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Breanna Foley  now im back at it (somewhere in 🇧🇩)

big world, small bladder pt 3!!!! (this is proof bathrooms have the best lighting & i worked v hard to make sure there were no outfit repeats)

big world, small bladder pt 2 ft my protégé @liloganlily and an 8th century AD urinal from the national museum in Sri Lanka

Spent most of the day calming the meatball down; @liloganlily was afraid of the tesla coil, of the mirror maze, we didn’t even make it to the phobia exhibit. But she got a good laugh when I was nervous about the butterflies landing on me. 🤷‍♀️

We didnt even see half of the animals at the zoo, but @liloganlily ‘s wish for a 🦄 came true and I was more than satisfied with the day after seeing the GOT Ice Dragon 😁

big world, small bladder pt 1 (dm w a better series name pls)

u r the bestest friend @lishalawson 💜

pinkys out

thanks for taking the time to take a photo with us!!!! walked out of a club and was lucky enough to run into @hozier after his show #yesimsweaty #fangirling

* insert @brckhmptn lyrics here *



DAY ✌️

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