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Megan Lewellyn  MMJ Patient/Writer/Advocate #cannabis gave me my life back.Trying 2 eduate-blog (12K) Looking 4 opportunities 2 share my story-DM for collaboration


Today’s #cannabispowered walk was chilly AND there was a bit of snow!!! SO destined to be a good walk! Having written a post about the various medications and drugs that I have tried over the past 11+ years I spent today thinking about just how much #cannabis has helped me get my life back. It is SO nice to be ME again!!! Not sure there is a word for that but if there was it should be listed as a “possible side effect” for marijuana.

My latest blog post talks about ALL the different medications and drugs I’ve tried for my #ms and all it’s symptoms along with all the side effects I have struggled with over the years. I then talk about the success I have found using #cannabis as my medicine. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS & CANNABIS: My Medication Journey. ***Link on profile***

USUALLY I spend the morning writing and listening to this one whine about going for our walk...but apparently it is “too cold” for the big burly dog - He won’t come out from under his blankey and seems to have NO INTEREST in walking anywhere😂😂😂😂. #mansbestfriend

Was having a harmless little selfie moment with Cali- until she decided to slip me the tongue! 😝😂😂😂😂

My latest article for @californiaweedblog is now up! My Cannabis Story: My First Joint and Second Expo! ****link to post on my profile****. Read more about my weekend AND what I thought of the pre-rolls that I picked up last weekend in #bellingham at @satori.bham.mj

Today’s #cannabispowered walk was beautiful and sunny but a bit chilly. Thank goodness for my ever present hat to keep me warm! Had such an amazing weekend and spent the walk thinking about and appreciating all of the things that I have done lately. I know I have said it before but I’ll say it again... #ilovecannabis and I am so grateful for the relief it is providing me. I intend to tell as many people as I can about this amazing plant and its medical benefits! They may not have research or trials to prove it helps but I am #livingproof that it does!!!!!

Look what I finally unburied in the garage...MOJO- needs a little cleaning and TLC but realized with being so much more active and getting out and doing things it might just become necessary to use it again to keep up with all that I am doing. Had a super great weekend and honestly impressed with myself with how much I am doing BUT I am also coming to understand that admitting that I might need my cane or my #Segway again sometimes is OK and isn’t a sign that I am giving in to the disease. It just means I need a bit of assistance from time to time:).

SO the BIG NEWS and PURCHASE of the weekend is that I bought the #silverlamp by @ganeshvapes and picked up these two concentrates by @ravengrass !!! SO excited to branch out from my vape cartridges - one step closer to dabbing!:). Now that I have figured out which #terpenes help with my #chronicpain super excited to be able to pick out #strains based on their #terpprofile This is HUGE! Finding new and better ways to medicate every day! Thanks again to @thekornybudtender @cinder509 - SO appreciate you taking the time to chat with me AND for sharing your knowledge with me! #cannabiseducation and the #cannabiscommunity rock!!!!

Guess who got to be #bandit at the @doctorandcrook booth at @_cannacon_ for a hot minute!?!?!? (And I mean that literally - it is hot as fuck in there!!!:). Think I have found my new calling - going through life wearing a large animal head!!!! LOVED meeting @ogtrashpanda AND Dave (can’t find his IG??:) in real life. Such an amazing group of people that made me feel welcome and loved!!!

And THEN you get home and remember that you made a big ass pot of your “semi-famous” #smokedsalmonchowder (it is served in a friend’s restaurant in Seattle so that qualifies as “semi famous”, right?). High winds and some sporadic snow calls for a nice warm meal. Seriously this weekend can’t get any better!!!! Now I gotta get down to work and write about all the amazing shit I have been doing!!!!

Had an AMAZING weekend - hit @_cannacon_ and then headed to #spokane to see my youngest @the_one_rep_max kick some serious ass at the #usapl #powerlifting tournament. (#deadlift of 562lbs at the age of 15!!!) and THEN it is snowing when you arrive home. Seriously this weekend could NOT have been any better!!!! LOVE that #cannabis is allowing me to do all this shit again. It feels so wonderful to have a life again!!!! #mommaofpowerlifters

There are so many amazing and beautiful things to see here in #washingtonstate ! I love where we live - we always have the choice of mountains or the ocean. As we drive home the conversation is about where we are going to head off to NEXT weekend!! #pnwonderland

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