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Megan Lewellyn  MMJ MS Patient/Writer/Advocate #cannabis gave me my life back. Helping others find relief. Love sharing my story and educating! DM for collaboration

Every week when I come to watch Shawn #bowl I am reminded of our very first date. I love that I get to think about it that often! Meeting him was SO not what I expected when I signed up for #onlinedating and watching him on #leaguenight may not have been the best choice of first dates but as he points out - 9 years later and I’m still here and I’m still watching’😁🤣😁🤣 #lovemymmjlife #myoldmanrocks #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood

Was so damn good had to go back to @theburienfishhouse #secondweekinarow. Thinking this might just have to become a #habit. They are really THAT good. I got three #fishtacos. One cod, one salmon and one halibut. Toss up between halibut and salmon for BEST but all three were AMAZING. Said to Shawn - with my new diet restrictions and actually CARING about what goes in my body - I don’t enjoy eating out much these days. I either end up eating stuff my body doesn’t like or in order to keep my body happy I end up with a boring salad. BUT these tacos???? I could eat them EVERY DAY! #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood #whatieat

#mrdeliveryman paid a visit while I was #yogaing - given the state of my beloved #birkenstocks this package arrived just in time. NEW SANDALS - which I will pack away for the winter and I will be SO SURPRISED and PLEASED when I encounter them in the spring. I like to think of it as planning a #futuresurprise for myself, my MS and #Arty! 🤣😜 #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood

#frontyardyoga because the neighbors don’t think I’m nutters already?!?!? 😁. Apologies for the boring chit chat at the start. When Shawn gets home I instantly go into regurgitating my day - you know- so he can know about EVERY SINGLE SECOND of my day😂🤣🤣. The more I move and stretch my body - the better I feel. There is STILL pain - there probably will ALWAYS be pain. But over all - mentally and physically I am worlds better than I was two years ago when I decided to come off all the #pharmaceutical drugs and try healing using more natural methods. Cannabis and CBD have changed my life - but things like diet and exercise play a big roll in it as well! #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood

Bye-bye couch! Bought it off #craigslist a month after buying my first house - after my divorce. Shawn and I spent MANY a night on this couch- eating dinner, watching movies, playing #supermario with the kids, and listening to #funfacts spewed out by @shethar GREAT memories but given its condition EVEN I’m ready to say goodbye! #lovemymmjlife Both Shawn and I agree - going to the dump is fun - although so much better when you have something glass that you can smash! Great therapy!:). Guess I really am a cheep date!

I think someone is ready for a walk:) I tried to explain to him that I hate not getting out for a walk first thing in the morning too but I don’t think he cares 😂😂😂. I spend my entire day moving and stretching and because of that - when I go to bed at the end of the day I am feeling good! The pain is manageable and all the aches and owies are at a minimal. BUT then I sleep - which means I stop moving - and all the progress and all the effort I put into making my body feel better goes away and I wake up and it’s difficult and painful to move and I’m back to square one- so I start all over again- stretching and moving all day to hopefully feel good by the end of the day - only to get up and do it all again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. It’s pretty much a life thing but it is so much better than the alternative- fat and pathetic on the couch (although it IS a wonderful, new to us piece of furniture:). #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood #americanbully #bullylove #rescuedog photo credit: @p.shethar

Well. That didn’t take long. Seems the “new” furniture has been accepted and they have found their spots 😁 #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #upcycledfurniture #newtous #americanbully #pitbull #rescuedogs #recyleddogs

Road trip to pick up this #newtous couch- finally gave up on trying to #ducttape the old one together. Dogs are confused and intrigued - previous owner had dogs so wonder what sort of #scentstories they are getting from it😁. Also wonder how long this one will last? We have been together 9 years and this is our third couch 😂. Gotta say- love #recycled or #upcycledfurniture or whatever you call it - we realized other day that about 90% of our shit belonged to someone else before entering our lives - #usedcar #usedtruck #usedboat #usedclothes and even technically #useddogs 🤣🤣🤣. With 5 kids and 2 dogs - how in the world could we justify buying some shiny new piece of furniture only to then spend months screaming at all of them to be careful around it? So much better to know someone else has already broken it in 😂😂😂😂. #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood

Shawn called it “cute” and I have to agree! I don’t know that I have ever seen a baby cantaloupe ?!?!? This was ANOTHER gift from Steve over at @baked_and_awake - who also was the one that brought #Doug into our lives!! Thanks again Steve:). We didn’t think we were going to have success with these but low and behold a #minimelon! #lovemymmjlife #learningtogrow #ourfirstgrow

Besides our daily walks this is probably where you will find Spanky- just waiting for his man to come home. It’s like I’m #choppedliver over here 😂🤣😂🤣 #americanbully #bullylove #mansbestfriend #lovemymmjlife

First off- that big ass package was so unfair- thought for sure Shawn had be shopping for the boat and next weekend’s two day #fishingderby - but nope- just a shit ton of toilet paper?!? 🤣🤣. Contents of the smaller box? Glad you asked: @dove soap (because Shawn LOVES the smell)😁, organic shampoo and conditioner by @mapleholistics (trying something new in my quest to eliminate bad shit from the products I use) 😁, charcoal and coconut toothpaste (another new one- NOT sure about this #charcoal thing???)😁, magnesium deodorant (my arm pits will hopefully smell like jasmine) 😁, rock salt & rubbing alcohol (no explanation needed)😁, a digital-hanging fish scale (for the derby obviously) 😁, 120 trash bags, chewing gum, replacement pads for our trailer straps AND 90 #peepads - (for me- NOT the dogs)😁. Really you gotta love the convenience of @Amazon Living with this disease that makes entering stores and populated areas challenging and painful - and energy draining - I have FINALLY realized that having things like tp, soap and garbage bags delivered means one less trip to a store - which is a win in my book! I am FINALLY learning that little changes can help me manage my MS and it’s symptoms and doing things like having basic household items delivered does not mean I am being lazy or that I’m letting the disease get the best of me - I just choose to use my limited time and energy towards things like catching salmon instead of wasting it on pushing a shopping cart around some oversized and overwhelming box store. ONLY TOOK ME A LITTLE OVER A DECADE to figure this out?!?!? 🤣🤣 #lovemyamazonprime #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood

Not sure about the filter but happy to have photographic evidence of 2 out of 3 (@p.shethar and @the_one_rep_max ) home for half a second. When I get more than just one of them here it makes me miss all my years of always being with all three of my kids. It’s what I did- I #mommed the shit out of life with these guys and loved every minute of it. Life looks a bit different these days but still love finding times to laugh and smile with them. #lovemymmjlife #rockingmydisability #makinghandicaplookgood

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