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Megan Lewellyn  MMJ MS Patient & Author #cannabis gave me my life back. Helping others find relief. Love sharing my story and educating! DM for collaboration

Ended up with a shit ton of cabbage after a few #imperfectproduce deliveries - so made Asian cole slaw - thought I might have used too much #wasabi but turns out - got it just right! PLUS used up the red onions that have been sitting around. Love this stuff. Next up - going to try and #ferment some things 😁 #whatieat #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #rockingmydisease #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #medicatingwithcannabis

THIS is Andrea - she lived in my home town for a short time back when we were kids. She quickly became one of my best friends - but then she moved away. Years later- we have reconnected thanks to FB and the internet but truthfully- I got teary eyed when she sent me this. One thing I haven’t given much thought to is the fact that this book is proving to be a great tool to connect my past to my present. I hadn’t thought of all the people that I’ve known in my life that might actually READ my book and know my inner most thoughts and feelings. So humbled and a bit nervous. #puttingitalloutthere #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #rockingmydisability #rockingmydisease #lovemymmjlife **TO PURCHASE BOOK SEE LINK IN PROFILE**

Woke to find this - #priorities. The girls need bigger bags!!!!! Life gets busy and we aren’t just sitting around watching the plants grow - BUT that doesn’t mean they aren’t still thriving! Loving #Doug but excited to give the #tangerinekush a go:) #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisease #rockingmydisability #grownmedicine #learningtogrow #growingcannabis #medicatingwithcannabis

Today’s #forestyoga conversation : Why Shawn always looks so startled and scared when I hand him my phone and ask him to take a picture or a video 😂 Question of the day - “Is there literally anything the world doesn’t know about me at this point?” Super stoked to announce that I have taken a shit three days in a row - that is THREE STARS on the #pottychart right there! Thinking I need to right down this new #poopregiment of mine to share - fingers crossed it continues to work - because as my oldest - @shethar once told me -#fecalcompaction is no joking matter 😁😂😘 #pharmainducedconstipation #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #rockingmydisease #disabledhikingchick #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife

Shawn kept calling it #cabinyoga BUT I wasn’t IN the cabin - because he kicked me out to do my yoga- so this is #freezingmyassoffbecauseimnotinthecabinyoga 😁 But really it doesn’t get much better than this - listening to #Christmasmusic out on the boat with lines in the water while stretching my body that I am once again proud of for all that it can do! #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisease #rockingmydisability #disabledfishingchick #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #gofish #gonefishing #winterfishingrocks #pnwonderland

THIS is one of the reasons I probably won’t ever manage to become a #vegan 😁 Really there is nothing better than catching our own dinner. Today’s time out on the water was fueled by #godsgift by @firebros - my new friend #jerseymikethatfishes let me smell it and I was hooked. I described it as having a great “purpley” scent - #lovemymmjlife #gonefishing #gofish #rockingmydisability #fishingforchinook #pnwonderland #dungenesscrab #disabledfishingchick #rockingmydisability #rockingmydisease #crabbing #crabitswhatsfordinner

Nine years ago today I went on a first date with this guy. We met on #plentyoffish and after a week or two of goofy texts we made plans to meet. He invited me to come watch him #bowl on #leaguenight - I say - probably not the best #firstdate scenario - he says #whogotthechick? 😂. There was no way to know that the funny, kind hearted man I met that night would become my #rideordie through this crazy ass journey with #multiplesclerosis and my biggest supporter of my #mmjadventures !!! It also happens to be the anniversary of #pearlharbor - so a day that will #liveininfamy for a myriad of reasons :) I can’t imagine my life without him by my side. He has restored my belief and faith in myself and fills every day with smiles and laughter. I love knowing that with him by my side I’m ready to take on anything!#myoldmanrocks #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #rockingmydisease #happyamniversaryhoney #disabledfishingchick #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife

Just hanging with my new friend Mike from @firebros - he’s from New Jersey and he fishes - so I’m pretty sure he is now going to be referred to as #jerseymikethatfishes. 😁 #hadagreatchat - translation - I’ve been cooped up writing all week - so many words to share! Poor guy never knew what hit him:). - Shawn was just happy to have someone else listen for a bit 🤣🤣🤣🤣. But I somehow managed to swindle him into giving my book a read:). Did you know I wrote a book????? You should read it and be like #jerseymike
#shamelesslypimpingmybookout #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #rockingmydisease #disabledfishingchick

Medicating with #Doug before heading over to see my peeps at @haveaheart ! #mommascupboardsarebare and we are heading out #fishingforchinook bright and early in the morning. Gotta stock up on some super strong #strains to help me stay #medicated and ready to slay some salmon! - next stop- @dickssportinggoods to get my little tootsies some warm-ass socks. I LOVE fishing - there is no where else on earth I want to be than out on the water with my old man - BUT thanks to the fantastical disease that has become my #lifepartner - I don’t do cold any more. Shawn knows as long as he can keep me relatively warm then we can keep fishing all day long!! #lovemymmjlife #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #disabledfishingchick #rockingmydisease #rockingmydisability #gofish #gonefishing

The stronger I get-the healthier I feel- the less crap I seem to need to have around me?? For years - I have hauled my clothes around with me- it started in 1992 when I drove across country in my #hondaprelude I moved to #seattle because I wanted an adventure and the only thing I took with me from #connecticut were my clothes. I figured I could always find/make or borrow the other necessities of life - as long as I had my clothes. That has continued throughout my adult life. Each move has been filled with bags and boxes over flowing with my clothes (not surprisingly -I don’t often get rid of much so as the years have gone by what I am hauling around has expanded - a lot) but they were MINE and they have been through this crazy ass journey with me, they have been my one constant companion on life. I know it sounds crazy but it’s sadly the truth. They are one of the only things that made it out of our house fire in 2002. They are what I took away from the divorce. I even built a shed for them at my new house because there wasn’t enough room in the house for all of them and I have struggled to find space since Shawn and decided to combine households a few years ago. I don’t have high priced items- we aren’t talking about anything fancy, but my old jeans and sweatshirts, my favorite T-shirt’s and ratty sweaters are all that I have had forever...and so I have held on tight and accepted that this massive collection of fabric memories is just one of my “issues” - literally #mybaggage But over the past year I have slowly been making progress in weeding out a bit and now- I think I am ready to say goodbye - because the ME that I am now is NOT going to be showing up wearing 99.9% of the things in my closet - and the clutter and choices have become an issue for my MS and #Arty - so in keeping with #listeningtomybody and #respectingmydisease and I’m going to do a massive #purge Wish me luck!!! #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisease #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #disabledfishingchick #disabledhikerchick

Our new scale arrived and we were finally able to weigh #Doug. Given I have been consuming a bit here and there (just couldn’t wait) our guess is our final yield from our first ever plant was one ounce - 28gs. I know Shawn was hoping for more but I’m over the moon - #nottoobadforbeginners #lovemymmjlife #learningtogrow #growingcannabis #grownmedicine #iwroteafuckingbook #segwayintomynewlife #disabledhikerchick #disabledfishingchick #rockingmydisease #rockingmydisability

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