Feb issue of @theatlantic 🌈💀🌈 link in bio!

Big thanks to ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ for the new book ideas!

Warms-you-right-up #pairdevil: to celebrate not leaving the house again today (+the first weekend of 2018!), a bacon egg and cheese bagel from the one and only Tal Bagel and a bottle of François Chidane’s sparkling wine (100% Chenin Blanc grapes / 100% delicious). Not all sparkling wines get their bubbles the same way—i.e. most Prosecco ferments in pressurized tanks then is bottled (Charmat method) while Champagne ferments in the bottle (méthode Champenoise or méthode traditionelle which adds nutty/toasty/savory/complexy flavors). To drink better for fewer dollars, look for sparkling wine made in the “méthode champenoise” but not from champagne. Like this guy from the Loire. 👹🍷tagged places that carry it/label closeup in insta stories •


Drinking Yquem is like drinking sunlight. It warms you. It nourishes you. It’s a bit mysterious + cosmic. This Jeroboam of Yquem was by far one of my favorite + most memorable bottles of the year, not least because I got to share it with friends at the book party in celebration of Cork Dork’s debut (note the bottle signed by the buzzed night-owls among us who shut down the joint that night...). I wish I could have shared a glass of this Yquem with every person who read Cork Dork, or shared it, or helped it on its journey, but please know I was toasting to you when I drank it. Thank you and cheers! I should add: Sauternes is one of my favorite dinner party wines: you don’t have to drink it with dessert, but it goes well with it, and is such a social wine—one that serves to prolong the evening and encourage everyone to linger just a biiiit longer. For something less pricy, try Chateau Guiraud ($40ish) 👹🍷 #pairdevil #pairdevilpicks #pairdevilpick

Rosé with attitude! Also making my list of favorite 2017 bottles, @joecampanale’s Anona (pictured here where I first tasted it, at @geturgrapeon’s book party, who is my guru when it comes to many things, chief among them drinking pink.) There are times when you want rosé to be your booze Gatorade—refreshing+quenching to go the distance. But when you want the thinking drinker’s rosé, go for Anona. Or Domaine du Gros Noré (classic, peeking out from the ice above). Or Hirotake Ooka’s Le Canon Primeur (funky). 👹🍷All bottles $20-30ish. #pairdevil #pairdevilpicks #pairdevilpick #drinkpink

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